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Master Jingshan advised the world

Nothing to do, drink a cup of tea and listen to light rain outside the store. Today, Master Jingshan said something to everyone. Today, Jingshan Xiaoye talks about the topic of energy gathering. I took a cup of tea and said slowly, you listened carefully, slowly, listening to what the master of Jingshan said today, what today’s Master Jingshan said will be of great help to your life! Well, gossip is not much to say, now, follow the master of Jingshan, enter today's journey of wisdom!

First of all, what I want to say is that everything in this world is energy, and everyone disagrees. In other words, all of us are an extension of energy, and everyone disagrees. Well, now I have something to say, why each of us has the same energy, but the careers we accomplish are very different. Why do some people can achieve great things, why can some people achieve immortal performance? Think about it, why. At this time, let's look at your own self, why is there no progress? Why do you blame the people for not improving? Take a look, where is the time you spend each day? Yes, work, the so-called work in your mouth, but please tell me, what is the purpose of the work? Yes, raise a family, still have a mortgage, eat a meal, and ask for a face. Ok, this is the concept of work in your eyes.

Of course, here, I don't have any criticism, saying that this is good or not. After all, there are not many people who understand a lot of things. This is not the case. But there is one thing you should remember. Don't just think of work as a simple matter to support your family. Please remember this. Ok, now I am returning to the energy topic.

When it comes to energy, let me first take a look at this phenomenon. That is, in a forest, all the trees are huge, then we can ask, where are these huge places coming from? Tell you, this is energy. Energy, distributed beneath the land of the forest, is distributed in the rain that descends on the forest, and in the sun's rays that glimpse the forest. When there are no trees, these energies have no concrete image. They are scattered everywhere and there is no one. However, with the attachment of trees, all the available energy is gathered. Gradually, these energies become the image of giant trees. We can say that a tree is an extension of the energy of the universe.

Look at the people themselves, do you know how much energy accumulation each individual has suffered? Tell you, scare you, the energy of a person from birth to death can fill a sea. But why, from birth to death, in the end, it’s so quiet that nothing has happened. Where did they get the huge energy they had? Tell you, they have evaporated the original energy into the air. In fact, with a little thought, in a short period of time, the energy will produce amazing results! For example, when I say these words, I use a little bit of time and a little bit of my mind, but this short point will create amazing power. These forces are reflected in, for example, more of you. To those who speak these words today, they make a qualitative leap. is it hard? In fact, it is not difficult at all. What is needed is only a little time, and there is still a little bit of thought.

Here, Xiaoshan Xiaoye will give you a way to make a big deal. The following are very important. Please listen carefully. Don't swallow the jujube, which will be very helpful for your future and even today's development. Now, Master Jingshan will teach you this method, please listen carefully!

The way to achieve great things is to use all available resources. All these resources can be used, including your parents, your relatives, your spouse, your friends, and your deposits, your thinking, your personality. , your characteristics. Including your strengths, your interests, your hobbies, your ideas. Remember, using all available resources is a necessary prerequisite for your achievement. I expected that someone would definitely say to Master Jingshan. He must say: "Hello King Jingshan, I am a civilian. It doesn't matter, there is no background, not a rich second generation, no good university, no good development platform. Can I still use resources?" Remember, friends, always remember that there are no people in the world who cannot use resources. Try to squeeze the water in the sponge, squeeze the dead, don't squeeze the face until you squeeze a little water, maybe you don't have any resources to use, but squeeze the sponge, are you not? Look for a sponge that doesn't look like water, don't you? As long as you will, there is no suspense in accomplishing great things. Of course, all that is needed is that you spend a little bit of time, a little bit of thought, or a little more time, and a little more thought, it doesn't matter. Just go and spend it. Even a little bit of money, or more money, but remember that these are insignificant in the face of resources that help you achieve great things.

On this basis, it is necessary to break through the boundaries of time. Please be clear and clear that time is a false concept. Master Jingshan here must clearly tell you that you must jump out of time to do things, accomplish great things, must, and Must, the frame to jump out of time.

In the process of accomplishing great things, please don't be dragged by the concept of time. Time never exists. Please remember. All your time is integrated into one, regardless of the present and the future, and then you should not be confused by the predicament in front of you. Please also don’t be fooled by the immediate interests, let alone be confused by the addiction of the eyes. These addictions include gambling. , internet addiction, beauty, and, temptation.

Don't listen to anything else, just listen to what Master Jingshan said to you, and concentrate on understanding and understanding, so that the words that Master Jingshan said are deep into your heart, action, and thought.

Now, when I look back, I will revisit what Jingshan’s grandfather said to you again. No, it’s definitely not enough. You have to look at it twice, three times, and look at it every day. This way, the words of Master Jingshan will really make you Produce a great event! Do you want to achieve great things, do you want to win? Come on, read what Master Jingshan said to you. Remember, let's take another look at what Master Jingshan has said to you today. If you can keep watching it every day, then you are not far from accomplishing things. Ok, look back and see again. Master Jingshan said, when you read this, many important words have been missed by you. Now look back, look again, remember, you have to read it again. . Of course, the young master of Jingshan does not insist, if you want to achieve great things, and do not want to live like this, then, look back and see the young master Jingshan again.

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