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Most domineering words

1. Those who are aspiring, the facts are completed, and the boat is broken. The hundred and twenty-two Qin Guan are Chu, bitter people, the sky is not lost, the salary is daring, and the three thousand can be swallowed.

2. One day, the dragon will get water. I want the Yangtze River to flow backwards.

3. Kill ten people in ten steps, and stay in the distance. Hello.

4. Kicking the feet of the world, and shouldering the shoulders of the past and the present.

5. Whoever has no tigers to go to Pingyang Day, when I am in the limelight. One day, the dragon will get water, and my name is the Yangtze River. One day, the tiger will return to the mountains, and I will stain the blood half the sky.

6. Those who follow me may not be born, and those who are against me must die.

7. If he licks Ling Yunzhi, he dares to laugh at Huang Chao and not her husband.

8. The world is out of my generation, and I am reminded of the years. Emperor's bully talks and laughs, and it is intoxicating.

9. The Great Wall of China is one billion troops, and the country is ashamed to be a child. Willing to receive 100,000 tigers and wolves, the more Ma Yang knife to destroy Tokyo.

10. Wanli Jianghaitong, Kyushu Tiandi is wide.

11. Ask who is in the world and who is arrogant.

12. I advise Tiangong to regain his talents and to drop talents.

13. I smiled from the cross knife to the sky, to stay in the liver and gallbladder two Kunlun.

14. Go to the horror of the poison cloud and watch the world together.

15. Repair my sword and kill it for nine days to spread my blood to the front!

16. In front of the dragon and the tiger can not fight, murderous straight up to the dry clouds, I want to scream to the sky, swallowing Hu Tianjiao.

17. Yangtian laughed and went out. My generation was a Basil.

18. A sword is in hand, and all directions are moving. Ask the world, who is a hero.

19. If a person is lonely, destroy the karma! The Kunluntai Mountains have long heroes!

20. The man’s swords are rewarded with enthusiasm.

21. With the help of the monarch, the affair will be completed.

22. Qianqiu Baye Exhibition Hongtu, portable sharp blade 斩 thousand strokes.

23. Poor and hard-working, do not fall into the blue cloud. When the old and the strong, and move the heart of the white head.

24. If it is five hundred years old, who is the Wanli River?

25. Killing one person is a crime, killing thousands of people and killing nine million, that is, male and male.

26. God shuns my old Tianchang, and God calls me to die.

27. Dapeng’s wind rises up to 90,000 miles a day!

28. Yixian Street, Yixian Street, in the meantime, to show the miles, the people who committed the strong Han, although far away.

29. One day, the tiger will return to the mountains, and I will blood half the sky.

30. The wind swelled and the clouds flew, and Weijia Haigui returned to his hometown, and the warriors guarded the Quartet.

31. It is too mad for others to laugh at me. I laugh and others can't wear them. I don’t see Wuling’s tomb, no flowers, no wine, and no farm.

32. Galloping North Ma Duo is so squeaky, singing to the south wind to die.

33. The sky is full of Changan, and the city is full of gold. Only sacrifice many strong men, dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day.

34. This trip to Quantai recruits the old department with a flag of 100,000.

35. On the 80th day, with loyalty, the figures of the 17th dynasty of the Taizu ancestors, 100,000 people died in the same heart, leaving Da Ming three hundred miles.

36. Long Hao does not fight, and screams.

37. The life-long career is empty, and the world’s fame is in the dream; after death, there is no braveness, and the loyal soul remains in Liaodong.

38. Drunk in the beauty of the knee, wake up to kill the sword. Do not seek to connect the city wall, but seek to kill human rights.

39. I am eager to eat hungry meat, laughing and talking about the blood of the Huns. Be from scratch, clean up the old mountains and rivers, overturned Que!

40. Jade muscles are white bones, not as good as Jian Xiao.

41. With the birth of the first person, only I am living with the same day. The two feet kicked the dust and the shoulders took the shoulders of the past and the present.

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