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a sentence describing the character's demeanor 2019

1. My sister is ten years old this year and is in the third year of the National Primary School. On her red face, a pair of watery eyes with a clever look. Under the black hair, two curved eyebrows, like the crescent moon. Among her rows of white teeth, she lacked a front tooth. When she smiled, she became a toothy, very cute.

2. He was happy to put his lips on his upper lip and his face shone into a flesh.

3. His wrinkled face slowly opened his smile. It was a joyous smile, an excited smile, and a hearty smile. Young people open their hearts to drink and indulge in laughter; the elderly are relaxed and relaxed. No matter locals, foreigners, or even foreign friends, no matter whether they are acquainted or unfamiliar, all faces are filled with joy, filled with the feeling that "the wine meets the confidant and has fewer cups."

4. He felt like a bottle of honey in his heart, with a smile on his brows, and even the faint paralysis on the square of the purple face was red.

5. His teeth bite "grid" and there is an uncontrollable anger in his eyes, like an angered lion.

6. When I heard this good news, the sisters jumped hand in hand, laughing, and the flower skirt swayed in the wind, like a lively and pleasant flower butterfly.

7. I heard that Dad finally agreed to go to school. He liked to put the willow leaf in his mouth, learn a few screams, and learn a few thrushes, and sprinted with a brand new bag.

8. Suddenly, the curtains glimpsed, and the younger sister snorted like a sly egg, laughing with a small mouth without a front tooth.

9. My cousin is clearly five years old this year and has been living with me. He is clever, naughty and childish, chubby body, and a small flat head on his round head. The big black eyes are always flashing, as if they are magical about everything. The little mouth that talked about the wind leaked, always liked to ask some naive questions, sometimes asked strangely, so that others could not answer. When he was happy, he always laughed and giggled, and there were two small dimples at the corner of his mouth. Similarly, crying, he is really embarrassing! However, in his face, dimples are always more than when tears appear.

10. As soon as I received the acceptance letter, like a farmer who had been in a long drought and rain, and looked at the lighthouse like a fisherman in the misty sea, my heart was so happy that I didn’t know how to describe it!

11. As soon as I heard it, I was stunned and happy, and I couldn’t help but cheer up with a happy report: "Hey, hey, I have to report it!"

12. I have a lovely younger brother, a round face, a pair of big round eyes under the slender eyebrows. If you ask a question, his black grape-like eyes will turn in the eyelids. Under his high nose, he had a small mouth. Usually, I always smile. If you are angry, your mouths are high and high. At this time everyone is joking and saying: "I can really hang two oil bottles!"

13. Dad has changed, and that makes people feel comfortable. I am grateful, I am happy, more exciting than anything else.

14. Dad has thick eyebrows, and a pair of big eyes with gods always shine with stern eyes. Probably because of the long-term mental work, the deep wrinkles on his forehead are very commensurate with his age of less than forty.

15. Dad agreed with her request. She suddenly burst into anger, joy flew over her eyebrows, and her eyes were like two little crescent moons.

16. Run, run, run! His heart is excited, his happiness can no longer be expressed in our shallow language, it seems that every hair in his body has a beating joy.

17. My brother was ecstatic, holding this notice that was soaked in his sweat, and smiled comfortably and comfortably.

18. She closed her eyes, and the beautiful face showed a painful look.

19. Her face was red like a ripe mountain persimmon. She was busy looking down and didn't dare to look at me again.

20. They flew hand in hand like two little birds, flew across the fields, flew into the village and flew to the compound.

21. Her small mouth has a rich expression: when she is happy, she grins and makes a face; when she is angry, the small mouth can pick up a small oil can. From this mouth, sometimes it can make people angry, sobbing, and sometimes people can not help but laugh.

22. She smiled, and the two lovely little dimples looked so sweet.

23. He smiled happily, and the wrinkles on his face resembled a blooming golden chrysanthemum.

24. She was bitten like a snake, and her heart hurt.

25. Xiaoqiang was glaring, his eyebrows were erected, his hair roots stood up, and his mouth spurted a harsh sound. Not only that, but he also reached out to play Xiaogang. The red-faced face looked like a ripe tomato, and the body swooped like a lion.

26. One by one failure, like a fire extinguishing agent, ruined the fire of hope in my heart.

27. I was so excited that I was flushed.

28. Concentrate on thinking hard.

29. The daughter's daughter's narrative, the mother's mouth laughed like a wooden fish.

30. She sat silently and cheerfully, and finally fell asleep with a smile.

31. He desperately likes to fall into the deep pool without a bottom.

32. He screamed in anger, and the voice rolled like a thunder, spreading far and far.

33. His expression and voice seemed to be as serious as a positive password at the military parade.

34. His face pulled down at once and was as tight as a layer of paste.

35. The message of failure came as if he was immersed in ice water and his heart was completely cold.

36. Her hair is dark and reflective, like the crow's wings, black and bright.

37. He was very disappointed, and his tears were even yellower than the banana leaves.

38. His face rose red, his hand still grabbed his ears, and his body twitched from time to time, showing a very embarrassing look.

39. Her 10 fingers are covered with blood, purple and black, like a ripe mountain grape.

40. Seeing this scene, I was happy to turn a little on the ground, laughing and shouting loudly, clapping hands and squatting.

41. When I saw the people on the ice rink, I slid and slid normally, my heart stirred, and I quickly changed into skates and went on the court. At the beginning of the steps, it was somewhat ridiculous. After a few turns, it returned to normal. I slid forward again, turned left and right, suddenly stopped, went back and forth... A child of the same age as me, like I first entered the ice rink, he groaned, one with the head; swaying, one ass Hey.

42. Seeing that he is only in his twenties, his face is pale, like a swollen face with no sleep. He always frowned and didn't talk much. The smile pattern is almost extinct on his face. He wore a faded blue cloth and seemed to be wearing it forever. The thin chin shell, the bright shoulders, looked very lifeless.

43. After seeing the question, the teacher frowned and used to put the thumb of his left hand under the lips to move back and forth, thinking.

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