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Failure is left to the past, success belongs to the future

Let's first tell a story. Once upon a time, there was an old man. One day, he accidentally fell into an abandoned trap. It was deep and could not climb up. The master looked at it as an old man, too lazy to save it, let it be there. Self-defeating. At that time, the donkey gave up hope of survival.

However, every day, people continue to dump garbage into the trap. It is reasonable to say that the old man should be very angry. He should complain every day. He falls into the trap. Its owner does not want it. Even if he dies, he will not let it die. Every day. There is still so much rubbish thrown beside it. But one day, it decided to change its attitude towards life. Every day, it puts rubbish on its feet and finds the wreckage from the garbage to maintain its own life, instead of being overwhelmed by garbage. Finally, one day, it returns to the ground. on.

In our lives, this kind of situation will often appear. At this time, I feel that I don't complain that your major is not good. Don't complain that your school is not good. Don't complain that you live in a broken dormitory. Don't complain that you don't have a good father. Don't complain that your work is poor, pay less, don't complain that you are empty and stunted, no one appreciates you, there are too many disappointments in reality, even if life gives you rubbish, you can also put rubbish under your feet and board the world. After that.

The world only cares if you are reaching a certain height, don't care if you step on the shoulders of giants, or step on the rubbish. People who step on the rubbish are more worthy of respect. There is never failure, never say failure, as long as you can surpass it, success is waiting for you in front.

Shakespeare wrote in a play: "Hope is often lost, and when it is most promising."

Indeed, every time we are grateful for the progress of the step by step, when we secretly rejoice for the success of the near future, the failure suddenly comes. At this time, we will be very depressed, feel that we are nothing, and even give up on ourselves. But we have forgotten that no road to success is flat, it must be twists and turns. The failure on this road is not a roadblock, but a sharpening stone that refines Yizhi.

Some people say that when fate throws you into the bottom of failure, it also gives you the rattan that climbs up, and the question is whether you can catch it.

Each person's personality is different, and the feelings and attitudes toward the same thing are also different. Being in the same environment, some people are uncomfortable, but some people are like a duck, and they are free to swim. So when you are facing difficulties, are you complaining about sighs or slowly adapting yourself to the environment? Of course you should choose the latter.

There used to be such a TV series. The protagonist in the play is a son of a literati family. His teacher asked him to read some of the works of the Analects of Confucius and The Book of Songs every day. He felt very bored.

One day, his teacher asked him: "Do you think these books are boring, full of preaching, and even some chapters are completely incomprehensible?"

The son replied: "The disciples really think so."

"Then you have noticed that there are also many touching stories in the book, and there are many words that are alert to people? It is not just teaching you to learn, but more importantly, teaching you how to be a man!"

After listening to the teacher's words, the son began to calm down and carefully taste each article. After a while, he found that the thought-provoking sentences in the book were too numerous to enumerate. Since then, the son has changed his previous views and learned the art of finding fun. Not only do you talk about it when you are studying, but you also become more cheerful in your daily life. No matter what kind of environment he faces, he can respond with a smile.

If you can use this method and attitude of the son, you can make a whole life change and create a new outlook on life, so that your life is full of fun and hope. And with this method of finding fun, you can quickly adapt to the environment, accept the environment, and integrate into the environment, so that you can regroup, reinvigorate, play the initiative, and create a better world.

Therefore, it is very important to have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. Adapting to the environment as quickly as possible, you have more time and opportunity to win. Really know how to adapt to the meaning of the environment, you can change your life and make yourself live better.

All achievements are history, and all failures belong to the past, not to us. We are all at the moment, so we have no reason to back down, there is no reason to give up, because we have nothing. We only have to bravely climb and move on. Fall into the valley of failure, don't pray for God's mercy, and don't want God's blessing. The God who can help myself is to stand up and seize the cane that leads to success and go forward. Give the failure to the past and leave the success to yourself.

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