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Birthday greetings 2019

1. It’s cold, I want to send you a coat: the pocket is called warmth; the collar is called care; the sleeve is called thoughtful; the button is called miss; let this coat hold you every minute and every second, must Oh happy!

2. On the day of your birthday, I wish you Pepsi, all things Fanta, every day wow haha, Yue Yue Le Pepsi, high annual Lego, mood like Sprite, always eye-catching.

3. A trace of true love is better than a thousand gold, a trace of warmth can reach the frost, a greeting is warm and sweet, a brief message to my heart, busy days to take care of yourself.

4. Your beauty and elegance are bullets, which will deeply hit my heart, let your love words and moving people be beautiful in my heart. A brief message contains my thousands of wishes, I wish you happiness every day. happy.

5. The petals are drifting over the rain, leaving the flowers to you, the winds of the four seasons blowing, leaving the maple leaves to you, leaving the joy to you when the tide surges, leaving you with deep blessings at night, the weather is changeable, pay attention to the body. !

6. Become bigger and brighter in the innocent bathing. Even though you and me are each side, I will bring your sun, leave my sunshine, let them shine in your heart! I sincerely wish you all the best, Comfortable!

7. Receive your blessings, I am happy every day, white winter, red Christmas, warm season. In this quiet moment, I sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a good happiness!

8. Today is your birthday. In order to congratulate, all women's toilets and women's bathrooms are open to you free of charge. Welcome!

9. Friendship is two hearts under an umbrella. It is two pairs of alums on a table. Friendship is two small flowers in the soil of thought. It is not only in bad luck that friends are needed because of happiness. People also want friends to share their happiness.

10. Today's winter solstice! Fill a car with happiness to make a safe departure, abandon all troubles, let happiness hug with you, store all the warmth and drive away the cold, release the true feelings of life, let happiness always smile for you.

11. The moon represents my heart, sincere friendship will never be forgotten; let everything bring you sweet feelings and endless happiness; every extraordinary wish will be sent to your heart, whenever and wherever I am deeply blessed by you.

12. Little baby! Today is your birthday! Is it unhappy? Is there a lot of gifts? I have a blessing here for you! Wish you more and more beautiful and cute! Happy birthday!

13. Supporting the splendid candlelight and the happiness of the old birthday. Fortunately, tomorrow will be even better!

14. When you fall into the ground, God is destined to belong to me. Although this special day cannot be with you, we will celebrate your 60th birthday together.

15. The longer the wine is, the longer the friend will meet, the longer the truth will be; the more the water flows, the more vicissitudes the world will have. Happy birthday, always good mood.

16. Send you a cup of my special juice, which contains 100cc of thoughts, 200cc happy every day, 300cc full of vitality, happy birthday.

17. Hello, pity, today is your birthday but you still have to go to work, but it doesn't matter, because you received my blessing, I believe that you will be very happy today!

18. Wow! Wow! 5..4..3..2..1..咻~Touch-Happy Birthday! It’s old and old! I wish you all the years, the ages, the present, everything. Shunxin.. Always keep the heart of the heart! Happy every day.

19. Because of your coming, this day has become a beautiful day, and the world has become more attractive. Happy Birthday!

20. I know that you are going to have a birthday. If you want a gift, just say it, say it, say it soon............... After reading the newsletter, the time limit has passed.

21. On the day of your birthday, give a happy note as a gift to you. May you be happy 365 days a year, and be safe.

22. Although I can't spend this special day with you, my blessings are still delivered on time: in your colorful life journey, I want to make things happen! Happy birthday!

23. On the day of your birthday, give you a happy note as a gift. May you have 365 beautiful days and wish you all the best - happy birthday!

24. The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the cloud is flowing, the song is free, love is intentional, love is crazy, heaven is eternal, you are unforgettable. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

25. If you miss you, you can't say it, and the heart of care will never change. A sincere blessing, an extraordinary heart, sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

26. When your birthday is coming, I wish my career is just in the afternoon, my body is as strong as a tiger, my money is countless, my work is not hard, I am leisurely like a mouse, romantic is like a musical score, I am happy.

27. Send you a snack: the first layer, considerate! The second layer, care! The third layer, romantic! The fourth layer, warm! Middle mezzanine, sweet! I wish you a good mood every day!

28. Unforgettable is your pure friendship! Valuable is the true feeling that will never change! Happy to know you! Present my favorite carnation, I wish you a happy birthday.

29. Maybe you are not born for me, but I am fortunate to be with you. May I ignite the candle of your birthday every year in your lifetime.

30. On the day of your birthday, I can't stay with you, can't give you warmth, can only leave my wish, may you be happy every day!

31. Today is your birthday. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth, and all good luck surround you. happy Birthday!

32. On your birthday, I only pray for you in silence, happy birthday, happy forever!!!!!

33. I am willing to make a sweet cake and send you sweet wishes. I am willing to make a soft candlelight, send you deep blessings and wish you a happy birthday.

34. Every day is by your side, do not have to think of you bitterly, do not have to love you sour, just love you sweetly! My baby, happy birthday!

35. The white clouds sent me to my endless thoughts, and the breeze sent me a gentle blessing. Happy birthday to you!

36. A greeting, a blessing, everything as expected, a happy life, a safe life. Happy birthday!

37. I think the most lingering when you are, no matter how far apart we are, how bumpy the road ahead is, just want to say: You are the greatest happiness in my life. Happy Birthday.

38. Crossing the mountains and mountains, the paradise in front of me makes me so intoxicated. Say goodbye to yesterday's day, today's world will be more exciting!

39. Birthday is the day of life, laughter and satisfaction; birthday is the health and happiness of life. May you be happy forever today!

40. A greeting, a blessing, everything as expected, a happy life, a safe life. Happy birthday!

41. May your birthday be filled with endless happiness. May your memories be warm today. May all your dreams be sweet. May you be happy this year!

42. Cheer for your year, cheer for your day, pray for your tomorrow: the face of youth and the beautiful mood!

43. Life and love are the highest meanings of mankind. While trying to grasp life, I hope you find love soon! Happy birthday!

44. Unforgettable is your pure friendship, valuable is the same true feelings, I am very happy to meet you, offer my favorite crystal, I wish you a happy birthday!

45. Yingying is like water today, and it is like water in the past. Love is in my heart, and Acacia is longer than dreams. Wishing you a happy birthday!

46. ​​Now the birthday is not a gift, write a blessing to you, if you are not enough, then I will go up. Happy Birthday!

47. The white clouds sent me to my endless thoughts, and the breeze sent me a light blessing. Happy Birthday!

48. Today is your birthday. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth, and all good luck surround you. Happy birthday! Healthy! Happiness!

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