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Every day you have been a prelude to success

The story of preservation has been heard a lot, but this one is still very moving because he is not in the news, but lives by my side.

He is the preservation of our community. In his twenties, he is tall and thin, and there are not many words. When he sees people, he just smiles shyly. We all call him Xiao Cai.

Xiaocai held a smart phone all day long. He didn’t talk to anyone about phone porridge, nor did he play games to watch movies, but listened to music all day long. He also liked the single loop, a song, listening yesterday. Listening today, I am still listening tomorrow.

People who don't know his name in the community sometimes mention him and say "the guy who likes to listen to songs." Young people, like music is also very normal, although he has some over the head, but this hobby is harmless, but also human and animal harmless, no one said anything.

Many times, walking through the door of the community, I always saw Xiao Cai sitting in the security room, sometimes with a pen in the brush to write something, sometimes holding a pair of desperate thinking, sometimes simply holding a notebook in a daze. Others had nothing to do when they got together and chatted, but they didn't see him at all.

Once I couldn't help but ask him: "What are you writing every day?"

He was a little embarrassed to scratch his head and said, "Write the lyrics."

I was slightly surprised, and then began to worry about him. As a grassroots, writing lyrics, in addition to self-entertainment, what else can you gain?

Xiao Cai seems to see my doubts and is excited to say: "One day, people will be familiar with the songs I wrote!"

Later, I got familiar with it and slowly learned that Xiao Cai often put the lyrics he wrote on the Internet, participated in various competitions, and sent it to the music company.

For all of his actions, I am always worried, a small security, will he succeed?

Unexpectedly, success really came one after another. Xiao Cai’s lyrics first won the prize in the competition. Then, some people sang on TV. Xiao Cai actually had a little reputation. Someone started looking for him to write lyrics. And open a lot of price.

I never thought that writing lyrics in my spare time could change the fate of a small security, but I know that Xiao Cai’s success is not accidental. Every day in his life, he is preparing for success.

Classmate Xiaoya has a dream, that is, she hopes to be a flight attendant in the future.

I am not convinced of this dream. Xiaoya is a girl from ordinary people. She doesn’t have a long time to go to the country, and she doesn’t have any relatives and friends who work in the airlines. I want to be a flight attendant. It’s easy!

But Xiaoya insisted persistently that she had a straight back every day and sat on the stool for only a third. She said that it was always in an elegant state. She also insists on exercising, running, and doing sit-ups every day. She said that this is for the body to meet the standard at the time of physical examination. She also insisted on dieting. No matter how much she likes to eat, she only eats the prescribed amount. No matter how hungry she is at night, she does not eat supper. She said that this is to keep fit and that many people will stand out in the future.

The appendix is ​​inflamed, the doctor said that he wants surgery. Xiaoya heard that he couldn't be a flight attendant after he had surgery. He said that he would not do anything. He insisted on taking injections and taking medicine. He was so anxious that the family could not do it. It was so dangerous, but she was quite good. come.

Xiaoya learned that the best way to be a flight attendant is to go to the school. When other students were busy dealing with the teacher, she had already locked in the school to be in the future. In order to reach that score in the college entrance examination, she was buried in the sea of ​​Shushan every day, and she did not relax for a moment.

This kind of effort finally made her wish to go to the school she wanted to study. After two years of study, she went to the internship period and had an airline to recruit from the school. During the internship period, the treatment was relatively poor, and the place where I went to work was thousands of miles away from home. Many students did not pay attention to it. Xiaoya was the first to sign up and actively prepared for various interviews.

After so many years of persistence, after all, it was not in vain. During the interview, she stood out and became a real flight attendant. Although she was an intern, she was strict with herself. Everything was done very seriously. One year later, finally The company officially signed a contract and realized its dream.

Many people envy Xiaoya's good fortune, an ordinary girl, actually made a flight attendant so easily, but several people know that every day in life, Xiaoya is preparing for success, day after day. Accumulation, finally finally exchanged for the bright light.

Success has never been achieved overnight. Every day you live is a prelude to success. You grasp this every day, you have the opportunity to hold your success in your hands, and every day you spend your time will make you farther and farther from success.

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