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Written to the mother

1. It was eroded by the ages, and the face was still full of no complaints; it gradually blurred the warm and still-looking eyes, full of love; the wrinkled, rough, hard-working hands were full of regrets. Bless all mothers, happy holidays

2. Can't ask you to taste the delicacies, give you the sweet potato porridge you love, can't take you everywhere, and accompany you to see friends and family. The happy smile on your face is the sweet taste of my heart. Mom, happy every day.

3. Mom, I haven’t been arrogant in front of you for a long time. I haven’t heard your warm embarrassment for a long time. In the past, I was always annoyed that you were too arrogant, and from time to time with you. In the past, you always felt that you did not have a beautiful appearance, and it was too vulgar. Mom, children don't have the courage to admit their fault in front of you. It is you, gave birth to children, and worked hard to grow up. Mom, you really have a hard time!

4. The years are not forgiving, the children have grown up, but you, mother, but in the years of the calendar, old days. The forehead has already been covered with wrinkles, and the hair of the horns is also dyed with silvery white color. The body is going to be in the mood, but you still have to work too hard. In your eyes, children are always children who are not big.

5. Mom, why do the vicissitudes of the years take away your young face? Is it true that when a generation grows up, it will drain the hard work and sweat of another generation? Mom, when can you stop working? Maybe, you Children pay too much, and many of your mothers are no longer worried about their children. Sorry to you, mother, children, can not let you sit on the sofa, can not let you at dinner, waiting for a cup of hot tea for you, a bowl of rice for you. Mom, I am really sorry.

6. Mom, today is your holiday, did your sister tell you? I think my sister will. My sister is more filial than me. Although my sister has already married, my sister still has your mother, mother. Mom, the moon is very round tonight, but the children are thousands of miles away. You can't sit by your side and listen to your teachings. Mom, you must take care of your body when you are not at your side.

7. Mom, the child has grown up and is sensible. Please rest assured that everything is fine in his hometown. It’s only been a long time, I haven’t been sitting with you, listening to your words. If the years are not changed, mother, you will be so young, right? If the years do not change, the children will be very naughty in your arms, right? Mom, today is your holiday, You should take a break.

8. Mom, I love you! If you don’t have enough love for you, from today on, you must listen to your words and don’t talk back to you. If your mother needs it, you will carry you on your back for the rest of your life. Just like that time, you have a cold, and when you go back to the village hospital, you carry your back on your back so that everyone knows that you love you!

9. Mom, today is your holiday. Said, I love you!

10. Many times, I didn’t seriously think about it. In the days of wandering outside, there is a feeling of warmth and lonely soul. Many times, the moon is already in the sky, the feelings in the distance, the mountains and the waters, and the deep my eyes. Consolation; many times, your voice and smile is the driving force behind my life.

11. Mom, you know, today is your holiday! Maybe, you are still busy. Mom, you never know there is such a festival - Mother's Day. Yes, you are an extremely ordinary mother, a thin body, baptized by years. It is you, supporting your family with your body.

12. Mom, today, I will give you a deep salute!

13. Children are not filial, can not enjoy the family fun together in this ordinary and great festival, and can not bring you Jinyi Huafu and gold and silver jewelry. Mother, children as a 80, I am deeply embarrassed. Today, what belongs to your festival, there are only some words from the heart. Mom, you have worked hard.

14. I hope that today, all mothers will smile from the heart, for the children, for all, as long as the mother is happy, we will be happy.

15. Mom, your daughter has grown up, I am sensible, you can rest assured that you will have to take care of yourself without my days.

16. Mom: I wish you health and longevity! Always young! Happy every day

17. Mom, you are the source of my strength, because you are not cold in winter; because of you, I learn to be strong; because of you, the world has a goodness. Mom, I love you! May my mother live longer and healthier.

18. Dedicated to a bunch of red roses: I love you! Give you a big hug: I love you! Give you a hot heart: I love you! I owe you a lifetime to raise my mother: I love you! Mom, may you be healthy ,everyday happy

19. On this special day, I want to say to my mother: Mom is happy! May my mother be healthier and happy in the days to come.

20. Labor is glorious! Long live the work! Create brilliance with your own hands and happiness for your dearest ones

21. If I am a big money, you are a big mom. If I am the president, you are the mother of the president. No matter what my future life will be, I will always love you, mom.

22. Turn countless thoughts into infinite blessings in your heart, pray for you silently, and wish you health and happiness.

23. Family is always filled with a warm, often but long-lasting warmth, and family is a companion throughout life.

24. You are a big tree, spring is leaning against your fantasy, summer is leaning against you, autumn is leaning against you, and winter is leaning against you.

25. Mom, today is a day you may not remember, I will never forget! Mom: I wish you a happy Mother's Day.

26. Mom, I thank you for giving me life. It is the truth that you taught me to be a man. No matter what the future, I will always love you.

27. The wind and rain outside beat me, the sunshine in the house and the warmth of the house warmed me, because there is you in the house, I love your mother, forever and ever

28. I am looking for my mother everywhere, I have been sitting in my room. You have no caste, no distinction, no hatred - you are a symbol of our happiness.

29. Mom! Mom! I love you! Work together and get tired! Cook together and eat! One bed and two people sleep! Love you, love you, love you forever.

30. There are fewer foreign festivals, except for Mother's Day! Every May, because of the beauty of Mother's Day, I would like to wish my mother a happy holiday in a special festival.

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