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Classic Inspirational Story 24: Children's Dreams

Classic Inspirational Story 24: Children's Dreams

Inspirational sentiment saw this story, I am a little sad. When I was in my fourth year of junior high school, I became very interested in painting. At that time, I often read the book of the villain, and I could draw the characters in the book of the book as a decent. One morning, the math test, I have a lot of time when I finish all the questions. At this time, I suddenly made a big fuss, turned the test paper back, and painted the characters in the Journey to the West. I was painting hard. I didn’t expect the teacher to come to me. He tore my test paper and smashed me half. hour. Since then, I have never had much interest in painting. My interest in painting was thus killed. The hate of the teacher, now I have not solved this knot.
For a child who is imaginative in the end, we can never predict how and how he will achieve the value of life in the future and obtain his own success. The only thing we have to do is encourage and encourage. As long as it is positive, up-and-coming, encouragement, and everything else is returned to him--let the child do the child. He can often find something that can be conceived in "impossible" or "impossible", and can reach a glorious culmination in the cause of benefiting mankind!

One night many years ago, a young mother was washing dishes in the kitchen, and her younger son was playing alone in the moonlight backyard. The young mother kept hearing the sound of her son jumping and wondering, and asked him loudly what he was doing. The innocent son also replied loudly: "Mom, I want to jump to the moon." The mother did not blame her son for learning as well as other parents, only knowing delusions! It says: "Okay, but remember to come back."
The child really "jumped" to the moon when he grew up. He was the first person in the history of mankind to land on the moon - American astronaut Armstrong. His time on the moon was July 16, 1969.
There is also an equally interesting story: One day, a little boy takes care of his sister Sally at home, and he accidentally found a few bottles of colored ink. The mother is not at home, and the bottles are a great temptation for him. The little boy couldn't help but open the bottle and began to paint a portrait of his sister on the floor. Inevitably, he sprinkled ink stains throughout the room, and the home became messy.
When his mother came back, she was shocked by the scene, but she also looked at the portrait on the floor - exactly a mess of ink. She turned a blind eye to the messy ink stains, but said with surprise: "Oh, that's Sally!" Then she bent down and kissed her son. The boy was Benjamin West, who later became a famous painter. He often proudly said to people: "It is the mother's kiss that made me a painter."

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