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Are you Bajie or Goku?

When I was in high school, there was a classmate named Yuan Xiqing. The results were very good. They were often the top three in the grade, and the math scores were particularly outstanding. One evening, I studied at night, just as a math teacher was on duty. When the math teacher was inspecting the class, there was a sudden power outage. power cut! For us in the student era, this is no less than 500 yuan. There was a loud noise in the classroom, singing and singing, whistling and whistling. Some students can't help but jump together and jump up. A whole underground disco. Just when the laughter was heard, the lights lit up, and at that moment, the "ugly" postures in various celebrations were fixed. There are standing on the table, holding a mop as a microphone, and preparing to make a prank on the blackboard. However, these are not really anything. To say that the best actor of the night is the scene that Yuan Xiqing and the math teacher hug. At the end of the classroom, time seems to be fixed, Yuan Xiqing is holding the waist of the math teacher, and the other hand is stroking his face...

Later, on the table, singing, and pranking in front of the blackboard, they were criticized by the teacher, and they were punished for a week and made a profound review. One of the twins asked: Yuan also played with us. As a result, the teacher was recruited with a poisonous sputum: the family did not return to the top three of the examination grades, and they relaxed with a power outage. What about you? You can't wait for a power outage every day. When people go to Qinghua University, they will go to school at home. The basis for the final decision of this farce is that Yuan students learn well. People call it a break. Others are not enterprising.

Later, I was insane and had a vivid lesson. That time, I just finished the test results. Yuan’s mathematics first, I count down to 15. When the mathematics teacher was impassioned in class, he called on the students to study like Yuan. Yuan gave me a piece of paper and called me to skip class and play basketball. I didn't even think about it. I thought, I would go out to play with Yuan, and I wouldn’t criticize. The result was later captured by the mathematics teacher. In the face of other teachers in the grade group, he said: This child is simply not like a word, even if he plays, he still wants to bring good classmates to break. Yuan is praised as "the law of work and rest, work and rest." The reason is very simple, his score is first, I count down to fifteen.

Before the college entrance examination, I was completely educated. This evening, I am self-study. I seriously do this mock-up of Qidong Middle School. One of the questions is very difficult, so I asked the math teacher, the math teacher only glanced at it and said: This question is not what you should be pondering at this level, so go back to the formula and try to pass the college entrance examination. After he left, I ran to ask Yuan, and Yuan looked at it for a while and said that he would not do it. He would ask the teacher for me. As a result, the second class teacher patiently explained a lesson to him. When he was in class, he also said in class: Yuan is diligent in learning, and good thinking is an example for everyone to learn. Yuan Yuan asked to be diligent in thinking, I asked if I was not arrogant...

Since then, I have realized it. Strength is king. Only with strong strength, can only get the protection of the rules if they have the strength to speak to the rules. At that time, I was asked to be the head teacher. Can the class self-built library be open to us? The class teacher gave me a look: the net is useless! The first classmate asked, can the library be open? A: Love reading, love to learn. I propose to go to the picnic on the weekend to improve the feelings of teachers and students, and be told: do not learn without surgery! I asked the first grade to ask, answer: work and rest. I am only fucking to say: development is the last word.

Going to school, it’s even more so!

Kobe’s extramarital affair evolved into a rape case, and countless fans have opened up his crimes. Even the judges are his fans. Many fans are even thinking, why the heroine is not fucking me! Jordan has countless sisters and his marital status is even more messy. And we will only offer praise: "I am fucking, arrogant"; "I fuck, Zhen Ni Ma Meng." why? Because they are absolute scorers on the court, we only remember the elegant figure on the court. The domestic players, a little show of love, bursting a "car door" will attract countless embarrassment, why? You know.

When I was at work, xx disciplinary pickets and three or five people went to the cafeteria to catch the so-called "slack and drag". I looked at a person from afar, rushed over, patted the shoulders, whispered, and hurry! There was panic in the words. The man smiled gratefully at him. Hurrying away, the road touched the xx section chief is holding a plate ready to go to dinner. His kindly past reminded me. Half an hour after going to work, the whole unit notified the list of criticisms down, and his name was impressive. His first thought was, why didn't he have the name of the section chief? So he went to find a statement. I was told that the section chief is busy with work tasks and often works overtime. This story tells us that it is very tired for the leader to call overtime late, and you are late to be lazy.

I remember that Jiangsu Satellite TV had hosted such a program, and the name was not clear. It is about the dropping out of a buddy at Fudan University. At that time, the audience of the audience was screamed. The reason for their illness was that you dropped out of school and took care of yourself. Are you worthy of your parents? The conquest is endless. It seems that there are only Bills in the world. Gates can drop out of school, and only the genius of Jobs can get everyone's approval. Joining the Tsinghua buddies who have dropped out of school, they also have a molding project in their hands. I will see another audience in the audience below.

The reality is such a cruelty. If you don't have the strength, you should be a fish. You can cut one or two knives when you are uncomfortable. Just like my buddy, I was arrested for the first week of strict slap and laziness, and I was informed. It is well known. Even the temporary workers who work in the hinterland of Taklima know that there are such individuals. The so-called good things don't go out, bad things pass thousands of miles. Those who are zero-time workers may not even know who the head of the unit knows, just remember my buddy. The so-called misfortunes are not alone, and the four words that the ancestors summed up through thousands of years of experience are definitely not groundless. My buddy, I was caught again. This time is more interesting, 24 seconds late. Global notification again. This briefing was written with a "24 second violation." Hey, mourn! The problem is on duty, one of his brothers. When the brothers saw him, his eyes reflected the excitement and excitement that could not be suppressed. In the blink of an eye is a cooked "five black" and a roast leg of lamb. I completely forgot to "kill Xia Minghan, and later people." When the same fish, the brother is a pro. When you are a fish, when you are a knife, why do you relate to others?

This is the truth. Many times you are not incompetent, but you are too weak. The stage of the unit is too small, and no mortal can be accommodated under the spotlight. The rebellious rebellion calls for personality, and the rebellious rebellion calls for two goods. There is a saying that is good: the big god fell to the rough, Loser fell to Ou Ye!

On the eve of a project report, a buddy talked to me: there is no new understanding on the project, and it is definitely going to be a meal. Sighed and sighed. I comforted, you are old, are you afraid of this? These years of anti-repetition are all over this, old fritters? Put up to you in the oil pan and fry it up. After listening to it, he said, too, all the old fritters are afraid. So I finally made a landmark action in the 70s, shouting slogans: tumbling, old fritters! On the day of the report, the buddies looked like they were dejected. I asked him what happened, he said, hey! The people in front only put a few pictures, stuttering, and finally found that the ideas are clear, the new ideas are full, and they will have potential. I was covered in a slap in the face, no new ideas, and piled up a lot of work. It didn't take long for the characters in the buddy's mouth to rise...


The reality is cruel, and you can't keep it. You will not tolerate your faults and sins because of your kindness and innocence. On the contrary, it will be my mystery and flaws because of your extraordinary and excellence. You will not be tolerant of your innocence and disdain because of your innocence and pity. Your arrogance and prejudice will be tolerated because of your strength and wisdom. After all, your strength determines your identity.

Recently, the sovereignty issue of the South China Sea has begun to rise in the international arena. The United States once again played the role of a jumping clown, pointing at the side. In fact, whether we are individuals or our country. Only have a strong strength. Have the strength to talk to the rules in order to be respected by the rules.

Finally, I wish my motherland prosperity and wish my brothers and friends a great strength. May the world be peaceful, and hope that the years will be quiet~

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