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The more swearing, the better the poison

1. Your appearance has broken through the imagination of mankind...

2. Your looks are very refreshing!!

3. Was you thrown up three times when you were born and only been caught 2 times?

4. Animals wear this dress and they become human. When you wear it, you become an animal.

5. Big Brother, can you lower the resolution on your face?

6. After seeing you, I realized that your dad was screaming at you all the time. You burned it and lived with you. What do you mean? Look at X-burning, then look at your comparison. Really X-burn is better than strong!

7. Seeing that it is raining outside, don't know how to wash it? Not only wash your ugly face, but also wash your dirty heart.

8. When you see your face, you feel that your parents didn't take it seriously when they made you.

9. As for your appearance, it’s not that I brag, there is no one in the world that is more than you, really!

10. For you, I can't really think of any language and communication with different human beings! Don't talk to me, because I don't understand, in the eyes of others, it's silly to quarrel with a pig. Thing

11. Don't think that you are a dog and you can bite people.

12. After 90, you have a heart of 80 and a face of 70.

13. You are too rich, look like the prostate, and pee. . .

14. What is the use of handsome? Go to the bank to swipe your face?

15. Do you think that you are a nursery rhyme? I can't feel that you are a woman who has been treated.

16. Don't squeak your two kings and the world is shouting that you are a ditch.

17. You are short of calcium, grow up and lack love, don't hurt, don't love. The left face is under pumping and the right face is owing. See you kicking, pigs see pigs stepping.

18. Your long shape is not accurate, the proportion is not well

19. It doesn't matter if your head is empty. The key is how can you get in your head?

20. The face touched the ground and was unable to return to heaven.

21. You are embarrassed or not, and the third is there.

22. You are so shameless that you are so heartless, you should be very light!

23. Look at your shrew-like appearance, and it must be degraded by genetic mutations N times to become the current B-like.

24. Estimate that your brain has been caught by the phoenix thigh, and the cerebellum has shrunk.

25. Your food is so beautiful, you can only have pigs compared to you.

26. Some people always think that they know two words are people with culture. Why don't you even know the two words?

27. Dude, let me know, you are blocking my cell phone signal.

28. If you want to have narcissism, if you want to have the ability, I don't want to talk to such low-level people and humiliate me.

29. I am not looking down on you, but I am too lazy to care for you!

30. Kid, a person can have personality, but can't follow his personality.

31. Seeing that you are walking all the way, you are afraid that you are not an airport.

32. Now, personality splitting is a popular, dog, and her dog is split.

33. Even if there is only one woman left in the world, I would rather go to others.

34. Which of the two long faces are light bulbs?! You don’t plug in at night! Eyes!

35. Your stupidity is always so creative.

36. If you don't learn, don't slap it out, save the sun guy from laughing at you without connotation, and don't know the art of talking.

37. You see your lemon head, mouse eye, eagle hook nose, eight-character eyebrow, wind ear, big mouth, rabbit tooth, wick neck, high and low neck, long and short hand, chicken breast, dog belly, rice bucket waist, hurry back to Mars Well, the earth is very dangerous.

38. The term rogue has long been unable to describe you.

39. Your head can be hung in the sky to act as a full moon, and the round can be used as a compass.

40. You seem to be terminally ill and still not going home to protect your life these days.

41. When you can talk about civilization, when you talk about temperament, I think that when I reincarnate and be a man, I really regret how I did not shoot you in the bathroom and washed it away with water! I don’t understand that the rope will be knotted if it is too long. And your tongue can't?

42. Your round is really awesome. Apple can't describe it. You are just basketball. If you want to see it, you want to play.

43. You walked the path in the country with a dog walk, and said that you were sung by others like a fucking Adu.

44. How does your mother teach you? There are things that no one raises in life, and every day knows to be horrified in front of people.

45. Is your mother a stepmother? Drinking tainted milk powder every day has created a brain damage like yours.

46. ​​You look back and scare a row of professors' correctional buildings. You are going back to the landslide and turning back. You are going back to Harley's comet and hitting the earth. You 4 turned back and Yao Ming changed the table.

47. Look for the sun.

48. It seems that everyone is a wonderful work in the world of deaf people. . . I also said: You invited me to play 24, I agree, but if you play 13, I will not accompany you!!!

49. You roll for me and roll fast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

50. You are splashing B, breaking shoes, you are splashing your mouth with long acne, you yell, I have already ruined you B, how do you sell B on the street.

51. When your mother gave birth to you, did you throw someone to raise the placenta?

52. Happy! I wish you a cake enzyme! I wish you a bath without water! I wish you go out!

53. You can say this: Today, 曜 ,, XXX went to the exam, tested 0.4, went home to watch TV, saw Shaolin Temple, wanted to try it, was labeled as a tomato and said that he has the ability or: I will give you in advance Celebrate birthday, wish you a happy birthday

54. You are so shameless anyway, you will give me a few cheeks. Anyway, you don’t care if your cheeks are so thick and shameless.

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