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Since then, I realized that I am still more eye-catching work.

In a lifetime, the city encounters hardships and dangers at any time. If we only stare at these hardships, we will only see despair. On the way to people's lives, whoever encounters a dilemma in the city is full of twists and turns, but it also stores the opportunity of success. As long as you face it bravely, you will be able to walk out of a sunny road from the road full of twists and turns. As Bacon said: "The monuments are mostly presented in bad luck." In fact, we should not complain in the dilemma, because the awkward situation is undoubtedly abandoning luck. If you want to be a strong person, you must bravely declare war on the enemy and join the tide of life like a real sailor.

Domoto’s own name could not be written, but he worked as a school worker for several decades in a middle school in Osaka. There are not many people in charge, but he is very satisfied with everything that he has set for him. Just as he was nearing retirement, the newly appointed principal dismissed him on the grounds that he did not know the ligature, but he was on the campus and was too unbelievable.

Domoto reluctantly separated the campus. As usual, he went to buy half a pound of sausage for his dinner, but when he arrived at the food store, he remembered that the food store had been closed for many days. Unfortunately, there is no second place to sell sausages in the surrounding neighborhoods. Suddenly, a motive flashed through his mind - why didn't I open a small shop that specializes in sausages? He quickly took out a little bit of his own savings and opened a food store to sell sausages.

Because of Domoto's maneuverable planning, 10 years later, he became the president of a delicatessen processing company. His sausage chain stores are widely located in the streets of Osaka, and it is a "one-stop" service for production, supply and sales. The Domoto sausage construction skills school also came into being.

One day, when the principal who dismissed his master learned that the famous chairman did not have much literacy, he was very admired to pass on him: "Mr. Dao Ben, you have not received formal school teaching, but have such a successful career. It is really It’s too unreasonable.”

Dao Ben honestly replied: "I really appreciate that you dismissed me and let me fall. I have only realized that I am still more conscientious in my work. Otherwise, I must live with a little pension at the moment. Schoolworker."

Like Dao Ben, the winners first emerged from the dilemma. The dilemma can sculpt the character of a private person, and it can also trigger the courage and potential of a personal growth. In the dilemma, when forced to retreat and have no way to go, people often come up with the steps to save at the last moment, which in turn leads to the glory of life. Therefore, we should be grateful for the dilemma and difficulties, and be grateful for the success of the birth.

There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate. As long as you face it bravely, there is no hurdle in the world.

When we are in a dilemma, it is useless to complain and swear, it will only make us more frustrated and hopeless. Instead of eagerly expecting, it is better to ignite the only "fire" and hope in their hands, to overcome the secret, to break the adversity, and to create a bright future for themselves.

Luck never believes in complaints, only believes in people who are fighting for luck. The life of the strong is to face and surrender the embarrassing situation like the tide, they will not let go of the "crawl up" time, because they have experienced too many dilemmas. In reality, we have seen many happy people come from unlucky situations, but they can always come out bravely from the world that has been sunk.

We should not complain in the dilemma, because it is undoubtedly abandoning luck.

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