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Most impressed by the girl

1. I don't allow you to sleep later than me. I am an owl, but I don't want to have a 'Panda Eye' GF the next day!

2. I don't allow you to drink, not to let you drink, to drink less, to drink more and hurt your body!

3. I don't allow you to distrust me. If I promise you, if I have said anything, I promise you everything I will do!

4. I don't allow you to ignore me. You are so important in my heart. Without you, I will be very uncomfortable. Don't torture me?

5. I don't allow you to wash with cold water, because women are negative, cold water will increase yin, so you must use warm water!

6. I don't allow you not to eat. People are iron rice is steel, the body is the capital of revolution, I don't want you to die before me!

7. I don't allow you to start earlier than me, don't talk nonsense, let you sleep, you sleep, sleep well and eat my breakfast!

8. I don't allow you to walk alone alone, because there is me in me and I will never let you go alone!

9. I don't allow you to be jealous, joking, I am so special, if I look at other girls in front of you, I will smash myself!

10. I don't allow you to stay up late. The reason is the same as the second one. The body is the capital of the revolution. I don't want you to die before me!

11. I don't allow you to bicker with me. I will let you win, and now I will play with the girls except for what I let, or if I can win me!

12. I don't allow you to be alone, my love and thoughts will always be with you, and with them, you won't feel lonely!

13. I don't allow you to swear, no reason, just personal opinions, will affect your image, you can do it yourself!

14. I don't allow you to cut apples. I am afraid of blood, so I won't let your blood flow out!

15. I don't allow you to hurt your hand. The most beautiful girl is a hand except the face. You have to love it!

16. I don't allow you to be weak, you have to be very strong, I am so disobedient, you have to manage me!

17. I don't allow you to be gentle, don't wear temperature, wear more, cold in the cold, no matter how you wear it, you are the most beautiful in my eyes!

18. I don't allow you to be angry. I will be very happy when you are there. Even if the sky is gone, I have to make you laugh first!

19. I don't allow you to rain without an umbrella. Although a woman is made of water, it will catch a cold when I get wet. I will feel bad!

20. I don't allow you to be the happiest, because with you, I am already the happiest in the world, so you can only rank second!

21. I don't allow you not to talk, baby, we also need to communicate, even if I apologize for unilateral acknowledgment, you should also give a face to say: "Forgive you!"

22. I don't allow you to scare me. I am very timid. Don't scare me with anything. I will be scared!

23. I don't allow you to "escape" me. The best result of running 50 meters is 6.6 seconds. Non-perverted girls should run away from me... you are not!

24. I don't allow you to hit me, don't fight, your hands will be very painful, I am very resistant to snoring!

25. I don't allow you to lose weight. My love has nothing to do with your weight. You must be convinced that no matter what you become, I love you!

26. I don't allow you to be confused. The little fool can't doubt if I love you!

27. I don't allow you to go to a distant place without telling me, then I will be crazy!

28. I don't allow you to shout with me loudly, save it, don't you hurt? I still feel bad when I shouted!

29. I don't allow you to cross the road alone. The driver is very fierce now. I will take your hand and send you safely to the opposite side!

30. I don't allow you to be disobedient. If you ask me why I am forced to go to the hospital, I only answer one sentence: "Because you are mine!"

31. I don't allow you to care about it. If you want to see a woman, you can be happy and be obedient!

32. As long as you are willing, when you are lost and frustrated, when you need a shoulder, tell me that I will appear immediately.

33. Let's go together, one hand can't take luggage, from now on, I am your left hand.

34. As long as I am with you, I don't care what the price is.

35. I am very concerned about you at the moment, please take care of yourself for me.

36. Nothing special, just want to hear your voice.

37. Make you not love me, I will protect you all my life.

38. Although I don't know where you are, I know that you are always in my heart.

39. Those who can marry you must be very happy.

40. You are my first and last loved one.

41. No matter what happens in the future, what you become, is still my favorite person.

42. How good it is to meet now!

43. I have never been a woman like you who has taught me so much.

44. You are always the most temperamental, most special and most attractive in my heart.

45. I promise you everything.

46. ​​Anytime, in any situation, as long as you need me, I will come immediately and do my best to do things for you.

47. I am willing to love you, take care of you and protect you forever!

48. I really love you, close my eyes and think that I can forget, but the tears that shed, but I have not deceived myself...

49. My world is only you understand.

50. I walked into my life and I am preparing for you for the rest of my life.

51. I am willing to love you, take care of you, protect you, and live forever.

52. As long as I love you, I can do nothing.

53. I will never make a promise to any woman, and I will never do anything for a woman that I will do for you. How different you are in my mind!

54. I love you, please believe me, I can't guarantee the best, but I will do my best to do better.

55. Because I know I can't live without you, I will cherish it even more.

56. I promise not to let anyone hurt you, including myself, believe me! I will give you happiness.

57. You are my only one.

58. It is me who is wrong. As long as there is a contradiction between us, I am wrong.

59. I don't allow you to cry, because if I am still crying, it proves that I am useless, what else do I have to do?!

60. I don't allow you to do physical work. I am so tired of what you are, licking and sweating, pouring water!

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