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You don't try it, how can you know if you can't?

I have been learning Korean for half a year at the University of Washington. An email was received from a Korean language teacher a few days ago. The intention was that the Korean Consulate held an annual Korean speech contest to encourage us to participate in the same journal.

I remembered two different voices in my ear: a happy voice said, yes, I played and played, and there was no loss anyway! Maybe there is no small gain! Another hesitant voice said, forget it! I learned Korean in less than half a year, the words didn’t learn anything, and the sentence styles were so few. Don’t be embarrassed! These two voices want to get into the little guy in my head, and say a word to each other to come back and forth.

Wait, this scene seems to have met before, as if I had been tangled before, missed the opportunity...

My missed opportunity

My body is very tall, the skin is healthy wheat color, it looks like some athletes look - many friends will be half joking and ask seriously, do you often play basketball when you are young, so so long? When it comes to basketball, I can't help but think of a pity that I have missed. Until now, it has been so many years, I still feel distressed.

That was in high school, when there was an inter-school broadcast - "The school women's basketball team recently recruited new players, and invited all interested students to the playground to participate in the shooting test at 12 noon today." The broadcast rang three times. My mood is starting to get excited! I will watch the boys play with the girls in the class. I especially like the popular cartoon "Slam Dunk" at that time. I also watched the basketball game broadcast on TV with my family... I really want to try it! However, I have never learned basketball in a straightforward manner. The only contact is to take two shots and throw a few baskets in a physical education class. It may be too bad!

I was entangled, could not make a decision, and finally decided to talk to my best friend - I twisted and walked to her side, pretending to say "Did you hear the broadcast of the school just now? If you are interested If you can go to the playground with you at noon today." "Oh, no interest, no, thank you!" She did not lift the book from the pile, and refused the proposal. I said to myself in my heart, "Okay! She won't go, then I won't go. Anyway, it doesn't mean to go alone. Anyway, I don't necessarily choose it anyway, anyway..."

In the end, I really didn't go. In the end, I really didn't touch basketball anymore. In the end, I just watched and carefully cheered on the basketball court. There was nothing last.

But sometimes I can't help thinking: If at the time, I was not asking my good friend - our class is the shortest, the best-skilled school girl, but another female student who loves sports, is she? Go with me? If at the time, I wouldn’t find someone to accompany me. I wouldn’t influence myself because of other people’s actions. Will I go shooting alone? If I really went to the playground, they asked me to vote for ten balls. Was I lucky when I was lucky? If I have been selected to practice the ball regularly, will I be taller, healthier and more determined? I often practice in the women's team, will there be a chance to practice or chat with the handsome team of the men's team?

Everything is just a concept and a self-examination with no results. Maybe maybe I went to the playground to test the game that day, and I will be unrelentingly brushed and "thank you for participation", but when I see the girls who are playing basketball, I can't help but admire, always thinking about the above-mentioned "if" questions without answers.

I remembered my missed opportunity and my own indecisiveness. My heart suddenly burst into a force. "Okay, I have to sign up for the Korean language contest! Just finish it, the last one doesn't matter!" I am afraid that I will go back and download it in one go. Registration form, fill out, mail, ok 15 minutes to get it!

Korean speech contest

I told the Korean teacher that I decided to participate in the competition: she was happy to sing a thumbs up and praised, and promised that if I need it, I can always ask her to prepare for the competition.

I can't help but ask, "Do we have other students in our school to participate in this competition?" Silence for a few seconds, the teacher said, "As far as I know, no more! Maybe the second and third grade students are too busy, the first grade students are a little scared. But don't worry, try your best!"

Well, the teacher is right, try your best! Although this time I have no companions to participate in the competition together, but I have to cheer and fight alone!

After making up my mind, I started to work step by step:

I first wrote a speech in Chinese - the question is, why should I learn Korean? This Chinese first draft is simple and clear, and there are cases of emotions, which are in line with my personal situation and are also convenient for me to recite.

Then I turned the textbooks, translated them by Google, and racked my brains to use different sentence structures and replace synonyms, and translated the article into Korean as much as I could.

Next, I asked the Korean language partner to help me modify the first draft and make suggestions. I asked the two Korean language partners why they want to make such changes, and it will sound more authentic. On this basis, I modified the Korean draft and then invited The Korean teacher continued to correct me, making it sound natural, rigorous but not boring.

After the revision of the manuscript, I asked the Korean partner to read in the clearest and most natural tone. After listening to the phone, I listened to their pronunciation and tone repeatedly. When I was running, when I was on the bus, when I was sleeping at night, when I was fine during the day... Listen, listen to and read the retelling, while listening and memorizing. After listening to the six-minute speech for hundreds of times, I recited it no less than fifty times...

After more than a month of careful preparation, the day of the Korean speech finally arrived! The goal I set for myself was to not finish the manuscript and successfully complete the six-minute speech. It doesn't matter what the ranking is. ——When I saw other contestants taking their well-prepared manuscripts on stage, when I saw some players holding paper hands shaking slightly, I told myself that I have been backed up dozens of times, don’t be afraid, please be confident. Even if you don't take the speech, you can do it!

I am the last player to come to power. Take a deep breath, walk slowly to the podium with a smile, take off the microphone from the fixed deck, and walk out from the high podium to stand next to it so that people can better see my expression and body movements. I began to slowly narrate in Korean - why should I learn Korean? In more than six minutes, the audience on the field seemed to listen very carefully. They sometimes nodded, sometimes made a kind of laughter, and the expressions on the face changed and reacted differently. The judge also looked up several times. I seem to have recognition and encouragement in my eyes. Time passed slowly, and I slowly spoke. I always said that the last "to thank you for listening" of the article did not forget the words. Seriously, smiling sincerely, then I returned to my seat and told myself that "the goal has been reached!"

As a result, I was the only one among all the players who did not bring the manuscript to the stage;

As a result, the reviewer commented that “he understood 95% of the content in my speech and he felt a kind of communication between the two parties”;

As a result, I won the first place in this speech, the prize is a Samsung tablet;

I didn't anticipate this result, but through this competition, I gained a greater confidence in my own learning of Korean, and I understood an easy-to-understand, but not everyone can do it.

You don't try it, how can you know if you can't?

Dear, are you as hesitant, hesitating and arguing in front of the opportunity, and finally negating and losing the opportunity to try for various reasons?

Are you the same as me, in the later study life, from time to time remember and try to ask yourself "If the original... Will it now...?"

I have found that the best way to treat such problems is to ask yourself: You don't try, how can you know if you can't?

If you don't try to pursue it, how do you know that he/she likes you or not?

If you don't learn a language/skill, how do you know if you have the talents and talents in this area?

If you don't travel to a place, how do you know the difference between the pictures in the postcard and the actual scenery?


If I don't try, I don't know that I couldn't run 800 meters before, I can run half a marathon of 21,000 kilometers after half a year of training, and enjoy every step of the foot and make it in the course of more than two hours. Every breath;

If I don't try, I don't know English. I can also be the chairman of the English speaking club in the United States on the other side of the ocean. I will comment on American students in English. If your speech is more perfect, how can you be more perfect?

If I don't try, I don't know that in five years, I can actually finish the three doctor's degrees in English, plus economics, English teaching, and education.

If you don't try, I don't know that even if there is no million deposits at home, as an international student, you can work and study, get all the degrees with scholarships, and have the rest to send to your home and subsidize your home.

If you don't try, I don't know that the world is so big, so wonderful, so diverse and colorful.


Dear, today I share these feelings with you without reservation. If you encounter some possible opportunities and tangled in the future, please ask yourself aloud - you don't try, how can you know? ?

Yes, you don't try it, how can you know if you can't? Maybe try it, it will be fine!

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