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Evaluation manual parents' words

1. You are a dynamic boy, a bright smile always fills your face. In class, you react quickly and have a good understanding, but under the class, you have not achieved good results because of lack of seriousness and hard work. Therefore, if you can devote your passion to learning, I believe that you will achieve the same brilliant results. In life, I hope that you can get rid of the lazy habits and be a good role model for your classmates. Mom believes that you can do it!

2. You are a girl in the show, so you have a rich inner world. When you have conflicts with others, you often give in. Although comity is a virtue, modern teenagers should learn to actively communicate with others, and then you will find that you are surrounded by friends. In learning, I hope that you can work harder, diligently, achieve outstanding results, and be a good student, can you?

3. Xiao y has become smarter, creative, and sings, loves sports, and has made greater progress in painting. With the joint efforts of teachers and parents, I have recently liked to play with children and exercise. The ability to get along with her peers, I hope she will be more proactive and bold to participate in group activities in the next semester, as soon as possible to get rid of the shortcomings of temper.

4. xxx likes to draw and expresses a strong interest. As a parent, we can feel gratified. Under the teacher's training, Zhezhe becomes sensible and will help us to follow the routine and pay attention to hygiene. We hope that in the next semester, teachers will be more strict with Zhezhe. She is not persistent in her work, and she is in a state of “catch away”. She is looking forward to the teachers to help her and make her better. I wish: Happy New Year.

5. During the semester, the children have made great progress. Thank you for your constant education and hope to make more progress in the future. Seeing your comments, I know that my son has made great progress more than before. It is all good for teachers. I hope that when I start school next semester, with the help of teachers and parents, I will get rid of her shortcomings. Thank you for your concern and help to your child this year. Thank you teachers.

6. We found that the change of xxx in this semester is indeed quite a lot. The eating is much better than before. Under the guidance of the teacher, the skills such as painting are better than before, and the family is very happy. Of course, the performance at home is more naughty than the school, but I believe that under the coordinated education of teachers and parents, it will become more sensible and become more and more popular.

7. She used to be introverted. She has never loved to speak. Since she has been a little cheerful, she has made a lot of progress and has improved a lot. I would like to thank the teachers for their training and hope to have more hard work in the future. All growth can not be separated from the gratitude of the family; all growth can not be separated from the teacher's training, slowly, your education parents will accept, the society will recognize, thank you.

8. Thank you teacher for giving xxx such a high evaluation. This semester xxx was trained and improved under the guidance of the teacher, especially for painting and manual. In the activities carefully prepared by the teachers, the children’s ability to coordinate their hands and brains has also improved, and their ability to express has improved a lot. I sincerely thank the teachers for their concern and encouragement to the children. Only when you work hard, the children have such a big progress.

9. xxx This semester has indeed made some progress, such as painting, English, as a parent is very gratified, behind the results of the teacher's contribution, here we sincerely thank the teacher. The most troublesome thing for Yangyang is that my living habits are not good. I have a little naughty skin. It is a dual character child. Sometimes it is very lively and sometimes very embarrassing. I hope that in the next semester, the teacher can address these and ask for xxx. Strictly speaking, with the joint efforts of our homes, he can become a good child of all-round development of morality and intelligence.

10. You are a simple child. You are down-to-earth, diligent and studious, and you have improved your grades this semester, but you also need to know that learning is not a rote, but also a method and skill. Do not understand the problem of learning, do not be shy about opening, ask more, think more, practice more. The teacher believes: As long as your confidence does not fall, work hard, one day will reach the other side of success!

11. xxx This semester has made great progress in all aspects of the teacher's hard work, but because of our lack of comprehensive understanding of the child's comprehensive development, his shortcomings in some aspects have not been corrected. In the future, we will continue to strengthen communication and communication with teachers, strengthen children's education and guidance, and strive to correct shortcomings and develop good character.

12. xxx has made great progress in all aspects of the teacher's training and education. It is able to get along with the teachers and classmates, and to be friendly. At home, it is a very sensible and good-working child. It has always been a good helper for mothers. In the new year, I hope that teachers can continue to inspire Yuanyuan to make her more confident and bold.

13. We are very happy that our children can grow up healthily. We will cooperate with teachers to make children achieve greater progress. This semester can gradually change the fear of life, be able to face new things and people independently, but the lack of face to face things can not be faced independently, I hope the teacher can work with us to help her solve this problem.

14. Sexually pungent, enthusiasm and generous, let me think of one sentence: "When the shot is shot, the wind is hot and smashing Kyushu." There is a big scarf that does not allow the eyebrows. Active thinking, strong creativity, can take the initiative to attack any challenge, grasp every opportunity, but each time may not be successful, life will inevitably have setbacks and failures. In the mood of ups and downs, I hope that you can grasp yourself well, constantly adjust the pace of progress, learn to be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be strict with yourself, and be patient with others. Send you a word, share with you: the road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down.

15. I have always kept your past glory in my mother's heart; I read the regret from my mother's face, because it is because a twisted study experience has changed your outlook on life; in the eyes of my mother, it is still the kind of expectation. Look, look forward to your more sensible, more mature, look forward to your bright future. The challenging life path is not smooth, the weak people fall, only pessimistic, only retreat, and the brave people can climb from the setbacks again and again, laughing at life.

16. You are a cute and simple big child. They are very frugal in their study and life. They don’t know their status quo, and they don’t know the responsibility on their shoulders. So you have no requirements, no motivation, and turn a blind eye to your mistakes. I hope that you can mature quickly and ask yourself: Where is the future? It is time to work hard to gain a life without regrets!

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