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Originally living in the desert

I bought a potted cactus on the table, and every few days, I will give it a diligent dripping of water, always afraid that the air in the office will make it thirsty. One day last week, as usual, pick it up and go to the pool. Who knows that just picked it up, it is shaking in the delicate flower pot, like a mollusk, that look, really scared me. It must be broken! Strange, how can it be like this! I was puzzled and helpless, I had to throw it into the trash can on the stairway.

There was something going out today. By the way, I bought a pot in the same house and asked the owner of the flower shop. She said: "It was originally in the desert, and it would be fine to spray water every half month." Always busy, still confused? I forgot that it was originally living in the desert. I jokingly said: "It seems that this is suitable for lazy people. If the owner has no heart, it will be good."

Along the way, I was very sensitive to the word desert. Sanmao did not live in the desert for a long time. The desert-related animals and plants, such as those of Populus euphratica, aloe camel, have such a strong spirit. . I can't imagine it, so in the lonely desert, what kind of survival they are. But I believe that they must be a very powerful group. Think of the desert in direct sunlight, the light is so glaring, the cactus in order to survive, it should be said that in order to perfect life, it forced itself to practice the body's ability to resist drought and radiation!

Driven by curiosity, the relevant materials were consulted: cactus plants originating in arid or semi-arid areas often have the characteristics of dormancy during the dry season. When the rainy season comes, they quickly absorb water and re-grow, and open up beautiful flowers. Their leaves are mutated into slender thorns or white hairs, which can weaken the damage of strong sunlight to the plants, reduce the evaporation of water, and also allow the moisture to accumulate and condense into water droplets, which are absorbed into the ground and distributed by the shallow roots. The stalk becomes coarse and thick, and has ribs, which makes the body stretch and freely. When the body has a lot of water, it can expand rapidly. When the water is dry and dry, it can shrink inward, which not only protects the epidermis of the plant, but also has the effect of cooling and cooling. The stomata are open at night and closed during the day to reduce water loss. Most of the stalks turn green, replacing the leaves for photosynthesis and making food. Usually the root system is developed and has a strong ability to absorb water. It is these morphological and physiological characteristics that make cactus plants have amazing drought resistance.

I thought of us, if the cactus is a person, then he will be a person with a strong inner self and a strong self-rescue ability! When someone cares about him, he will feel uncomfortable and feel like he has lost his freedom. In fact, it is enough to take care of it at the right time. In fact, educating children, and getting along with friends and relatives are all the same. We pay care, it is warm, too much is hurt. The truth of the world is the same.

In the ear, Yu Chengqing’s "The Passionate Desert" is full of passion and enthusiasm. It is suitable for a group of cactus spirits, shake off the busyness, and swing it with the music for the time being!

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