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Not afraid of failure

1. Susceptibility stimulates genius. - Horace

2. Things that are helpful to you are not always at your fingertips. - Ferguson

3. The most difficult time is not far from success. - Napoleon

4. If there are no obstacles in the way of life, what else can people do? - Bismarck

5. Everything is bitter before it matures. - Cyrus

6. Where there is difficulty, there is strength, and where there is freedom, there is knowledge.

7. Those who have no difficulties on the road of life will not become real people----

8. Hard to get you exercise

9. Hardships and hardships, Yu Yucheng

10. Although suffering cannot make people rich, it is difficult to make people

11. If you want to catch big fish, you can’t be afraid of water depth.

12. If you want to pick a rose, you have to be afraid of stabbing.

13. The most difficult time is when we are not far from success.

14. Those who are afraid of climbing the peak can only stay in the hustle and bustle forever.

15. Xiaolong wants to go to the sea and fight the tiger to go up the mountain.

16. I am afraid to go the rugged road, I don’t want to climb the peak.

17. Difficulties lead to prosperity

18. Hard to win without suffering

19. There is no flat road in science. Only those who are not afraid of hard work and climb along steep mountain roads can hope to reach the culmination of glory.

20. Difficulty like a spring, you hard it is soft, you soft it hard

21. The mountain is high again, no feet are high; the waves are big, also under the boat

22. There are mountains and roads.

23. Only an unhappy axe, no firewood that can't be opened

24. Not afraid of high mountains, afraid of soft feet

25. There are peaks that can climb

26. Those who dare to struggle have no difficulty in their minds.

27. I am not afraid of the word "I", I am afraid that the word "lazy" will be touched.

28. As long as the sleeves are rolled up, the difficulties will be hidden.

29. It’s not difficult to work hard.

30. It’s not difficult or troublesome to be in trouble.

31. Doing things without fear, from no difficulty

32. Not afraid of difficulties, it is not difficult; fear is difficult, not difficult or difficult

33. You are not afraid of difficulties, and you are afraid of difficulties.

34. The difficulty is like a spring. If you are strong, you will be weak. If you are strong, he will be weak. If you are weak, he will be strong.

35. If you are weak, you will be strong. If you are strong, you will be stronger. If you are stronger, you will be invincible.

36. Nature traps people in the dark, forcing people to always look forward to the light. - Goethe

37. Distress is the touchstone of life. - Hirokov

38. Only in suffering can you know yourself. - Hilti

39. Suffering and suffering is the highest school to hone your personality. ——Liang Qichao

40. If you don’t know the pain, you are not a hero. - Hugo

41. Difficulties are a severe mentor. - Baker

42. Difficulties arise from efforts to overcome difficulties. ——Smyers

43. There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of people.

44. When faced with difficulties, be brave, persistent, and fearless to overcome it!

45. There is no difficulty in life, it is too dull

46. ​​Tiangong hides a charm in a difficult business, and only those who dare to try their best to realize this charm

47. Life likes to climb the uphill road, footprints only appear bright at the peak

48. If we do not survive the crisis, it is not a glorious victory.

49. Difficult to do, easy to do well

50. The ability to learn from difficulties

51. There is no wisdom without difficulty

52. Difficulties are human textbooks

53. Evading difficulties is the loss of determination

54. If a person does not have any obstacles and will always maintain his status of peace and mediocrity, then he will be stupid and confused, and will be as self-satisfied as a cow.

55. No, no, no, no, no.

56. Alteration and dystocia are signs of genius

57. The widest and flatest road is the road you have traveled

58. The widower regards difficulties as a heavy burden, and the warriors regard difficulties as a step forward.

59. The rugged stone path is not broken.

60. Where there are difficulties, there is power

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