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Depressed words

1. Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately everything is not love.

2. I feel a little happy when I miss you, and some sadness when I am happy.

3. Now, I just want to put my love for him in my heart!

4. We can put down our dignity and let go of our stubbornness, but we can't let go of it.

5. I heard that as long as you are happy, you should be satisfied.

6. Time is not about change, but about long-term concern and thoughts.

7. If you really love me, please don't play with others.

8. People can't decide who will be tempted, but at least they can decide not to give up.

9. After the lack of oxygen, love, careless tears are redundant.

10. Please forgive me, I have no courage to say your love to you.

11. You only taught me how to cry, but did not teach me how to forget.

12. The ability is not worth more than the air in today's society of hypocrisy.

13. When you are sad, the best way to express yourself is to cry.

14. Dreams are a prelude to success, and effort is the foundation of success. Faith is the only criterion for success.

15. After the passage of time, there is only memories left.

16. Getting lost again is always more hurtful than never getting.

17. When I stood on the tail of youth, I suddenly realized that our past was just a grand emptiness...

18. My heart, your world. However, it is a moment of traffic.

19. The future is like everything in the fog, not dare to expect, but still confused.

20. In life, I always encounter things that are unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory, which leads to depression.

21. Tired, listen to music; depressed, dance and dance; sad, stunned; failed, come back from the beginning; life should be so over, sweeping away haze and happiness.

22. Confused people trap themselves in depression, hate not knowing that they are depressed all over the world, thinking that this will save the world from the sky, but they only know that they are their own savior.

23. The most degrading is often not the ups and downs of the future, but the loss of your confidence. The most painful thing is not the misfortune of life, but the bursting of your hopes. The most exhausting is often not the faraway road, but the depression in your heart. The most desperate is not the blow of frustration, but the death of your heart.

24. Depression is a beautiful disfiguring agent, depression is a hidden barrier of happiness, depression is a healthy assassin, depression is a bad mood that you and I can not avoid.

25. Depression is the way to live with the will of others, but you can't do what you want.

26. Depressed, in fact, life is full of stuff, just not paying attention, now I think, really much.

27. Some troubles are that we are fictional, and we take it as real.

28. A little confused, a bit depressed, some changes.

29. Leisure is just a leisurely depression.

30. Maybe happiness is not just possession. It is true happiness to give up.

31. Maybe I will re-edit this frustrating thing and imagine another ending that will satisfy me.

32. The mood is as depressed as the gray sky.

33. The heart is tired, listen to music; depressed, dance and dance; sad, talk about the mood; fail, come back from the beginning; life should be so over, sweep away the haze and happiness.

34. I can draw a circle, I am inside and keep my memories out.

35. I really hope that when I sleep, I can forget everything about you.

36. Do you still have a smile, or are you as unhappy as you used to be?

37. This rain reminds me of your smile in the rain again.

38. Stand in your own corner and pretend that you are a passer.

39. What is depression? It is a feeling of special grievances, especially troublesome, but it feels helpless, I don’t know how to be good, there is no way to vent my inner feelings, especially a state of tangled. You can't put this mood in your heart, you must think of a way to vent it.

40. Some things can be obsessed with greed, but it is best not to indulge.

41. Either deep, interesting, or quiet.

42. Tears can flow, but heartache? When can I recover?

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