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It’s cold, I care about it.

1. It’s cold, cool down, friends, you know it; think of you, read you, the newsletter is to be transmitted; written, transmitted, reminding you to add clothes; after reading, happy, wish You can be lucky for a fall!

2. The stars tell the thoughts, know that I want to be with you; the moon is hanged with white, knowing that I am reading you; Dewdrop understands the wish, knows that I am looking forward to you; the breeze sends a greeting, knowing that I want to tell you: It’s cold, please Add clothes.

3. It’s cold, there is chill, send a blessing expression, please smile after reading, express my feelings, thank you for returning the information, let me see your sincerity, the news is easy, don’t let me always Frustrated, I hope your happiness is always satisfactory. It’s cold, and I care about it.

4. It’s cold, the white clouds are dressed; the ground is cold, the leaves are loaded; the yan is cold, moving to the south; the fish is cold, the water is deep; in the winter, the clothes that are blessed for your care are draped in In your heart, for you to resist the snow frost!

5. It’s very cold, the fog is very thick, and it’s windy outside the window; people are very busy, they are very heavy, time is too tight and not empty; although the money is small, people are poor, but they still have to send blessings: winter is cold, more care Healthy and safe people are easy.

6. It’s cold, please pay attention: in order to let everyone have a warm winter season, don’t talk about cold jokes, cold humor, and don’t send cold newsletters. Please respond positively and wish everyone a warm winter!

7. The leaves are falling, bringing the prayer of the wind; the grass is dry, bringing the rain away; the cold is cold, bringing the throat of the winter; I am coming, sending a message of blessings: I wish Everyone is in good health and good luck!

8. Another cold air, a layer of spring rain and a layer of cool; usually work tired again, also put a smile on the face; cherish the friendship often think about it, don't forget the clocklet; the cold current has reminded you, don't forget to add clothes !

9. May the cold wind blow with the troubles, the snowflake dances with joy, the winter shines with happiness, the newsletter comes with care, don't forget the cold clothes, the health is the most important!

10. Month tells us that we have opportunities every day, and life tells us that we should understand our feelings. Friends, it doesn't matter if you don't see each other, and your heart is precious. Tips for friendship: It’s cold, take care of your body, and wear more!

11. Sorrow is shared, pain will be alleviated; joy will be shared, happiness will be doubled; in winter, some people will remember, the cold will stop; occasionally someone will bless, the mood will be clear. Cold and add clothes, happy winter!

12. Because it is cold, I have a fire; because it rains, I have an umbrella; because of boring, I have wonderful music; dear, can you let me be your fire, become your umbrella, and be with you? Sing a long-lasting song!

13. There are always some friends who cherish most of their lives. It is hard to forget in some days of the year. From autumn to summer, from strangers to familiarity, although you can't always greet, you always remember: Tianshou pays attention to the evening and adds clothes during the day!

14. In the war, a warrior marched toward the goal in order to complete the mission. He slowly climbed and climbed, then climbed and climbed, and he died of freezing. This story reminds us that it is cold, and it is important to keep warm and healthy.

15. Maybe it's because of the breeze, I have a little coolness in thinness; maybe because of the weather, I always remember you when I miss you, maybe because I miss you, maybe because I miss you, send a message to tell you, body.

16. When the weather cools down, remember to hug with friends, don't forget to bring a jacket when you go out, have no exercise, run, run healthy, and get up and laugh, and worry less. The newsletter wishes you a warm winter and a sweet family.

17. Some people are worried, and the days of boring are also rich; some people care, and the lonely snow is also romantic, some blessing, and the cold winter is warm. It’s cold, wear more, take care of yourself.

18. Picking up a star, Xu is a wish, peace of mind; looking at the sea, watching the beautiful scenery, want to say is a blessing; send a newsletter, send a word, write care; cold The friendship will not be cold; the snow is floating, and the care is still there; add clothes, don't want to catch cold, take care of health!

19. It was cold, the night was long, the leaves began to turn yellow, the wind came, the birds ran, the fruit began to smell, I miss you, I wish, the newsletter began to bless, I hope you, good health, good luck!

20. It’s cold, the leaves are stacked with thoughts; the wind is blowing, and the heart is talking. My blessings come to you gently, to give you care, to be healthy, to send you a greeting, to be happy and auspicious. Give you a warmth and let your happiness expand.

21. Chasing the sun, enjoying the warmth of the sun; looking up at the blue sky and feeling the vastness of the blue sky; climbing the mountains and understanding the mountains; exploring the sea and enjoying the vastness of the sea; blessing friends, expecting friends to be happy! It is cold, keep warm!

22. Cold weather is especially important for the three parts. The head is cold and easy to have headache, and the stomach is uncomfortable. The back is cold, which can affect the lumbar vertebrae, joints and internal organs. The feet are cold and susceptible to colds.

23. When the cold is cold, the mobile phone is not willing to touch. When you think of a friend, your heart is hot. Friendship, always warm, newsletter greetings, I hope you are happy and healthy, smile more every day.

24. Store the night rain, miss you in the winter, the cold is still non-stop, warm blessings, greetings are comparable to the sun, sent to your heart, I wish you all the best, the cold body can be healthy, life is happy, Sweet smiles from time to time!

25. It’s cold, the road is too far away, you can’t send you a warm coat, you can’t send you a warm embrace, so you have to send a blessing to the newsletter. May you have a cold, good health, good health. !

26. When it's cold, give you a coat: the pocket is warm, the collar is called, the sleeve is thoughtful, and the button is missed; let this coat be accompanied by you every minute, you must be happy!

27. The cold heart is not cold, a trace of true feelings on the heart, the cold heart is not cold, a trace of care is forgotten, the little newsletter is long, telling the cold and healthy, often exercise more rest, reasonable diet body!

28. The west window is blowing dark rain, the cold is still coming, the winter sun is shining, not to mention the cold winter rain, the rain is falling on the heart, the blessing newsletter is busy, the rain is in the mood, the cold is cold and healthy!

29. It’s cold, pay attention to adding clothes, don’t catch cold. But you are still cold. Look at your uncomfortable look, my heart, hey, only one sentence can express: demo, you have today! In order not to let me succeed, you should pay attention to your body.

30. Seeing that it is a cold, send you a coat, use the heart to make fabrics, take love as the line, embroider the inner layer, use the warm cotton on the mezzanine, and finally attach the care buckle, take care of yourself.

31. The cold wind is roaring, the back window is snowing, the weather is changing in winter, the friend's feelings are still passed, and the day is missing in the heart, deeply greeting the newsletter, sending warm blessings, cold weather. Pay attention to cold protection!

32. Suddenly cold weather, want to know your message in the distance, whether you pay attention to your body to take care of yourself, the pressure of life and work, I can not replace it for you, send a few words of concern, don't forget to keep warm clothes!

33. The breeze blows over, leave the maple leaf to you, the rose is opened, the fragrance is left to you, the years pass, the happiness is left to you, the meteor is crossed, the hope is left to you, the newsletter is sent, the blessing is left to You are cold, pay attention to your body, don't forget to add clothes.

34. It’s cold, the bear is getting into the tree hole, the snake is busy with the skin, you become lazy, you want to sleep when you fill your stomach, your companion calls you back to hibernate, remember to put it before hibernation My newsletter is back.

35. Cold weather pay attention, cold weather pay attention! Cold weather should take care of yourself and dress more. There is a constant topic, that is, I miss you. Tell you another secret that can only be said to you, that is, I love you!

36. The temperature has dropped, the weather is cold, and your thoughts have deepened; the wind has risen, the rain has fallen, and you have been mourning for a long time; the snow has floated, the blessing has arrived, and the care for you has been sent: the winter is cold Frozen, I hope you will be warmer and warmer!

37. It’s cold, give you a stove, afraid to cook you; give you a scarf, fear that you will misunderstand; give you leather boots, don’t know the size of your feet. After thinking about it, I will give you a sincere newsletter. May you be warm every moment and warm every day!

38. I am your coat when you are cold. When you have a cold, you never say bad. As long as you need it, I am relying on your sadness, smile in the newsletter, hug when you are happy, I want you to know, fairy tale. Also proud of us!

39. The wind screamed and the snow fluttered. At this moment, I suddenly realized that the romantic season has come. Think of friends from afar, I hope you: treasure yourself! Wish you: a winter of pleasure!

40. The northern geese fly south, the frost-dyeed maple forest, the autumn is thick, the tender feelings are reliant, the autumn wind is sorrowful, dear, the sky has turned cold, pay attention to the body, cold clothes, so that the cold will invade!!

41. Change is an eternal theme, and constant is a relative definition. The solar terms are changing, from cold dew to frost, and the constant is still concerned. The weather is getting colder, and the true greetings are still warm: May you be happy and happy every day!

42. No matter how busy the work is, just remember that I am always looking at you and wishing you good luck. I hope that you will have a sunny mood every day this winter!

43. The wind is cold and the weather is getting cold, which means that winter will come soon. At this point, we must remember to send a cold greeting message to our relatives and friends, reminding them that the weather is getting cold, remember to take care of the body, and wish them a happy winter. I believe the following newsletter will be very suitable.

44. When the cold wind blows and the drizzle falls, it is discovered that the cold winter has come quietly; perhaps this moment will be forgotten; the only thing you can’t forget is to say softly to you far away from home: "It’s cold, pay attention. body!"

45. There is no leadership in the work. There is no advertisement for TV. There is no banknote for consumption. There is no courage to sell stocks. These are actually nothing. The key is that winter is here. If you don’t bless you, you will never do it. Remember to add clothes to keep warm 喔^_^

46. ​​Thank you for accompanying me through yesterday, sharing today and welcoming tomorrow. In the winter, I hope that you will have a wonderful day, every step is safe, every moment is happy, every minute is satisfactory, every second is happy.

47. The fluttering snowflake was once a bookmark of my beautiful memories. It was my lovely dream to dance under the colorful Christmas tree in the moonlight. On this special day, let me wish you happiness every day with my sincere greetings!

48. The newsletter does not need to be reasonable, but it needs to be true and sincere; blessings do not need to be contacted frequently, but you need to keep a note in your heart. A warm care for you: cold weather pay attention to clothes!

49. As winter approaches, the sky is getting colder, and the gentleness of the king is in my heart. The autumn leaves are everywhere, the geese return to the line, read my thoughts, add more clothes.

50. In winter, please do a good job in cold work: husband with husband, wife with wife, please don't hold a kettle for the time being, and don't hold it! It is impossible to change hair.

51. Little stars, lonely moon is difficult to face. Wind and snow, hate the cold winter, this situation is not eternal, so where is the person? The yellow sand is long, the sunset is longer. The sun sets and laughs at the red dust. It has been capricious since ancient times.

52. When the autumn is getting stronger, I realize that the warmth of winter has drifted away. Winter is here, this moment may be forgotten, but you can't forget to send you warm care: in the cold days, in the cold days, I feel bad about myself, happy winter!

53. Pure winter quietly disappears, the ever-changing is always the weather, the constant is always the mood! May the faint chills scorn the fatigue of your life, the sly north wind conveys my heartfelt blessing: in the winter, pay attention to add clothes to keep warm, Happy every day!

54. Unconsciously, wrapped up in your gentleness, you are used to having your life, even if you can't meet each other, you will always feel your breath. I don't know if I can pursue forever, but I know that I want to miss you.

55. Don't be alienated by busyness, but don't forget you because of the rush of time. Autumn flowers and winter snow, summer and autumn, although the seasons have changed, my concern has not changed, I wish you a fruitful autumn. It’s cold, take care of your body!

56. The wind is cold and the night is getting longer! Whisper greetings, is it busy? When changing seasons, pay attention to health, drink plenty of water, increase clothes, get cold in the morning and evening, be careful to keep cool, take care of your body, and be happy!

57. So cold, you must take care of yourself, don't freeze it! As the saying goes, "People's frozen legs, pig's frozen mouth", I have put on my trousers, and you have to buy a mask!

58. The sound of the falling wind knows that the feeling of missing is known, the cold temperature knows winter, my blessings you know, there are no gorgeous words, just want to send you warm blessings in the cold winter!

59. The deserted city, the wind, the sun is like blood, a swordsman stands in the wind, his sword is cold, his eyes are cold, his heart is cold, so.........he is cold! This story tells us: It’s cold, Be sure to wear more clothes!

60. Cool down, the sound of flowers falling, the feeling of missing, knowing, the temperature of cold, winter know, my blessings, you know, there are no gorgeous words, just want to send you warm in the cold winter blessing!

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