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Missing words

1. Sometimes, some people do not need to say goodbye, they have already left; sometimes, some things do not need to be open to understand; sometimes, some roads do not go longer. Those people, those things, those roads, those are just those, but at that time, it was already the past.

2. Can the stars cross the Milky Way to meet you? I am not afraid of being far away and I am looking forward to being there. The past is like a smoked soul, and my dreams are added to my thoughts, and the pursuit of love for a lifetime is unchanged.

3. The wind flies through the flowers, and the constant is the countless involvement of you. No one will know how this kind of miss is painful, how to completely hollow out the heart, and then ruthlessly shred. Your figure always flies in your heart, let me drunk!

4. Missing parents, even if you are lying in bed, you can't let your body and mind settle down. You have to accompany your parents, go far in the sun and the moon, let the thoughts ferment deeply, use your pain to mature yourself, and comfort yourself in the spirit of heaven.

5. Love you, don't ask the world, just ask the truth, think you don't ask the morning faint, just ask eternal, thank you for letting me meet you, miss you every minute and second, love you all the time, I hope every moment of your life is very happy. !

6. Hundreds of roses wrinkled and faded in time. Thousands of gentle honey words are forgotten in time, disappearing, only my love for you will remain unchanged in time.

7. The beauty that has passed away is like those floating cherry blossoms, beautiful, fragile, and so fascinating. The sun is like reviewing our sorrows and slowly waking up all the sleeping pasts. Our time seems to be the sand of the hourglass.

8. It’s not old, it’s hard to beat. Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot. - Zhang Xian, "Qianqiu"

9. The wheel of time can't erase my thoughts on the hustle and bustle. Even if the sea is dry, the shadow of the scorpion will last forever in my heart.

10. Without your day, not blue! Without your flowers, not beautiful! Without your meal, not fragrant! Without your sleep, not sweet! Dear, why are you still not coming back?

11. Once it was difficult for the sea to be water, except that Wushan is not a cloud--Yuan Lan

12. When I am thinking about how hard you are, I know that in my heart, you are very happy, dear, let me see you, without you, even if you are busy, I will feel bored, I I want to hear you tell me a story, really, I miss you.

13. Our usual common love is inter-ethnicity, opportunity, luck, coincidence, love must be known, and mutual understanding does not necessarily lead to love, even if the heart is opened to a person, confide in front of her, tears, even Care, mourning, gratitude, even if you have a heart, even if you love her, you don't necessarily express it, and you don't need to express it.

14. When you first want to know Lang, you can’t see the two minds.

15. I hope that I will not despise my existence in the future. My heartbeat is now in the lively city. The truth of the world, the rule that cannot be rejected, who is the fate of my destiny, why should I stop my way. Lost the direction, the time in my heart is constantly disappearing. Where? Where are you going? Where am I going? Who am I? Where do I come from?

16. One is what you love, the other is who loves you, which one do you choose? I love you every day, I will remember you every day, I will call you every day. Every day I love you, I will call him first, I will never hang. Drop your call, let you feel the fall of the phone after you hang up. Sometimes you don’t even say goodbye, you hang up and love you. You are uncomfortable with a little bit of injury.

17. I don’t want to sleep when you think about it, read the heart of your heart and jump; the love of your love is fascinating, and the love you love is dying!

18. I want you to be crazy. Suddenly, there is a strong desire: I want to go home! I really want to cry out, my heart is hard to die! Really really want to go home!

19. I miss you, think you want to write your name in a water glass and drink water every day to kiss you. I miss you, I miss you, I want you to write in your underwear and protect you every day.

20. I miss you, think about you, think about you, think about you, think about you, think about you, think about you, think about you, think about you, these 11 voices, think that you represent me, love you with one heart and one mind, you are always the most important in my heart.

21. I miss you so much, read you to alcohol... I love, you know? For me, your smile is the most important!

22. Miss your smile and miss your looks. Missing your noble temperament and your charming taste, it is difficult to forget your feelings of tenderness and water in your memory!

23. Think of you! My heart has no pain to tell! Do you know? I can feel your pain because you are in my heart! I wonder if you are still ok in the distance?

24. I want to let you lie on me again, I want to wipe your tears again, I want you to bite my hand again, I want to kiss your face again, think...

25. I want to lie in your arms again, I want you to dry your tears for me, I want you to hold me tight again, I want to kiss your face again, I want you to say love me!

26. It is unintentional to meet you. It is God's will to know you. I think that you are affectionate. If you don't see you, you will be half-hearted. When you see you, you will be single-minded!

27. The fate makes you pass me by, but there is no opening but there is a feeling, love is the most afraid of hesitation, and then I can only remember. Lonely is strong because of you, but it is not a long midnight, the end of the world can not stop thinking, eager to see him again in the day.

28. Just feeling a body without a soul, holding me, feeling a heat, feeling a living thing. So, this night I have no fear, no fear of the night, I can sleep peacefully, can see you in my dreams, see your face, your eyes, your smile and the poetry of your smile.

29. Sincere blessings, along with the breeze, accompanied by drizzle, stroll through the green grassland, through the mountains and thousands of mountains, to your beautiful home. Give blessings and thoughts to your friends.

30. Most cherish, greetings from friends, even if life is gathering, your heart will still be.

31. Looking back at the days when we were together, my heart was lost. Your energetic body is always with my moonlight into my dreams, and I am worried.

32. Picking a beautiful cloud with good wishes and writing with joy: I wish you a sweet and wonderful life! Going through the world and looking for a happy green leaf with true love: I wish you happiness and happiness! You can pick a hand from the Galaxy The stars are written with thoughts: I wish you good luck and my love!

33. Wife, I really miss you, you play alone in the forest, sometimes you get lost, I have prepared a compass belt for you, because I want to find you. I also prepared a symbol of life for you, that is my heartbeat, I want you to hear me calling you on the bright road!

34. Every day my motivation is to see you and talk to you.

35. Most cherish, greetings from friends, even if life is gathering, your heart is still there.

36. Have your days, be honest! Without your days, helpless; have your days, so comfortable! Without your days, look forward to it.

37. Turning to a familiar road, quiet and quiet, left the left, strange friends who were once strangers, most of them are not connected. Say it well, be a good friend forever. Do you still remember? If you care too much about your friends, you will become selfless. In the end, you will always discard yourself on the deserted island where no one is, and he will heal yourself. Unwilling to reveal too much sorrow, so quiet always looking at the phone, looking at the familiar names in the address book, inexplicably remember some people, but no longer call them to send messages, do not want to break the silence. When I was on qq, I saw that my classmates and friends were just saying hello. Some of my friends didn’t care. I just missed those friends who had given encouragement and care. Although I left, I was still grateful. Although I was strange, I still missed it.

38. I don't think it is a taste of "missing". But at least, it is a feeling of being empty and empty, and it is a kind of helplessness that wants to say rest and stop. The gentle light poured on the table, I calmly described my state of mind. However, I know that no matter what language, it is impossible to clearly express the way I choose to miss. When I lifted the pen, I seemed to see a gaze, projecting to me from the unreachable past, I can't avoid its search, only silently accept it. I also hope that I can ignore its existence and only pay attention to the story around me. However, when the wind blows the cool rain on my heart, I know it: I never forgot this minute.

39. A few days ago, my son asked me: "Mom, why are you still not coming back?" It may be really thinking of us. Because of work, my husband and I can only go home during the Spring Festival. Normally, it is difficult to ask for leave, but I also want to earn more money, so I think I will endure the Spring Festival and go back again. It’s too unreasonable to take time off, I can’t get my salary, I’m afraid I will lose my job, I’m afraid I will return home. I stayed for a few days and my son was sad. It’s really difficult to do things. It’s a difficult thing to do. It’s a dilemma!

40. It was late at night, for no reason, red eyes, and began to miss you.

41. Mother, I often look at the familiar old house, lying on the hot bandit, looking for me in the yellow paper on the roof.

42. Dear! I am waiting for you alone, I still love you when I call back, I have to wait for you without answering the phone. Sugar is sweet, salt is salty, and your feelings are helpless.

43. Missing a really painful, I don’t want you to be unable to do it, it’s really hard to miss you, I don’t know how to face love in the future, sometimes I really want to escape, the more I escape Far better, it is best not to let me touch the thing of love, it is scary, it makes people trouble, it makes people feel uncomfortable, sad

44. From when, we will occasionally be lonely, and occasionally miss a person; we will use the mobile phone to hide QQ on see who is online, see what the familiar person wants to say, and then say nothing, it is so entangled; We refreshed the space over and over again to see who updated the mood, who updated the log, recovered the symbol, but did not restore the sentence. It turns out that we are no longer children.

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