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Apology apology 2019

1. I am not interested, I am this person, love impulsive, you will not remember the villain, forgive me once!

2. I am not good, I review; I am not right, I am guilty; I am wrong, I should have. Dear, please forgive me.

3. Although we often quarrel, and what we say to you, they are all angry, but I still love you very much in my heart.

4. I am really sorry, I am not calm enough that day, please forgive me.

5. Without forgiveness, life will be controlled by endless hatred and revenge. I really don't mean to hurt you. I really want to be reconciled with you. Please forgive me.

6. If the misunderstanding is a fog, I will light up 10,000 lights; if the misunderstanding is a thorn, I will unplug it, even if it is scarred, don't let misunderstanding become a stumbling block to love, I really love you. .

7. If my greetings scratch you, I am helpless; if you and I get along with it, I am very sad; if the distance of my heart is far from me, I am sorry; if everything is over, please show it.

8. You seem to be angry, and my heart is not good! If I have made this mistake, I hope you can forgive! If you can't forgive, I can't forgive myself.

9. Your heartless hurt, it hurts you, and it hurts me.

10. The thing on that day was that I was too impulsive. I am not paying you here. I am going to treat you tonight. This matter will be written off. Everyone should not be concerned. Later, they will still be brothers.

11. I don't know how to speak, but I still have to say sorry.

12. Sorry, I hurt your heart, please forgive me, I will hurt you for a lifetime and love you as compensation!

13. Sorry, it’s a misunderstanding. Is it free tonight? I invite you to dinner.

14. The person who loves me is you, the person who hurts you is me, willing to heal your wounds with heart, willing to hold hands again.

15. Forgive me! I know that I am wrong. If you can't forgive me, then keep calling me! I am willing to be old!

16. Have fun and worry, are really infatuated with you, worry about your heartache, have broken heart, don't dare to change your mind, don't be suspicious, most afraid that you are unintentional!

17. Perhaps it is fate, we are not willing to hurt the most unwilling to hurt, but it still happens, believe me, because I love you, let us cherish each other!

18. Brother, anyway, it’s not me. Say sorry first. As the saying goes, don’t know if you don’t know each other. Brother, I will give you a drink. If you can forgive your brother, you will do it. How, the past things let it pass, and later are friends.

19. A little woman, but I like it very much. I won’t make you angry anymore, miss you, miss you, and hate you!

20. Think of the sweetness we have had before, and all the anger has vanished. This is true intimacy, and nothing can break our love.

21. I have no intention of letting you hurt you. My heart is also uncomfortable! I hope you can understand, can give me a chance to change! Start accepting me again!

22. I know that you are angry, and every time you get angry, I am so scared, understand me, okay? Forgive me, okay?

23. I know. You must be angry. Because I saw: your hair has blown up.

24. I have completely figured it out. Maybe I have been putting too much pressure on you all the time. I know that you are also very bitter and tired. Some things, you have your difficulties, your hardships.

25. My mobile phone will always be on for you. If you are willing to forgive me, feel free to contact me.

26. I am wrong, I apologize to you, I will check, I will write a review, I will give you a jealousy, give you a jealousy, forgive me, I really don't have the heart.

27. I am wrong! The lady is gentle and wise, has a good family, knows the book, I don't know how to appreciate, I am sorry for you, please forgive me!

28. Love you so much, hurt you, hurt you, so you are angry, you are angry, so I have to say sorry, sorry, sorry!

29. Love you all your life, laugh because of your smile, and hurt because of your pain. Sincerely hope to get your understanding.

30. I will use actions to explain everything, not to make you feel sad and disappointed, long roads hope to join hands with them, people who love you forever.

31. I don’t want to live, I can jump back when I go to the sea; I jumped to the building but was hung on the window sill; I went down and lifted the roof. Dear, don't you be angry?

32. Because of the experience, I understand, because I know you, I care about you, because I care about you, I am sorry to say to you.

33. I am sad when I see you sad. No matter what, as long as I can exchange your smile for a moment, I will not hesitate to do it.

34. I don't know what to do at this moment, I can't see your message, I can't hear you. So quiet! Let my heart feel empty!

35. Sorry, it makes you feel embarrassed. In fact, I just want to become a tear in your heart and become a pain in your heart forever. . .

36. If my love gives you too much pressure, I am sorry! I will be careful not to show your love for you, just ask you to be with me so that I can see you.

37. Sorry, I can't stop thinking of you. I can't let myself forget you. I can't live without you, so I will continue to bother you.

38. I am not good, I review; I am not right, I am guilty; I am wrong, I have changed. Please give me another chance. Let me see your bright smile again.

39. If time can go backwards, if the memory can be erased, there are thousands of reasons for not wanting to make you angry. Give me another chance, let me make up for my fault.

40. I can be with you in this life. It is my happiness and luck. Although I can't be 10 and 10 beautiful, I think it is enough.

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