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Relieved words

1. When you are poor, then you use your body to give, such as sweeping the floor, sprinkling water, moving things, etc. This is also a kind of giving.

2. The heart is full of jealousy, the person who is not confessed in his heart, and whose words are not correct, can not be regarded as a person with correct facial features.

3. Silent care and blessing to others, it is an invisible giving.

4. Speak more jokes and act with a humorous attitude, so that the days will be better.

5. The way to get along with others is infinite tolerance.

6. Don't deliberately guess the thoughts of others. If you don't have the right judgments of wisdom and experience, you will usually have mistakes.

7. To understand a person, you only need to see if his starting point is the same as the destination, and you can know if he is sincere.

8. The truth of life is only hidden in plainness and tastelessness.

9. People who don't take a bath, hard rub perfume is not fragrant. Fame and respect is originated from true skills. There is a natural fragrance.

10. Instead of rejecting the fact that it has become, you should accept it. This is called fate.

11. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas only bless those who are willing to help themselves.

12. Adversity is a process of growth, and people who are brave enough to accept adversity will grow stronger.

13. You want to thank the person who told you the shortcomings.

14. Those who can conceive for others will never be lonely.

15. If you can find your own shortcomings as accurately as others, then your life will be extraordinary.

16. Forgive others is to leave space in your heart for a roundabout.

17. Time will always pass, let time flow away your troubles!

18. You have to look at the simple things very seriously, and you will be very painful.

19. People who forever distort others' goodwill are helpless.

20. People are not bad, just habits. Everyone has a habit, but the depth is different. As long as he has a heart, can forgive him, forgive him, do not regard him as a bad person.

21. Say a lie, make up ten lie to make up for it, why bother?

22. In fact, people who love beauty just fall in love with themselves.

23. There is no one in the world who will never be defamed, nor a person who will always be admired. When you have a lot of words, others have to criticize you. When you have less words, others have to criticize you. When you are silent, others still have to criticize you. In this world, no one is not criticized.

24. Praise us and admire us, this is not a famous teacher. We will tell us and instruct us. This is good knowledge. With them we will make progress.

25. What you have now will become someone else with your death, so why not give it to those who really need it now?

26. To practise and practice, it is like a fragrant flower that is trampled.

27. A day in vain, doing nothing, just like committing theft.

28. This world is only sleek and not perfect.

29. Practitioners must be patient, be willing to be indifferent, and be willing to be lonely.

30. It is a blessing to live a day, so it should be cherished. When I cried, I didn't have shoes to wear, I found someone without feet.

31. If you pay more attention to others, you will have less effort to reflect on yourself. Do you understand?

32. Don't always look so big, I ask you, after 100 years, that is yours.

33. I want to know that the world’s swordsmen are robbery, but I listen to the night of the Tumen. Don't blame yourself for being sick, disasters, and see how many people are living under your knife?

34. Hatred of others is a great loss to yourself.

35. Everyone has life, but not everyone knows life and even cherishes life. For those who do not understand life, life is a punishment for him.

36. People who think they have wealth are actually owned by wealth.

37. Love is the cause of distress, let go of your feelings, and you can be free.

38. Being able to push yourself low is the real honor.

39. To make a big difference, don't hurt anyone.

40. Silence is the best answer to defamation.

41. Respect for others is to solemn yourself.

42. With an unselfish love, you have everything.

43. Hatred can never resolve hatred, only compassion can resolve hatred, this is eternal reason

44. It’s not that you have to go through it, because you’re doing it, but you’re listening to your destiny.

45. Don't be too sure about your opinion, so you will regret it less.

46. ​​When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.

47. It is shameful to use people who harm others to cover up their shortcomings.

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