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If your wife is happy, 2019

1. My boyfriend asked me: Which package do you like? I looked at it: the red one. The boyfriend smiled: fool, that is not a famous brand. Don't be afraid, just pick what you like. It doesn't matter how expensive it is. I was warm in my heart and pointed to the LV that the woman passing by was carrying her. Just let her. The boyfriend gave me a kiss, then started the motorcycle and rushed over to the woman.

2. Dear wife, remember the happy time when we were young. I haven't given you flowers for a long time. You have been working for your family. I am here to send you a bunch of flowers in the newsletter. Your wife is working hard!

3. If autumn is gone, I will love you in the snow. If the world disappears, I will love you in heaven. ...

4. There are only wives in the world, and the days of wives are so happy that they are thrown into the arms of their wives, and the mistresses don’t want to. No wife is most distressed, my heart is lonely and suffering, leaving my wife's arms, where to find food.

5. Although you are very beautiful when you cry. Don't be angry, but according to scientific arguments, anger and crying can make people old and fast, and they will become less beautiful. Although you are old, why not beautiful, I will love you the same. But you like beautiful, so you can't cry in the future.

6. My girlfriend wants to break up with me. She says she likes some small things, such as small villas, cars, and small billionaires. . . I have not.

7. I am a satellite that rotates around you forever. My life will always run on your track. It is both your rejection and your attraction! Dear, this is the eternal beauty between us. Keep in touch!

8. I have no you in my eyes, because you are already in my blood; there is no you in my blood, because you are already in my heart. Dear, no matter where you are, you are my only one.

9. There is a kind of arrangement called the edge, in the middle of it, and its own will. There is a network called love, love network is restored, and it does not leak. There is a kind of love called miss, and it is filled everywhere. really miss you.

10. The cloud also walks away, hiding at the end of the mountain; you are also leaving me, you can't help but hold hands; love also goes with love, the boat is watery; melon melon feeds a bit, sweetness into your heart .

11. In this day for women, I have a word to tell you, this is what I always wanted to tell you, that is - I have two lives: one is born, one is to meet you!

12. I was always upset recently. I went to the hospital to take X-rays and found something in my heart. Look carefully at your name! I thought I just wrote you in the address book. I used to keep you in the heart. on!

13. Last night I asked the mosquito to find you, let it tell you that I miss you very much, and asked it to kiss you for me. If you ask me how much I miss you? If you ask me how much I love you? Look, big The package represents my heart.

14. Is love in the end a blind offer, or a selfless dedication? Ask for love to wait for rebellious happiness, and to give love for selfless happiness. The pain of love can’t be requested, and the painful cry can’t return.

15. You have a dream during the day, and you have a dream at night. You have to take care of yourself, don't run a runny nose; if you sneeze occasionally, it means I miss you!

16. I don't miss because of loneliness, not because of fatigue, because I love each other, not because of beauty, but also because I am blessed by festivals. All of this is because your existence is born and will last forever! Wife is happy and loves you. eternal!

17. Article 1: The wife is always right. Article 2: If the wife is wrong, please refer to the first article. therefore

18. Work is stressful every day, go to work on time and get off work, you can do your work well, my wife, no matter how bitter, how tired, I will support you, do it well!

19. Before you get married, you drink Coke, I drink milk, I eat radish, you eat cabbage, you like to enter the mall, I am willing to go shopping; after marriage, I drink Coke, I eat cabbage, accompany you to the mall for a few laps every day; for you Change, you love me and love!

20. Seeing you, I am afraid of electric shock; I can't see you, I need to charge; if I don't have you, I think I will lose power. Love you is my profession, I think you are my career, holding you is my specialty, kissing you is my profession!

21. Wife, based on your good performance yesterday, is now awarded a banner, granting you the title of a new wife who has not died in the 21st century!

22. Wife, my heart is your coat, hold you, surround you, protect you, cherish you, let the wet rainy season no longer haze, let the night without the stars and moons no longer hurt. As promised forever, take care of your life and watch!

23. Wife... I am really stupid. You are angry, I don't know how to make you happy. But you are really the most beautiful in my heart, the gentlest temper, the best food to eat, the brightest tow, the cleanest clothes, the best housekeeper, and you really have three Fortunately!

24. Wife, don't cry. Do you know that if you cry for a minute, my life will be reduced by one day. If you want me to die early, then you will cry for a few days. You have been crying for dozens of minutes now, then I have to live for a few months. Wife, I have to go before you, but also

25. It can be recovered. Because you laugh for a minute, I will live another day. How do you marry your wife?

26. Wife and wife, I miss you, send a newsletter to harass you, I really want to kiss you, hold you in my arms, I don’t know where it is, I have to put it in my heart!

27. My wife said to me tenderly: "Dear, it turns out that we are a natural pair, a pair of people. I am best at "stealing food", you are best at cooking, we are simply not together. A lot of "one-stop"!"

28. Wife is the one who loves you and loves the old days but refuses to express it anyway.

29. Wife, you laugh one, I will give you a few poems! Money is precious and the price of life is higher. If it is a wife, both can be thrown. The person who is born as a wife, the wife who died as a wife! Wife Wife is beautiful, watery eyes cherry mouth. Slim body slender legs. It is better than a beautiful wife first. My wife is on the stage. Miss World sighs!

30. Wife, don't you cry. Do you know. You cry for a minute and my life is reduced by one day. If you want me to die early, then you will cry for a few days. You have been crying for a few hours now. Then I have to live a few months less. My wife is going to go before you. But it is also recoverable. Because you laugh for a minute, I will live another day.

31. Wife, don't be angry. Don't you look at the dress? I will buy it tomorrow. There is a hat you like. You can also pull your hair with you. Take you to eat KFC. Buy flowers for you every day. For you. I am not going to ruin my family. Let me laugh!

32. Wife is the one who accompanied you in the rain and rain, and then for your body, seriously said to you, "The next time you don't want"

33. The wife is to engrave your promise in the heart, the mouth is still the person who does not regret after constantly asking you.

34. Wife is on the road to let you gently put her shoulders, how to walk the same as you, let the affectionate footprints everywhere engraved in the heart of the road

35. Wife, husband will go back after the meeting, listen to his wife's words, do not play very late!!

36. The sea can be dry, the stone can be rotten, and my love for you will never change.

37. Wife... I am really stupid, you are angry. I don't know how to make you happy. But you are really the most beautiful in my heart, the gentlest temper, the best food to eat, the brightest tow. The woman who cleans the clothes the cleanest and the best managed by the housekeeper, I am really lucky to have three lives. It is really happy.

38. Wife is lying in bed constantly reminding you not to go to work, but can't help but tear the person who wets your back with tears

39. Wife is always in front of you, worrying that you are not beautiful enough, not enough cute, wife is trying to make you happy when you are angry, for you to be happy, to do everything that she could not do.

40. Wife is a person who seems to be strong in hardships, and who sees you like a pear after seeing you.

41. Ruthless time and space will separate you and me, but I think your heart is still difficult to meet, and see you seven or seven!

42. We don't be cowherds and weavers, because they are too far apart to meet each other too shortly; we want to be ourselves, because you are holding my heart by my side!

43. Weaver embroidered Yunjin, Niu Langhe hopes. The bridge between the bridges and the river, the Qixi is short. I hope that love will be long and that the moon will never be lost. I want the Galaxy to die, to give two stars Yongjie!

44. Dear, today is Chinese Valentine's Day. Far away, send you a Valentine's kiss! Chinese style.

45. Wife, don't be sad, actually I really love you. I really love you. It's like a mouse loves rice, just like a wolf falls in love with a sheep, like a fish can't live without water, like, like a donkey Love chicken legs, just like Yang loves little dragon girls, just like you love banknotes...

46. ​​Wife is the one who wrote poems for you in the colorful words under the light of mother-in-law

47. Dear, I saw the letter written by my baby in my mailbox. My husband knows that I have done a lot of things wrong. I will work hard and make my wife feel happy... My husband’s greatest wish is not that he can With a lot of money, my husband’s biggest wish is to make his wife happy every day. I hope that our future family and peace will be healthy and healthy~~~

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