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The most touching words in the latest history

1. Some people can't say where it is, but no one can replace it!

2. Don't know, love you, is it a good reason?

3. I want to grow old with you.

4. Is it funny? I don’t have you around, is it strange, will I stay with me forever?

5. Just being with you, I don't want to give anyone a chance.

6. I think I will accompany you to the market every day.

7. Since you appeared, I have known that someone loves is so beautiful.

8. In the heart that was once lost, you drag me out of loneliness.

9. I love your heart until the end of the world.

10. White and dark nights will not stop you and my deep thoughts!

11. Think about watching the joy of the rising sun with me.

12. I am willing to spend 10 million years waiting for your smile in the early spring.

13. My world is only you understand.

14. Just hide you in my heart.

15. I know that love is free to be happy, but I would rather stay with you, accompany you and accompany you.

16. I don't know what to start with, I have learned to rely on.

17. Only you know my emotions, only you can bring me emotions.

18. If we love enough in this life, we will be able to live for a long time in the afterlife.

19. Because I know I can't live without you, I will cherish it even more.

20. The earth is still turning, the world is still changing, and I will always love you.

21. In every night with your voice, it is no longer too lonely and deserted.

22. I want to turn your feelings into warm sunshine, and expect that the light that shines will warm your heart.

23. I want to send your thoughts to the scattered stars, I hope that the little starlight can shine into your window and sleep with you.

24. I just need a harbor that will allow me to rest.

25. People will always be old, and hope that by the time you are still by my side.

26. Regardless of the ends of the earth, whenever you need me, I will "fly" back to you.

27. You make love and love in my life, and tears.

28. No matter what the world is in the afterlife, all I want is you.

29. Although I can't satisfy your biggest material life, I can satisfy my heart with you.

30. I love you with the enthusiasm of my old age and the loyalty of childhood?

31. Your words are locked in my memory, and you will keep it for me for a lifetime.

32. No clothing is more fit than your love. No decoration is more charming than your love.

33. I want to sublimate the very short poems you love into long life prose.

34. Drink the wine of your love, if you don't have a refill, you will be thirsty for a lifetime.

35. Your name is filled in my heart. Let me love you forever!

36. Without your love, the goal of living will be harder!

37. For your willingness is not free.

38. I am ready to halve my rights and double my obligations.

39. I only hold your hand in this life, because you have already been enough in this life.

40. Waiting for the same can be so beautiful, because I love you.

41. I don't believe in love forever, because I only love you more every day.

42. In addition to loving you, I can't think of a reason to keep me alive.

43. I want to be a wind, surrounded by gentleness.

44. Happiness! There is only a moment when you and me meet.

45. At any moment in my heart, there is only: "I miss you! Love you!"

46. ​​The wheel of time cannot erase my thoughts on you, even if the sea is dry, your figure will last forever in my heart.

47. Without words, let me tell you by action, what is love.

48. You are the deepest feeling that I can experience in my life!

49. I only want to kiss you in my life.

50. When I don't want to wake up, the table lamp is projected on the wall and only my lonely figure.

51. I really want to hold you from now on, hold you tightly, and walk to God.

52. The craziest thing in this life is to fall in love with you. The biggest hope is that you will be with me forever.

53. Really, how did you lose the world and win the world?

54. If you fall in love with you, it is a mistake. I am convinced that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life. I am willing to be wrong for a lifetime.

55. Looking at you smiling, I suddenly found out that I am the happiest person in the world.

56. If you can change your life in my life, I will not keep it.

57. Who said that the dishes you made are difficult to swallow? I will go home every night for dinner!

58. How many stars in the sky, how many girls in the world. But there is only one moon in the sky, there is only one you in the world.

59. I think after 50 years, I must still love you as I am now.

60. I don't want to be warm for a short time, as long as you are accompanied by one.

61. Just because you are so beautiful, I can't confess that I love you.

62. My cat is very skinny, can you help me with it?

63. I hope that you will see you last time before going to bed.

64. Please be the treasure in my hand.

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