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Touching words

1. I want to give you happiness, but I can't walk into your world. I want to use my world to exchange for a ticket to your world, but that is just my wishful thinking. My world, you don't care; your world, I am expelled. I really like you, close your eyes and think that I can forget, but the tears that shed, but did not lie to myself. Love sentence

2. I can't live my lifelong love, but people are on a long journey, coming and going in a hurry, no matter how long they stay, they have to leave for another flight.

3. Some scars are placed on the hands, and they become a thing of the past after healing; some scars are placed on the heart, even if they are lightly drawn, they will stay in the heart; some people, close at hand, are out of life. There seems to be a kind of pain in life that can't be sustained. Some regrets are destined to bear a lifetime; in life, there are always some beautiful emotional porcelains that are broken around us, but the cracks remain in the moment when the old ones look back.

4. Some things don't have to be remembered, some people don't have to think about it anymore. When you remember the past, when you sigh and sigh, time is slipping away from your years, and happiness is disappearing from your pain. There are a lot of unfair things in the world. The key is that we have to have a plain, calm, calm heart, light and far-reaching, quiet to self-cultivation, and can be refused. It used to be a cloud of smoke. It is not our life. Only cherish is the true meaning of life.

5. A woman is like a pear, and it is sweet outside. People who eat pears don't know that the heart of the pear is sour, because the heart is thrown at the end of the meal, so the man never understands the woman's heart. A man is like an onion. If you want to see a man's heart, you need to peel it off layer by layer! But in the process of peeling, you will continue to shed tears. At the end, you will know that the onion is unintentional.

6. Love, the simpler the more happy. It’s best to talk about love once in a lifetime. If you experience too much, you will be numb. If you have more separation, you will get used to it. If you change your lover, you will compare it. In the end, you will not believe in love again. You will give up on yourself; you will Walking dead; you will marry someone you don't love, and you will live forever.

7. I love you! If one day, I turn into a cup of loess, the spring grass that grows on the loess is green for you, and the flowers on the loess are also beautiful for you.

8. Since I met you, my calm heart lake can no longer be calm. Your posture, your Li Ying, your smile makes me unforgettable, I have been deeply attracted by your wonderful style.

9. I like to leave my mark on you, but I don’t remember that you never belonged to me... If one day, I no longer like you, will my life be as degraded and decadent as before? I don't want to live like that anymore, so before I have given up on you, please, at least like me...

10. In fact, I have been waiting around you, waiting for you to rely on my shoulder to protest, will there be a day, your gentleness belongs to me, I will not let you sad, let your tears flow again!

11. When I am a kite, don't let me go, or take it home, don't smack me with an invisible feeling, and make me sad.

12. We used to be snow flakes falling from the sky. They didn't know each other. But when they landed, they became one, formed into ice, turned into water, and never separated.

13. You are like the clear spring that nourishes my depleted life. Those who know how to cherish love will understand the value of love, and my life is wonderful because of you.

14. Put the oath on your finger gently. From then on, the two will live forever. Look carefully at your beautiful look tonight, and it will be the only name in my future.

15. Being able to meet you is a blessing that I have cultivated in my life. I will cherish you and cherish this relationship. Perhaps the road ahead is hard to walk, but I believe in you and believe in this relationship. Because I really love you with my heart!

16. The wake of dawn is the end of the nightmare of the night, the spectacular sublimation of the sun and the stars, the beginning of the blue sky for the brave! Your love is the warmth of the hot springs, the feeling of rain and the electric shock!

17. Gentle heart. It is for happy people! Romantic heart! It is for the eternal heart of the lover, for the waiting person, willing to give a blessing heart to my dearest person!

18. First love: I want to fall in love at first sight; love: I want to be with my body; nostalgia: I want to be one hundred and one hundred; lost love: I want you to be east and west.

19. If falling in love with you is a mistake, I would rather go wrong forever. I once laughed, gave you some joy for you; once I cried, for you to inadvertently neglect.

20. Did the meteor shower last night be beautiful? Have you made a wish? I have slept early without me, but in my dreams, I have a few embarrassments. How can I divide your days with you to every day? I miss you. ,love you!

21. I can't help but love you, just like a bird can't help but fly; can't help but read you, just like a rose can't help but open up; can't help but send a newsletter to you, can't help but think of you when you see it. Can't help but smile...

22. If there are only ten minutes left in the world, I will share the wind and rain with you. If there are only three minutes left in the world, I will kiss you. If there is only one minute left in the world, I will say 60 times that I love you...

23. If my life can be replaced by two words, which is your name, because you are my only love!!!

24. If you shed tears, I would like to be the toilet paper in your hand; if you wake up, I will be the eye of your eyes; if you are hot, I will be the only cloth left on you.

25. There is a kind of tacit understanding called ignorance, there is a feeling that is wonderful, there is a kind of happiness called with you, there is a white eye will read it.

26. Acquaintance is the most precious fate. Missing is the most beautiful mood. Concern is the most sincere heart. Greetings is the most beautiful language. Confidence is the most intimate tacit understanding.

27. At a certain moment, we all thought we were growing up. But one day, we finally discovered that the meaning of growing up is not only desire, but also courage, responsibility, strength and some necessary sacrifice. We are all children in front of life. In fact, we have never grown up, we still don't understand love and being loved.

28. Love always makes us have too many expectations: hope for a long time, hope not to separate, hope to possess and achieve. In the end, I just felt a little tired and didn't know where to go. Love is like this. Some people will slowly fall into the dust of the years, crying, laughing, quarreling, making troubles, and then reluctantly just once.

29. Don't let deep love become a pain. If you don't love someone, please let go so that others have a chance to love her. If the person you love has given up, please let go of yourself so that you have the opportunity to love others. Love a person does not have to have, but if you have a person, you must love him.

30. Don't touch me if you don't love me. The most terrible word in the world is not separation, but distance. One person is afraid of loneliness, and two people are afraid to live up to it. Once the sea was dry and stone, it was not good enough to get together. We always practice smiling and finally become people who don't dare to cry. Gorgeous turn, gorgeous tears, gorgeous talk, don't love you. It is said that after losing, I know how to cherish it. In fact, the loss after cherishing is the most painful.

31. It is often accidental to break up. It is inevitable on a certain day. Because we are too strong and too confident, we think we can accept everything from each other and think that only we can give her happiness. In fact, this is not the case. When you leave her, someone will be with her and make her happy. When you don't love her, she will fall in love with another person who shouldn't love and choose to forget you. Love seen with the eyes is only superficial, true love is to listen carefully.

32. It is clear that when I look at it, I let go of it, but every time I always think of the person who gives warmth. Every time I always see the reality when I am smiling and intoxicated, I think of the pain, and then the cold feeling can no longer warm up. So repeated, my heart is finally tired, and the reality is like this. I was drunk, but I finally woke up, I was walking, but I could not find a direction. Touching love words

33. In the ocean of love, there are always too many waves. We think that love is deep and true. In fact, love is very shallow and very light. If you have an unpleasant word, you will sting the other's heart. In order not to let the other party suffer, some people hide behind love, gain happiness and happiness, and some people give everything, even precious life, for her. We can't control love, only to adapt to love, cherish each other, happiness can last longer.

34. If he really loves you, he will never let you be sad, and you will not cry because of him. If it flows, it is also a tear of happiness. If he really loves you, he will secretly resolve your troubles. When you start smiling and start laughing, he will feel that he is the happiest time. If he really loves you, even if you have hurt him, you are still the most kind in his heart.

35. If you want love to be fragrant and beautiful forever, the only way to continue is to keep your distance. If you want to be the most beautiful scenery of his life, then choose to leave when the storm is still in the future.

36. We have a natural inertia, always thinking about being able to eat the least bitterness, taking the shortest detour, and getting the most benefit. There are some things that others can do for you, but they can't feel for you. Without this kind of mental journey, even if you succeed, the spiritual field is still absurd. The happiness of success, the satisfaction of harvest, not the end of struggle, but the process of struggle, therefore, the way you go, you have to go, others can not replace.

37. I hear love, I believe in love. Love is a pool of cyanobacteria, such as the same wind, through the blood of my blood, the faith of the years. Maybe all the first love is the same, it is just a prelude to the later love. But then you discovered that if you want to fall in love with someone, it is so difficult. It's hard to think that you can no longer love, can't love again, it's hard to find the next person you find, and still use the first person as the blueprint.

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