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Damaged person 2019

1. You said that you are so cool and so smashed!

2. You are too rich, look like the prostate, and pee. . .

3. What is the use of handsome? Go to the bank to swipe your face?

4. Do you think that you are a nursery rhyme? I can't feel that you are a woman who has been treated.

5. Don't squeak your two kings and the world is shouting that you are a ditch.

6. × × You are lack of calcium from childhood, grow up lack of love, don't hurt, don't love. The left face is under pumping and the right face is owing. See you kicking, pigs see pigs stepping.

7. Your long shape is not accurate, the proportion is not good.

8. It doesn't matter if your head is empty. The key is how can you get in your head?

9. The face touches the ground first, unable to return to heaven.

10. You are embarrassed or not, and the third is there.

11. You are so shameless that you are so heartless, you should be very light!

12. Look at your shrew-like, it must be degraded by genetic mutation N times, and it will become like this.

13. Estimate that your brain has been caught by the thigh of the sister, and the cerebellum has shrunk.

14. You are splashing B, breaking shoes, you are splashing your mouth with long acne, you yell, I have already ruined you B, how do you sell B on the street.

15. When your mother gave birth to you, did you throw the person to raise the placenta?

16. Happy! I wish you a cake enzyme! I wish you a bath without water! I wish you go out!

17. You can say this: Today, Muxi Day, XXX went to the exam, took the test 0.4, went home to watch TV, saw Shaolin Temple, wanted to try it, was beaten into a tomato and said that he had the ability or: I will give you in advance Celebrate birthday, wish you a happy birthday

18. You are so shameless anyway, you will give me a few cheeks. Anyway, you don’t care if your cheeks are so thick and shameless.

19. Your looks broke through the imagination of mankind...

20. Your looks are very refreshing!!

21. Was you thrown up three times when you were born and only been caught 2 times?

22. Animals wear this dress and they become human. When you wear it, you become an animal.

23. Big Brother, can you lower the resolution on your face?

24. After seeing you, I realized that your dad was screaming at you all the time. You burned it and lived with you. What do you mean? Look at X-burning, then look at your comparison. Really X-burn is better than strong!

25. Seeing that it is raining outside, don't know how to wash it? Not only wash your ugly face, but also wash your dirty heart.

26. When you see your face, you feel that your parents didn't take it seriously when they made you.

27. As far as you are concerned, it’s not that I brag, there is no one in the world who is on you, really!

28. For you, I can't really think of any language and communication with different human beings! Don't talk to me, because I don't understand, in the eyes of others, I am stupid with a pig. Thing

29. Don't think that you are a dog and you can bite people.

30. You said to you, Ah Gong, I teach you how to practice knives, you practice swords, you still do not practice swords, practice squatting! Jin Jian does not practice, practice silver sword!

31. You are a lovely, charming, hard-working, white, small hybrid fish that always serves the people.

32. I have never seen you like this, and I have said NO, and I still confess this way.

33. Did you plant a pit when you were a child, and the acne on your face was poisoned by eating too much?

34. Today, when you wake up, there is a mosquito lying on the pillow, and there is a will next to it: I struggled for one night, and your face made me feel like I was living in this world. Lord! Forgive him, I am suicidal!

35. Even if it is a glimpse of x, there is also a day when I meet 屎 郎. So you don't have to worry too much about yourself today.

36. The problem that Confucius can't solve, Lao Tzu helps you solve it!

37. People can be shameless, but there is no shame to your point.

38. I don't know if his aesthetic has a problem. It is still a bit dizzy that day, so I have to make a mistake.

39. You are the largest pencil case I have ever seen. Are you tired of loading so many pens?

40. The current situation is that you don't want to have everything, such as the boss of the heart, the good rivals, the excess fat, and the constant amount of the card. . . I don’t think there is anything, such as a long vacation, a caring lover, beautiful clothes, money. . .

41. Others are stalking, but you don’t answer words. This is called high cold. If someone else wraps you for a long time, you will return to him two sentences. This is called restraint. If someone asks you, what do you answer, this is called frankness. Others will take care of you, and you will open your mouth immediately. This is called loneliness.

42. You laugh, my big man, may you be scared if you watch a horror movie? Who doesn’t know that the ghosts are fake? Tell you, even if there are ghosts, I am not afraid! You laugh. I will ask the last time, will you accompany me to the bathroom?

43. Snacks are eaten hot, can only chew gum, anyway, let the mouth idle is victory!

44. Others laugh, I can't wear them, I don't wear them when I laugh at others.

45. Did you find out? Those who don’t like you are particularly ugly.

46. ​​Scientists say that ugly body is not nothing: 1, ass, big heart and blood vessels are good. 2. How long is the old man? 3, the breast small spine is more straight. 4, the nose is not easy to catch a cold. 5, the thigh thick heart is good. 6, the toes sprint fast.

47. Efforts are not necessarily successful, but it will be easy to work hard!

48. Do you think that Uncle is just calling?! Do you think that you are over 30 is a dear?! Uncle is a special name for Gao Shuaifu to evolve into middle age! Male silk is only called a master after middle age. .

49. I don't know why, I always feel that eating something in class is much better than usual.

50. As the saying goes: "The old saying goes well."

51. You are carrying the burden, I am holding the horse, and I love the love of the ropes.

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