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Deceived words

1. The leader said: I will simply say a few words.

2. The teacher said that I will go to class after saying one or two more sentences.

3. The waiter at the barber shop said: Your hair is really good.

4. The restaurant waiter said: The food is coming soon.

5. The fashion store owner said: Too fit is simply customized for you.

6. Hold the hand, and the old man

7. The hawker selling clothes said: the last three days of clearance sale

8. The conductor said that everyone is going to the front and back, and it is empty.

9. I said at the same table: I will pay you back tomorrow~

10. When I was young, I heard my mother say that eating deafness will be dumb.

11. It’s easy to get into college.

12. If I don't love you, you will kill me.

13. Douban said to the bean friends: We are very civilized here.

14. I never lie

15. Someone said: I will always love you.

16. I am the first time.

17. Everyone said that life is beautiful.

18. I didn't lie to you, really

19. I said to myself that I have nothing to do with this exam.

20. Recently your child has grown taller.

21. Don't lose weight. You are not fat.

22. Very good, I will inform you

23. We have to be together like this

24. The leader said: Do a good job and there will be good development in the future!

25. Processing money for you next month"

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