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Impressing the girl’s words

1. I just need a harbor that allows me to rest..

2. Everyday... I really want to...

3. People always have old hopes and you are still by my side.

4. Regardless of the ends of the earth, whenever you need me, I will "fly" back to your side.

5. You make love and love in my life, and tears.....

6. I won't write a love letter, I will only write "heart".....

7. If it's cold, I will linger in my arms; if I hate, I will wipe away the tears..... If you swear, I want to broadcast to the world; if you leave me, I will silently bear...

8. My love is open, like a white lightning strikes the sky;

9. My love is a singer, like a red blood filled with body...

10. No matter what the world is in the afterlife.... All I want is 妳.....

11. Although I can't satisfy the biggest material life... but I can satisfy my heart..

12. I love you to use my old enthusiasm and childhood loyalty...

13. If you are locked in my memory, then the key will be kept for a lifetime.

14. No dress is more fit than a sly love. No decoration is more charming than a sly love.

15. I want to sublimate the extremely short poems of love into a long life prose.

16. Right, I have surrendered unconditionally, so I signed the love contract.

17. This life.... If you can’t have a donkey, I will......... hate yourself.

18. Drink the wine of brewing love, if you don’t have a refill, you will be thirsty for a lifetime.

19. I swear.... fifty years later... I still love you as I am now...

20. The name of You is written in my heart..... Let me love you forever!!!!!

21. If you don't have your love... the goal of living will be harder!

22. For your willingness or not

23. This life will always love you*100

24. I am ready to halve my rights and double my obligations...

25. I only hold hands in this life....because there are enough in this life.....

26. I know that there is a feeling called attachment, and there is a feeling called love.

27. The original wait can also be so beautiful, because love.

28. I don't believe in love forever, because I only love you more every day.

29. Ever since I loved it, I only know the sweetness of love.......

30. Except for love... I can’t think of the reason that will keep me alive.....

31. I love you.. I love you.. I will always love you....:P

32. I want to be surrounded by gentle winds..............

33. I think after 50 years, I must still love it as I am now.

34. I don't want to be warm for a short time, as long as I am accompanied by I.

35. Just because I am so beautiful, I can’t confess that I love you.

36. My cat is very skinny, can you help me with it...

37. I hope that the last thing I saw before going to bed was...

38. Please be the treasure in my hand.

39. Don't know if loving you is a good reason?

40. I want to grow old with you.

41. Is it funny? Is it okay to be with me for a lifetime?

42. It’s just that I don’t want to give anyone a chance.

43. I think I will accompany you to the market every day..

44. Since the advent of 妳, I have known that someone loves is so beautiful..

45. I was once confused and dragged me out of loneliness.

46. ​​I love my heart until the end of the world

47. It does not change regardless of the gloom

48. Think about watching the joy of the sun rising with me.

49. I am willing to spend a million years waiting for your spring and warmth.

50. I only understand you in my world.

51. I will hide my mind deeply in my heart.

52. I know that love is free to be happy, but I would rather stay with you to accompany you.

53. I don’t know what to start, I have learned to rely on

54. Only you know my emotions, only you can bring me emotions.

55. If we don’t have enough love in this life, it will last for a long time...

56. Because I know I can't live without you, I will cherish it more....

57. The earth is still turning to the world, it is still changing, and I will always love you.

58. In every night with your voice, it’s no longer too lonely and deserted.

59. I want to turn your feelings into warm sunshine and look forward to the bright light that will warm your heart.

60. I want to send your thoughts to the scattered stars. I hope that the little starlight can shine into your window and sleep with you.

61. If you don't give you the information, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten you. I just give you time so that you can miss me, but in the end, I miss you.

62. If one day you want to cry, call me, I can't promise to make you laugh, but I can cry with you; if one day someone doesn't want to listen, call me, I promise to come to you, And it’s not a hit.

63. I did not come to this world because of you, but because of you, I am more attached to the world.

64. I said to God that I want to be a lover with you for a lifetime. God can't say it. It can only be seven days. I said yes, Monday to Sunday. God said only four days, I said good, spring, summer, autumn and winter. God said only three days, I said good, yesterday, today and tomorrow. God said only two days, I said good, day and dark. God said that only one day, I said yes, every day I live.

65. We often don't want to choose the one who loves us the most, because the person who loves us the most is often not our favorite. But we don't want to lose them, because we always need someone to come to us, we are still beautiful and lovely!

66. We put down our dignity, let go of our personality, and let go of our stubbornness, just because we can't let go of the next person.

67. We broke up for a year. Now I remember the past. I still smile unconsciously. I want to tell him: It doesn't matter if I don't care. I just want to remember your goodness in my lifetime.

68. I want to hold hands with you and walk all the way. If not, then I will look at you all the way.

69. You once said: break up, can't be friends, because they hurt each other; break up, can't be an enemy, because they love each other deeply.

70. If you don’t see it, think about the east wall, and you are willing to go to your hometown with you, and you will be old and old.

71. The one who has encountered so many mistakes in the past is to finally meet the right person.

72. When you are happy, I may not be there, and when I am happy, it is because you are.

73. At the moment of flower blossom, a dust is frivolous, the butterfly's wings just dance at this time, and the dust falls into the flower heart. You and I are the dust in the original plain flight, encountering the butterfly's wings, this life will be There is a floral fragrance.

74. Even if a thousand people pass by me, I can still recognize you easily because other people are walking on the ground, but you are walking on my heart.

75. Every woman is an angel. When she falls in love with a person, she will break her wings without hesitation, so the man should not let down the woman around because she has no wings and then flies back to heaven.

76. You are the only one who is remembered by me to be blessed by me and I am prayed by me.

77. If love feels pain, it is because it has been separated; if I cry, it is because I still miss you.

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