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The most touching words between couples

1. Turn my thoughts into a piece of white clouds floating across the plains and drifting over the mountains to the top of your head. I silently voted for you my loved poems thousands of times.

2. In the fairy tale, the prince always loves the princess alone. It is a fairy tale, and it is to keep purity. The reality is that both the princess and the prince have grown up slowly, and people will gradually drift away. The castle has been dying, and the pink rose has long since faded.

3. Remember how you smile when you meet in the sunset. Remember the happy appearance in the restaurant when you are dating. Remember to hold your hand for the first time, your shy expression. Remember all of us, always happy.

4. No matter where you are, whether it is by my side, I belong to you, I am waiting for you to come back!

5. Think about watching the joy of the rising sun with me. Classic discourse

6. It turns out that you have to wait until the wind and dust have dried up before you can see the final wind and clear moon and spend a good month. No matter where you are, when we are finished, we will all get together. The life of floating flowers, which is so easy to break?

7. In love, when I look back, the man is in a dim light. The person who is looking for and waiting needs the same patience and tacit understanding. This is hard to be determined after all. Who will wait for a person with ten years of patience, who will turn back after ten years, and can see the person waiting behind us? The most common result is: finally—when you know who the person you are looking for, the lights are bleak, and there is no one left.

8. The so-called interdependence, in fact, is that in my eyes, you have to dress for me, in your eyes, I have to add food for you, to keep forever, and then let the days behind us become the cool forest of the world, after a meal.

9. Some people use money for beauty, some use grievances for stability, some use wisdom for worship, some use power for obedience, some use impulse to change impulse, and some use body for material. But there are two kinds of exchanges in the world that will become legends: the first one is Plato, and the spirit is exchanged with spirit; the second hope is that you and I have used heaven for a long time.

10. Day and night, alternating with loneliness; time and space, shuttle in thoughts; desert is more hungry than oasis; affectionate words, penetrating pen and ink; keep you in your heart, polish the years. I miss you, every minute.

11. Love is like two people drinking, I am a toast, you are free; as long as you are still within reach of my hand, I have no extravagance; I am such a person, want to give you a warm life.

12. It is the wind, the rain, the thoughts, the chaos of a pool of spring petals; it is me, you, the love, the three infatuation does not ask the sky; it is sadness, joy, and dying, love you forever no regrets. Dear, love you will never change!

13. The beautiful roses will also fade, and the beautiful face will age, but we will always be together. We will argue that it will be sad... but we will continue to love it! Dear.

14. Sinking into the bottom of the sea, falling into the whirlpool of concern, blowing up the wind that wants you, picking up the waves that love you, dear, I am willing to kiss you, love each other, and live forever in this life! I love you, Miss you every minute and second!

15. You come to me and fall in love gently. The time is not weak, and the rumors cannot be opened. Because there is you, so worried; because of care, so enrich. Maybe, I can't give you all the happiness, but my happiness is all for you!

16. You are my sky, when it is sunny and rainy; you are my scenery, the mountains and rivers are dependent; you are my dream, there is you in the dream; you are my expression muscle, enrich my emotions; you are my motivation, let I am enterprising. Dear, thank you!

17. I think you can't stop the addiction, yelling at you; love you is a virus that can't be deleted, copying countless; hurting you are a cut-off dish, you can see it again; love you is a weed that burns not only, The wind is blowing green. This is my heart, do you understand?

18. "I don't think about it", "I don't think about it", anyway, I think about you; "The soul is holding a nightmare" or "Thinking about it", I only think about you. May this "unexpected" surprise make you sweet!

19. I know you, I know the wonders of fate; I fall in love with you, I know the beauty of love; I miss you, I know the taste of missing; I have a good relationship, I know the expectations of my heart. Dear, you are the love of my life!

20. I can't write the sweetest verse, but I write with my heart; I can't write the most romantic words, but I write with love; I can't write the most beautiful love songs, but I write with love; I can't write the world. The most beautiful love song, I wrote for you. Maybe you won't be excited, but I only write for you, write a plain love song, this life is willing, love you forever!

21. You are my little grinder, I am your nephew. I want to surround you every day, go and go, turn and turn. Grind the time into powder, knead the powder into noodles, boil the noodles into noodles, and watch you eat it bit by bit, I am full of heart!

22. The fate, there are arrangements in the dark. Margin, you are attached to you. The edge, the wind and rain together. The edge is warm in the ordinary. Margin, help each other in a difficult situation. The edge, the romantic center is holding hands. Have a relationship with you, love is boundless! Blessings Daquan:

23. When I see you, I am happy. When I miss you, I am happy. When you send a message, it's sweet. I think we have to be happy, happy, sweet, and always.

24. I don't see you, I miss you very much, I really don't know what to say, I look at you nervously, just say: How are you!

25. If you are drizzle, I am a breeze; if you are a flower, I am a bee; if you are a sea, I am a submarine; if you are a poop, I am a fly. You and I will stay with you forever, and believe that true love will last forever!

26. Whenever the night is quiet, you will often float your figure, enjoy my heart, brighten my dark corners, and always feel a little warm in my heart.

27. When you go out, you always forget to bring the keys. I have to keep my feet to open the door for you.

28. My world is only you understand. The most touching words between couples

29. I am willing to spend 10 million years waiting for you to smile in the early spring.

30. The journey of life is profound and long-lasting. We don’t know anything about the future, and it’s not a bad thing. If we know the outcome early in the morning, how many people dare to go to the awkward road?

31. Just hide you in my heart.

32. I know that love is free to be happy, but I would rather stay with you to accompany you.

33. You often forget to eat, I want to keep my spirit and remind you to eat.

34. When you are around, happiness is sweet; when you are not around, you are thinking of infinite; always hope to be with you at all times, helpless space, but believe that our love can cross the space and connect us closely.

35. It is not ruthless, nor is it a blessing. It is just that we will encounter many people in our lifetime. How many people can really stop and stay? Life is a ridiculous ferry, and even we are all passengers.

36. Hello, your application for a love license has been received. After review by the Love Committee, you have all the conditions of love in your area. You are licensed to license, franchise, and valid for a lifetime. If you need a partnership, please contact me. contact.

37. If you hide in the clouds, it will eventually rain, I am in the rain; if you are jumping in the creek, even if you turn back thousands of times, I am waiting for you in the vast sea; if you live in the flower, you can always Cheng Xinxiang, I am waiting for you in the breeze. There are always a long road in the world, there is always one you are walking through, there is always a end in the mountains and mountains, I plant grass and plant trees on the roadside, the scenery of the four seasons is constant, the desert produces an oasis, there is a shade under the sun, no longer lonely, on the road Waiting for you.

38. I am too obsessed with you, or are you really such a charm, just a flash of light and a slap in the face, but the usual long hair fluttering and faint, how can it be so breathtaking and letting people Don't forget it!

39. A chaotic heart, a chaotic person, a person in a chaotic heart. You are the sweetheart, and you will feel bad when you move. Hold you in the palm of your hand, afraid that you will fall away; protect you in the shade, afraid that you are drying; read you over and over again, because you love too!

40. The vast sea of ​​people, rushing to the past, the most beautiful encounter in this life, sowing the fate, sowing the love, become a warm stop in the middle of the year, a warm harbor, a beautiful encounter in your love, accompanied by the flow of In the scenery.

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