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Encourage people to be happy

1. As long as there is hope in the heart, there is happiness.

2. There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that there are people.

3. There are mountains and roads, and there are rivers to cross.

4. You are not afraid of difficulties, and you are afraid of difficulties.

5. Winter has arrived, will spring be far behind?

6. Everything that is left in pain, please add a little aftertaste! Once suffering, the suffering will become sweet.

7. Do not seek to compare with others, but seek to surpass yourself, crying and crying with excitement, laughing and laughing out of the growing character.

8. Instead of remorse today with tears, it is better to fight with sweat today.

9. On the road of life, everyone will encounter difficulties and setbacks, depending on whether you can overcome it. Conquered, you are the hero, the strong man of life.

10. The most difficult time is the day we are not far from success.

11. Those who are afraid of climbing the peak will always be kneeling down the mountain.

12. The dragon will go to the sea and the tiger will go up the mountain.

13. I am afraid to go the rugged road and don't want to climb the peak.

14. Young is half the battle.

15. When there is no child in life, sweet and sour.

16. Adversity to hone people, adversity is a teacher, and the hardships of adversity are sweet.

17. When you overcome difficulties and get out of trouble, success will belong to you.

18. The most terrible enemy is that there is no strong belief.

19. I want to hold the throat of fate.

20. Hardship can hone the will of the people.

21. Once you have the will, your footsteps will be easy.

22. Where there is a will, there will be a way out.

23. There is a kind of fate. After letting go, it becomes a landscape, has a heart, and insists that the Chinese is sincere.

24. The reaction to imagining difficulties is not to evade or circumvent them, but to confront them, to deal with them, and to fight with them in an aggressive and sensible way.

25. Difficulties and torture For a person, it is a hammer that hits the blank. The broken iron scraps should be broken and the forged steel knife will be sharp.

26. The virtues of good times are temperate, the virtues of adversity are tenacity, and the latter is a greater virtue.

27. Choose what you love and love what you choose.

28. There is no danger in front of the Warriors.

29. Life is like a cup of coffee without sugar, it is bitter to drink, but it has a long-lasting fragrance that will not retreat for a long time.

30. Difficulties are human textbooks.

31. There are only unhappy axes, no firewood that can't be opened.

32. When the tears run out, the rest should be strong.

33. If you want to catch big fish, you can't be afraid of water. If you want to pick a rose, you have to be afraid of stabbing.

34. Those who dare to struggle are not afraid of difficulties in their hearts.

35. It is not difficult to do things, and it is difficult to do things.

36. No one is accompanying you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness. No one will help you forever, so you have to struggle for a lifetime.

37. If you like it, you should cherish it. If you cherish it, don't give up.

38. Fortunately, there is no fear or worry; bad luck is not without comfort and hope.

39. Heaven is solely to strengthen your will, and to set up obstacles on the road.

40. Life is a journey, not care about the destination, it should be the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery.

41. The mountain will fall down, relying on everyone to run, only the most reliable.

42. It is the enemy who is happy for your sadness, the friend who is happy for your happiness, and the confidant who is sad for your sadness.

43. Don't give up this second, there will be hope in the next second.

44. Don’t forget what you once owned. If you can’t get it, you should cherish it. Don’t give up, you have lost your memories.

45. If you love, please love; if you don't love, please leave.

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