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What to say when you fall in love

1. I know that you are reluctant to let me be sad again.

2. You are a person who keeps my mind clear in the middle of the night.

3. Without you, life will turn black and white.

4. My commitment to you is valid for 10,000 years.

5. You are the person I care the most in my life.

6. I don't want to live a sad day every day.

7. I want to spend the day with you on Valentine's Day.

8. I think you will think of tears.

9. You used to like me.

10. I like you.

11. I want to share with you when I am happy, with you when you are sad.

12. You are the closest girl to perfection in my heart.

13. Turning on the computer every day is to see if you are there. You can always bring me a good mood for the day.

14. You are with me, you will be happy, I ask Heaven and Earth to witness my strongness for me.

15. You are the person I am most concerned about and can't put down.

16. You are the most kind and humorous girl I have ever met, but God has only carefully crafted one of you.

17. I don't know who I can love, except you, you have made me raise the standard for girls.

18. I want to make you happy. I regard your smile as my hope for the day.

19. I don't want to fall any more, your lovely face makes me want to be intoxicated forever.

20. I already have a sore feeling, which proves that I really paid for it.

21. I don't want to give you a chance to hurt me.

22. I want to hear you sing a song for me. Your singing can always make me forget my sorrow.

23. I want to learn from you, and laughter always brings energy and happiness to others.

24. Seeing you and my heart will jump fast, I may need to see a cardiologist.

25. I know that you will promise me, you are the best.

26. Yours always makes my heart beat faster, every movement, every sentence has endless charm.

27. Your personality is so good that I can't stand it.

28. I can accommodate everything when I am with you.

29. I don't want to let you wait alone, I can't bear to let you be alone.

30. Without you, I will not be myself.

31. You are the one who will never regret my feelings.

32. Sometimes my ears are not very good, you can bite my ear and whisper.

33. Because I didn't see you, I won't go crazy again to think about these reasons.

34. Except you, I am not sure if I can still believe in love.

35. You are the one who affects me the most, and I listen to you.

36. I really want to use your gentle hands to measure your real measurements.

37. You are the girl who will regret my life when I give up.

38. I am very lonely, I hope that you are with me.

39. I want to dance with you.

40. I really want to tell you my heart.

41. Special attention is my only shortcoming.

42. I hope that you will stop escaping me.

43. What I did, you know.

44. You will be warmer in winter.

45. It is more comfortable to have you in the summer.

46. ​​We can go abroad to play together.

47. I am very happy when I think of you.

48. The morning sun rises for you and me.

49. The stars at night are the objects we pour.

50. Without you, I really don't know what to pursue in this world.

51. You are a fool who is stupid and I am not angry.

52. I like to look at you laughing.

53. You are a person who makes me reluctant to lose my temper.

54. You don't love a woman because of beauty, but she will be beautiful because of your love.

55. There is no hegemony to replace

56. The greatest happiness of my life is to be able to sleep on you every night. You can wake up at night and hold you to sleep at night. You can wake up every morning.

57. There is always one person who makes you feel at ease.

58. Make-up paints your support

59. Believe me, I will make you the second most happy person in the world. Because people have you, I am the happiest person!

60. I want to change slowly with you.

61. When I finally stopped walking close to you, I suddenly realized that it was enough to look at you and listen to you as originally. As for love and not love, give time to question.

62. There are three things in the world that are incomparable: love, diamonds, and you.

63. I miss you, at the dawn of every darkness; think of you, at the dawn of every dawn; think of you, at the beginning of every morning. Dear, you know my heart, I have already followed you thousands of miles.

64. If there is no such thing in the world, then I will swear to follow you forever.

65. I put you in my heart, the deepest position, this life depends on you.

66. The article is an ancient thing, not a dry one; the wife is a big event, and it is worth knowing; I don’t dare to want a good sentence, just want a beautiful person; a gloomy meteor shower, a sorrowful frost; a singularity, send a message to you.

67. I thought that my gentleness can really make you happy.

68. Happy every day, less regret, indulge in each day, less entanglement, 12 if it is the end, grasp happiness at the present, may dear you happier, true love you happier, love you more affectionate, and you no Regret in the last year.

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