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Encourage words 2019

1. Life, there is no hurdle to go, you can't sit on the side of the ridge, wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way to go through it; life, there is no eternal pain, deep pain, the wound will always heal; life, no Forever love, no ending feelings, always end; people who can't have, will always forget. Slowly, you won't cry any more; slowly, everything is gone... Appropriate giving up is the elegant turn of life.

2. No matter how far the road is, you can come to an end; no matter how deep the pain, there will be an end day. Carrying the hope of tomorrow, in every painful and happy day, we can go even stronger; with the dream of the future, in every ordinary and unflattering day, we will laugh even more brilliantly. As long as you don't give up, there is nothing that can make you back down; as long as you are strong enough, there is nothing to fight yourself!

3. People are more likely to get angry with people who are close to them, not people they hate. The so-called close people are the people who spend most of their time with them - this is very important, which means that we often get angry because we have more expectations for people close to us, or want to get more from them. thing.

4. Success is not easy, but whether to take action. Although action does not necessarily lead to satisfactory results, there is absolutely no satisfactory result without action. The world has never lacked opportunities, but lacks the hand to seize opportunities. If you have an idea, you must act quickly. Don't worry about failure or difficulty. Only by constantly practicing and pursuing, you can surpass yourself and create your own glory.

5. You can't decide the length of life, but you can control its quality; you can't control the weather, but you can change your mood; you can't change your looks, but you can show your smile; you can't control others, but you can control yourself; You can't predict tomorrow, but you can master today; you can't win like everything, but you can do everything.

6. Every choice must be a transcendence, otherwise you should not choose; each time you give up must be a sublimation, otherwise you should not give up. The greatest pleasure of being a man is to achieve the ideal through struggle, so choosing to give up means that we have to be more perfect, and having disadvantages means that we have to work harder. Giving up is a kind of wisdom, and the defect is a kind of favor. Because there are new goals to fight, life will be more exciting, and life will be more fulfilling.

7. People will always encounter setbacks, there will always be a low tide, when there will be people who are not understood, when there will be unsatisfactory, there will be a low-pitched time. These times are precisely the most critical moments in life. At such moments, we need to wait patiently and look forward with confidence. We believe that life will not give up on you, and fate will not abandon you. If you can't stand the loneliness, you can't see the bustling.

8. Life is a clear spring. Only those who challenge themselves can taste the Ganzi. Life is a history book. Only those who challenge themselves can appreciate the mightyness. Life is like a beautiful song. Only those who challenge themselves can write beautiful melodies.

9. The reality of life is in front of everyone, everyone can't escape, is it actively accepting it or passively bearing it? The reality is not as happy as we imagined, so happy, it also has a cruel side, people have to experience life and death, That is how much perseverance we have to accept it. In fact, the reality is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we cannot afford the reality.

10. Life does not give up, and in a long life, no one can sail smoothly, and no one will inevitably experience setbacks and bumps. Those who have been frustrated after the experience are always more stubborn, more mature and more brave, and can also see the success in the near future, that is, we are one step closer to success at Frustration can not only make life accumulate experience, but also setbacks can make life continue to sublimate. Therefore, we should face up to the frustration and cherish life.

11. Youth is bitter and sweet in my heart. It is delicate and rough. It is clear and embarrassing. It is a cup of bitter tea, but in the end it gives a sweet fragrance.

12. The boat of life faces the shoal, facing the rapids, the weak will choose to escape and give up, while the strong will choose to face and challenge. The infinite pleasure in life lies in the fascinating light of the challenges of life.

13. Life can't be smooth, successful, and failed; happy and lost. If we look at the ups and downs in our lives too much, then life will never be calm for us, and there will never be laughter. Life should be pursued, but for the time being, it will not hinder the happiness of daily life. Therefore, having a normal heart is an essential lubricant for life.

14. Youth is the capital of our struggle, taking advantage of our youth, grasping our own life navigation mark, not always immersed in the wind and snow, using our actual actions to write our youth and make it more colorful. We are happy because we have youth. Don't leave too much regret for yourself. Don't wait until you lose to know how to cherish.

15. One person, if you want to be good, you have to accept the challenge; one person, you want to be good as soon as possible, you have to find a challenge. In the world, there are two kinds of people who succeed, one is a fool, and the other is a madman. A fool is someone who will suffer, and a madman is a person who will act.

16. A person who can look at things from the perspective of others and who can understand other people's spiritual activities will never have to worry about their future.

17. Only when you sit down on loneliness can you regain your troubles; if you pass your sorrow, you can see your face again; if you taste it bitterly, you will naturally return to your heart. If you believe this, you can calmly face the gaps in life and walk through the seasons. The speaker is casual, but life is a long process after all. Every inch of time has to be experienced by himself. Every cup of rain and dew must be tasted by himself.

18. Things that life can never lose: self-control, calm mind, hope and confidence. Take exercise as the foundation, learn to be healthy; take the cultivation as the foundation, learn to seek knowledge; take the morality as the foundation, learn to be a human being; adapt to the basics and learn to survive.

19. All the way, too tired, stop and rest, rest for a while, in order to go further. Look up at the sky, look at the mottled sunlight drilled in the gap of the dark clouds, and pick up the courage and confidence of the forward; look back and look at the road, think about what has been left, what else can be left, as long as the mind is relaxed Some of them are an effort. Let's go firmly, after all, the dream is in the distance, the future is far away, and the end is far away.

20. Life is not about getting it, it's about letting it go. Put a seed, harvest a big tree; put aside troubles, harvest a surprise; put down a prejudice, harvest a kind of happiness; let go of a kind of attachment, and gain a kind of freedom. Putting it down is both a rational choice and an open-minded beauty. As long as you can see it open, He Wei does not have a happy spring 啼 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

21. Life is a journey. Everyone, every thing and every beautiful scene that you meet during your trip can become an unforgettable sight in your life. Along the way, we can't guess what kind of scenery will be greeted, no omens where the destination is, but the pace of progress can't stop, because time does not allow us to stay anywhere, only to learn to choose in the process of progress, Learn to appreciate and learn to appreciate.

22. Sometimes, you struggle very hard, but you have not achieved brilliant results. Should you consider giving up something? Human life is limited. Only by grasping limited time and energy and investing relatively concentratedly in a specific life goal can it be successful.

23. Life, there is no eternal pain, and deep pain, when the cut, the wound will always heal. Life, there is no hurdle to go, you can not sit on the side of the ridge and wait for it to disappear, you can only find a way to pass it. Life, there is no eternal love, no ending feelings, always end; people who can't have, will always forget.

24. We all have our own desert. We are both gold and gold diggers; we are both seeds and sowers. Many times, we can't make a flash of gold, but it can be a seed of hope. The sands of the sands need the courage to take risks, and the toughness of the green shades needs to be cultivated. Gold is passively waiting, perhaps forever with gravel; the seed is proactive, and it can stand out at any time and greet the wind and rain.

25. Learning is the main theme of my life. The rhythm of life on the university campus is light and steady, which makes me feel full and happy. With the warm sunshine in the morning sun, listening to the broadcast of the campus studio, holding books, sitting quietly in a corner of the campus, reading the book and feeling the fresh air in the morning.

26. Youth is like wine, making people intoxicated. We are young, have beautiful face, have a smart mind, have a healthy body, have a sensitive and fragile heart, so we are so drunk, we will be intoxicated in the hard work, enjoy the pleasure of pursuit; we will be intoxicated In the love of lovers, experience the happiness of being cared for; we will be indulged in quiet thinking and feel the joy of exploring the unknown world; we will be intoxicated on the basketball court, burning the vitality of youth... Youth is multi-flavored, Youth is beautiful, youth is wonderful, so I want to say: youth is like wine...

27. The beauty of the fountain is due to the pressure of the water. The reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because the water has a gap. The same is true for people's growth and progress. If people have no pressure and their potential is not developed, wisdom cannot bloom. The biggest loss is themselves. Occasionally give yourself a little pressure, let yourself bloom once in a timely manner, you will find that you are very good, very extraordinary.

28. The color of the university campus is monotonous, but it is not boring. Although the same rhythm is repeated on the campus every day, the story is not the same. The university campus carries the dream of the students, and it is also the place where the dream of the heart is realized. Let us take the wonderful youth as the center and use the rich knowledge as the radius to draw the perfect circle in life on the university campus.

29. Smart people must learn to be kind to themselves. There are always so many failures and sufferings in life. Please don't lock your mind at this time; please don't let your mind be covered with dark clouds; please don't let go of all the good things in life, open your heart. When unfortunately comes to you, learn to love yourself and say to yourself: "All this will pass, cherish every inch of life."

30. From now on, be smart, don't ask others to think about you, love doesn't love you? If you want to love you or love you, you will naturally say it to you, but from your mouth, others will be very proud and don't care about you. . -- Never mind too much about people, care too much about things, and let them go with the best attitude, because the world is like this: often in the most careful things, we have the least value.

31. Someone has defined this ups and downs: "It often traverses the path of life and tests people's will. "The rough will drop the weak, but for the strong, it is the step to climb the ideal peak. In the face of growth, be brave to accept it, don't "do not be self-reliant, with a sigh of life."

32. Goodbye, maybe never seen, I am stubbornly pursuing it, only I can see it myself, but I hope that I am right.

33. A young man went to visit a very well-known scientist and told him how hard he worked hard, but he still had no achievements. The scientist took out a magnifying glass, a piece of white paper, placed it in the sun, and a dazzling appearance appeared on the paper. The spotlights burned in a moment, and the young people opened their mouths and readily left.

34. Some things, some people, if you really want to forget, you will definitely forget.

35. Some words are suitable for rotten in the heart, some pain, suitable for silently forgetting. When you have experienced it, you grow up and you know it. A lot of changes don't need to be said by yourself, others will see it.

36. The horse is running out, and the strong soldier is playing.

37. Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels will move forward; even if the rivers are rough, the ships will sail.

38. Only creation is the real enjoyment. Only hard work is the fulfilling life.

39. Those who dare to declare war on the darkness must be filled with light.

40. A lofty ideal is like a flower growing on a mountain. If you want to get it, diligence can be the rope of climbing.

41. In our world, we will never award a medal to a sad laggard.

42. The ladder steps are never used to rest your feet. It just puts people's feet on for a while so that the other foot can go up again.

43. It is not easy to carry out a 100-meter sprint when it is not running to defend the kilometer.

44. There is no torrent, it can't be called brave, and no mountain can't talk about climbing.

45. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends towards the summit.

46. ​​The strugglers drove the boat of their careers to the ideal shore in the rivers where the sweat gathered.

47. The bees that are busy collecting are innocent in front of people.

48. The warriors rushed out of the storm without sinking, and the coward would drown in the calm.

49. The climbers who are aiming at the peaks will not be enchanted by some footprints along the way.

50. The waves are smashing for the hurricane and the hustle and bustle.

51. The seed keeps in mind the shackles of the raindrops and enhances the courage to take the lead.

52. There is no ups and downs in nature, and the earth will not be spring and autumn.

53. Those who only fantasize and do not act will never realize the instant joy of harvesting fruit.

54. Diligence is the code of your life, and you can translate your magnificent epic.

55. It is not a pity for the climbers to lose their old footprints. It is dangerous to lose the way to continue.

56. Only when you climb the top of the mountain can you see the scenery there.

57. The horse is running out, and the strong soldier is playing.

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