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Mother's words

1. After the entrance exam, I have nothing to do at home. My mom is busy with the mobile phone and let me teach her to send a newsletter. I said that you are learning what to do? She said: I have nothing to send a message to my friends! After I go to school. However, she received her newsletter at both ends for three days, let me pay attention to this. At that time, I realized that what brand of friends was sent to me was all sent to me.

2. I often hear people say that "children are worried about children". In those years when I was young and ignorant, I never realized the meaning of this sentence. Now I think that I can't worry about my mother. I am very glad that there is such a good mother, I really love her.

3. In the years I grew up, her love has been with me through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Her love is warm and spring, giving me the most beautiful season. Her love is long and warm, giving me the warmest embrace. Her love is endless, giving me the most selfless care.

4. For twenty years, a thousand words have never been spoken, and I want to say nothing to you, Mom, I love you!

5. I remember when I was a child, I watched the TV series "I want to have a home". I saw a little girl on the TV being beaten by my stepmother. My mom suddenly said to me: If I divorced your dad, I will take you. Go, don't let the stepmother hit you. It was still small at the time, I didn't understand it. Now I still feel so upset when I think about it.

6. My mom and I went to the streets to buy things. She looked at the clothes and asked the boss: How much? The boss said: 100. My mom let go and said it is too expensive, I don't buy it. Going to another house, I look at the pair of shoes, I asked the boss: How much? 100. He replied. I just let go and heard my mom say: It’s not expensive, only 100, buy it!

7. Once my mom asked me, if I argue with your wife in the future, who do you help? I said: Of course I will help you. My mom laughed, and then she whispered: I am afraid that this is not the case! I heard it, and suddenly I felt that my heart was blocked. I swear, I must be good to my mom in the future.

8. My mom didn't have trouble watching TV at home. Someone in the village suddenly told her to play cards. She said: I don't feel comfortable and don't want to go! After waiting for someone to go, I asked her: You are not comfortable! She said: How can I feel uncomfortable? Just remembering that you graduated from college right away, looking for a job, buying a house, going to a wife, and not spending money. I just got a freshman year, she thought about my graduation! So, I must have money in the future, I have to raise her to get used to her!

9. My mom said to me, I have a girlfriend in the future. I will bring it back to see if I can't do it! I smiled and said: How can I count it? She said: Can't be too overbearing, or you will bully you in the future! I feel like crying, I am a big man, she is worried that I will be bullied.

10. I went home for the winter vacation last year. I bought her a hat and went back. After she got home, she was happy for a few days. She showed off to my dad every day: You see, your son bought me such a beautiful one. Hat, do you have it? I want to keep it, wait until I am old. Until today, the hat she was still in the closet, reluctant to wear.

11. Once my mom called me at night and said a lot, until she hangs up, she whispers, today is my birthday! I didn’t say a word in my throat for a long time, she always been Waiting for me to say happy birthday to her, but I forgot! I remember that every time she remembers every birthday, I feel sorry for her. I must compensate her in the future.

12. Everyone in your life is your teacher, even those who are bored, because from them, you can know the weakness of human nature.

13. Happy people not only accept change, but also dedicate themselves wholeheartedly. They will say: If the past five years, like the past five years, what is the meaning of life?

14. Don't expect any return when you pay, otherwise a heart is always worried about the result, but it is difficult to gain something.

15. Many people don't know what they want - they are very unhappy because they have no purpose in life. If you don’t know what you want, it’s better to find out the most.

16. Close to your ideals, you can use it as a starting point.

17. Doing what you love to do does not mean that life is easy, but you can definitely live more exciting.

18. No matter where you are, you should not be trapped in place because you are a person and not a tree.

19. When you say, "I just want to do this, I don't care if I don't care," God will start supporting you.

20. The less you ask about your living conditions and the behavior of others, the easier it will be for you to live happily.

21. If you really want to be calm, you must know how to be grateful. If you always say: After I have lived a little better, I will be grateful, then you will have no hope for a lifetime.

22. Unless you voluntarily give up, you will never be defeated.

23. It is feasible and intelligent to change yourself. When you try to change others, you will be stupid and will be troubled.

24. Being hit by pebbles, if you can't wake up in time, just ignore it and you will be hit by a big stone. As long as we honestly ask ourselves, we can all find questions.

25. Signs of the question.

26. I remember when I was reading Guoxiao, the teacher liked to beat people. I went home and told my mom about this. She asked me nervously: Did the teacher not hit you? I said no, she breathed a sigh of relief. Continue to say: If the teacher hits you, tell me, I will go to him immediately. At that time, I felt that my mother was very good. Now think about it, she is amazing, but it is because of me.

27. I and the village with a boy and fight with others, beaten man called home to his father beat him up. When my mom knew it, he said to me, if someone told his father to beat you, he told me that I would beat him. I was trying to talk. She added a sentence: I can't bear to fight, how can I let others hit you. These words until now I think I feel warm in my heart!

28. When I was a child, my mother said to me: If you marry me afterwards, I will not say anything, let her swear! I said: She dares to marry you, I will take her directly. She smiled and said: What is it? If the daughter-in-law is going home, you will have to be worthy of someone else. How can you say that you can take a break? I feel that I must find a good wife in the future, and I can be filial to my mother.

29. You don't have to be afraid to get in touch with others. It is very likely that they are also afraid of you.

30. Praising others will make you happier, praise others will help you focus on positive things, and whenever you focus on positive things, your life will

31. Hopeful

32. A person may hear countless warnings and exhortations for a lifetime. If you are a thoughtful person, sometimes a sentence will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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