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Little girl opening the door

In order to make up the tuition fee, a poor student went to the door to sell goods from door to door. Because he was bent on sending tuition and didn't want to spend more money, he decided to smack the scalp to ask for food.

He knocked on the door of a family, and opened a door to a little girl. He lost courage when he saw it. He thought, how can a big boy talk to a little girl in the world? So he only needed a cup to quench his thirst.

The little girl could see that he was very hungry, so he took a cup of boiling water and a few pieces of bread to him. He quickly picked up the food and ate it, and on the side she saw him eating this way, and could not help but secretly smile.

After eating, he was very grateful to say: "Thank you, how much should I give you?"

She smiled and said: "No, these foods are a lot of our family."

He feels that he is very fortunate and can be taken care of by others in a strange place.

Many years later, the little girl was infected with a rare disease, and many doctors were helpless. The girl’s family heard that a doctor’s medical skills were very good. If he was asked to see if he might have a chance to heal, he would take him to receive treatment. Under the doctor's full treatment and long-term care, the little girl finally recovered the health of the past.

On the day of discharge, the nurse handed her a bill for medical expenses. She barely had the courage to open it. She knew that she might have to work hard all her life to get the medical expenses. Finally, she opened it and saw the following paragraph in the signature bar:

"A glass of water and a few pieces of bread are enough to pay for all the medical expenses." She had tears in her eyes and finally understood that the original doctor was the boy who knocked at the door.

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