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Stepping stone secret

In a secluded forest, there is a gemstone and a most common boulder. Gemstones live in a crow's nest, and whenever the sun shines directly into the nest, the gem always emits a glare of light. But the boulder will not have such eye-catching light, but he does not envy the gems at all, but instead scorns: "You are just a piece of meat of the crow, your glory is the sun for you." The gem does not pay attention to the smashing of the boulder, just as a kind of embarrassment.

One day, a lumberjack came in the forest. The glory of the gem sold himself, and the lumberjack immediately dropped the axe in his hand. The lumberjack clumsily climbed the boulder, stepped on the head of the boulder, picked up his toes and grabbed the gems. Unexpectedly fell off the stone and took a bite of soil. When I was upset, I picked up the axe and slammed it on the boulder until I bent the axe. The boulder shed tears and said: "I am driving for you, but you want to cut my head."

The lumberjack ecstatically held the jewel and rushed to the market. After a certain identification of the businessman, the businessman smiled and said: "This is just a copy of the imitation, this gem is worthless." The lumberjack was about to blow up, picking up the gems and slamming it to the ground, and the gems were torn apart. The lumberjack’s tools for eating were also bent, and it was regrettable.

Soon after, an explorer went to the forest. Walked over to this boulder and sat down. It doubled in the broken stone, and suddenly it was bright, and there were gems in the broken stone. He turned and picked up the tools he carried with him, and once again knocked on the boulder. It was discovered that the whole block of boulder was a gemstone wrapped in stone. He immediately went to the expedition and called a dozen brawny and a scooter. After a few hours, I finally arrived at the market. The surrounding people are watching this unseen gems, and the lumberjacks are casually watching the past. When he saw this boulder, his eyes were about to jump out, and his whole body was constantly shaking. When the businessmen saw it, they were all shocked and gave the explorer an astronomical figure. The explorer agreed, and the money he took with a few cars swayed into the forest, and the lumberjack regretted fainting.

A stepping stone, after helping you, you always disdain to say that you are your stone, the stone that is all over the earth. But without this stone, what can you accomplish?

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