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Retaining his girlfriend’s words

1. Golden autumn golden wind, golden harvest golden love, golden blessing golden fruit, really dedicated to the golden you.

2. If I am a rose, I will give Fangfen; if I am the sun, I will give my warmth; if I am a diamond, I will give it to eternity... But I am nothing, I can only say: I love you!

3. God asked me what your favorite is. I said that when I sent this newsletter, the first person I received was my favorite, and you received it.

4. How to endless nights, don't forget that I am a flame that is immortal around you, ignite every hope in your heart, dance and dance for you all your life.

5. Once you were my most beautiful first love, but now it is a memory I can't forget. Why can't the Buddha give us a beautiful ending?! Let me grow up and remember!

6. When you read this message, you have owed me a hug. Remove the owe me a kiss. Save me a date. Reply you owe me all. If you don't reply, you are my lover. Choose it.

7. I really want to think about it and think about it, I want to be with you, walk along the corner of the sea, step through the mountains and waters, and let every day be connected into our most beautiful and beautiful memories!

8. You are still in the distance! I have a lot of words to tell you, but I don't know how to say it! Take care of yourself!

9. Faced with your still concerned, the memories you gave me are sad and romantic. I would like to ask you: Can you repeat the story of yesterday today?

10. Because of your enthusiasm, I will send you the sun; because you are romantic, I will send you the stars; because you are honest, I will send you the moon; because of your hard work, I wish you a healthy and safe life.

11. Sweet pain, wonderful sadness, will be at the beginning of our Huafa, and the warm sun, so that every footprint has been long aftertaste. . . . . .

12. I don't have a gorgeous language, and I don't express my true feelings, but I have a heart that always favors you. It is a red one that beats for you...

13. Being held by you, slowly follow you; after many years, when you look back, you still hold my hand.

14. As long as I can meet you often, I feel happy; just rely on your petite body, my heart will be stable, as if I was holding you to sleep, I feel very comfortable.

15. I haven't seen you for a long time, I miss you a little... The faint acacia, like that red bean, represents my sincere and simple heart.

16. There is no trace of snow; there is no trace of love. Snow is invisible; love is also invisible. Winter is coming, snow is falling in the city; love is coming; love is in the city. Winter, snow dissolved water; love, love and blood.

17. In this erratic world, who can tell what is true? What is false? What is wrong? What is right? Let us face it bravely. Ok?!

18. Give me a time to say love, use my heart to become a star, fill your lonely night, never had such a feeling, but I am eager to have a beautiful forever.

19. I hope to see the mysterious rainbow after the rain one day, no encounter, no wind, no rain, only you and I walk in the rain. Embrace in the wind.

20. I am in the heart of heaven and earth, only because of the ridiculous laughter between heaven and earth; the intoxicating eye; the sound of the sound of heaven; the moving figure; the elf of light is singing in the soft light of the morning.

21. I thought that if I didn't know you, I wouldn't have so much pain, but now I know that if I don't have this, if I lose it, it will be all of mine, because I love you.

22. It’s boring tonight, send you a short message; if you are angry, please throw your phone out!

23. If I am a rose, I will give you Fangfen; if I am the sun, I will give you warmth; if I am a diamond, I will give you timeless...

24. The world was originally lonely, and since the human world has become bustling; my heart was originally lonely, and since I have you, my heart has become happy.

25. I don't know why my heart hurts. Maybe the alcohol last night has not disappeared. I try to miss you when I go to work, but there are still many people in my head.

26. I am happy in a year, happy in my life, safe and peaceful in the world, the spirit of the dragon and the horse every day, the health of the moon and the moon, the financial resources of the year, and I wish you all the best in 2002.

27. Drink less, eat more food, not enough, stand up; talk less, go to the mountains, avoid right and wrong, laugh; spend less, more affordable, go home early, be refreshed!

28. What is love? It’s not a touching romance, it’s not an excitement, it’s a hand in life.

29. May we understand and tolerate each other and hope that I can be your lifelong companion!

30. People are small; the world is small; the universe is just a myriad of small combinations - my thoughts for you are a collection of hundreds of millions of universes - I love you, do you know?

31. I know that you hate me. I will disappear in your life in the future. Don't bother you any more. When you think of our happiness, let me share it! Love you forever! Hey!

32. Since you left, every morning at 4 o'clock, you will wake up on time like an alarm clock, and then you can't sleep anymore. I want to be beautiful in the past, I want you to break up when you break up, I can't believe we end like this. Now, if there is another chance, I must not let go of your hand easily.

33. I will wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning. I don't know how to meet you in my dream tonight, and then wake up sadly. Good night, dear!!!

34. I know that I say that 10,000 sorry is not sincere, but I am really serious this time. I don't expect to get your forgiveness, but I really don't want to miss you. You know, your weight in my heart is Multiple. Falling money: I love you very much, I really wish you the best you want.

35. Love does not need to prove, in your eyes, in your smile, I have felt in your breath. Forget who you are, when you see you, remember who I am; always remember the way home, I will forget where the family is when I see you.

36. Splendid words can only embellish feelings, if I am silent because I really love you. Maybe I am not your favorite, but I know that you are the favorite of my life! After the torture of thousands of love, the person I love in this life is still you.

37. It is a painful price to learn how to love someone. Thank you for letting me learn how to love someone.

38. Falling in love with you always thought that to love someone is to have her. After love, I know that love sometimes hopes that she is happy. She is satisfied with seeing her happiness.

39. If life is just like seeing it, I still choose to meet you.

40. I always wanted to write about our story, but that was only once. Lost the soul and infatuation, choose, I will insist. Love is greater than hurt. I am willing to wait for you to come back.

41. The newsletter you sent me, I didn’t want to delete it, it recorded our love. Now I have copied it one by one on the book. Once I see it, I am happy once, and I feel a heartache.

42. Trust is a very difficult thing. I have never doubted you or hesitated myself. Single-minded.

43. I have always dreamed of you recently. Are you thinking about me too?

44. It’s okay recently, a little bit busy. The newsletter for you is a little less than the original, but the thoughts have not changed. May you be well!

45. Perhaps the most beautiful thing in life is this kind of feelingless result. Everything is too late to express. All of them may be frozen because of death or miss.

46. ​​Hard work pays off! I have been busy with work for a while, and finally I have exchanged for today's small achievements. I really hope that you will share my happiness at this time. If you still can't forget me, can we start again? The position of the girlfriend has been kept for you.

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