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What is execution? This is called execution! Shock!

What is execution? This is called execution! Shock!

There was a veteran in the United States. He was wounded on the battlefield. When he returned to the place, he was also older, and he was injured and became a disabled veteran. So finding a job has become very difficult. Many units have rejected him, and every time he has taken firm steps, he continues to look for possible opportunities.

This time, he came to the largest timber company in the United States to apply for a job. He finally found the company's vice president through several levels. He said very firmly to the vice president: "Vice president, I am a veteran. The military, solemnly promises you that I will complete any tasks you have given me, please give me a chance."

When the vice president looked at his age, he looked like him, like a joke, and really gave him a job. What kind of job is that? It is a mess in the middle of the United States. Before that, the company sent a very

Many excellent managers did not do this job well because there was a bad customer relationship here, the company’s arrears could not be recovered for a long time, and the company’s image there was damaged.

The vice president thought: I can't complete this task than your excellent manager. I might as well sell a person and let you prove that you are not the piece.

The veteran said: "I promise to complete the task."

The next day, he went to the market. A few months later, he recovered the image of the company from the middle of the United States, smoothed down the customer's relationship, and owed almost all the debts.

On a weekend afternoon, the president called the veteran to his office. He said to him: "I have to go out to do something this weekend. My sister is married in Utah. I am going to attend her wedding. You can help me buy a gift. This gift is in a gift shop, very beautiful. There is a blue vase in the window." After he described it, he handed the card with the address to the veteran. The veteran

After receiving the task, the person solemnly promised his boss: "I promise to complete the task!"

The veteran saw the back of the card and had the train carriage and seat of the boss, because the boss told him that after buying the vase, he would send it to his compartment.

So the veteran acted immediately, and he took a long time to find the address, and when he found the address, his brain was blank. Because there is no store on the address at all, there is no such beautiful window, and there is no blue vase.

Ladies and gentlemen, what would you do if it was you? It would say to the boss: "Sorry, the address you gave me is wrong. So I have no way to get the blue vase. But this veteran Nothing to think about this, because he promised to the boss: to ensure the completion of the task.

So the first time I thought of calling the boss to confirm, but the boss’s phone was no longer working. Because in the North American weekend, the boss is not allowed to disturb others, usually the boss's mobile phone does not answer the phone. How to do?

Time passed by, the veteran combined with the map and then through the street sweeping method, at the place five streets away from this address, finally saw the store described by the boss, looking far away, that is beautiful In the window, he has seen the blue vase. He was very happy, but he flew past and saw that the door was locked, and the store had closed in advance.

If it is you, what do you do? You will say: Sorry boss, because the address you gave me is wrong, I can hardly find it, but people have closed. However, the veteran did not think so, because he promised to the boss: to ensure the completion of the task.

The soldier combined the yellow pages and the address and finally found the phone number of the store manager. When he called and said that he wanted to buy the blue vase. The other party said: I am on vacation and not open. Then I took the phone down.

If it is you, you will say sorry boss, people are not open, I can not buy. You will find a lot of reasons to explain that you have not completed this task. However, the veteran did not think so, because he promised to the boss: to ensure the completion of the task.

He was thinking, even if I paid a heavy price, I would have to get the blue vase. He wanted to get through the window and get the blue vase, so the veteran turned to find tools. Waiting for him to find the tool back

When I came, just a policeman from afar, armed, the policeman came to the window, standing there and motionless. Then the veteran waited in silence, waiting for a long time, the policeman did not

The meaning of walking.

At this time, the veteran realized what he was calling the manager of the store. He said in the first sentence that I was guaranteed by my own life and the reputation of a soldier. I must get the blue one. Vase, because I promised, this is related to the honor and life of a soldier, please help me.

The man no longer hangs his phone and has been listening to him. He tells the story of how he was wounded on the battlefield. Because he promised his comrades on the battlefield, he must save his comrades' life. He must carry his comrades out of the battlefield. For this reason, he was seriously injured and left a disability.

The manager was touched by him and finally decided to send someone, open the door to the store and sell the blue vase to him. The veterans got a blue vase and he was very happy. But at this time, the boss’s train has already opened.

If it is you, what will you do? You will find out a bunch of reasons to explain to the boss: The address you gave me is wrong, I can hardly find it, and the family has closed. I suffered setbacks, experienced hardships, and finally got this blue vase, but your train is already open. However, the veteran did not think so, because he promised to the boss: to ensure the completion of the task.

The veteran called his former comrades. He wanted to rent a private jet because there were many people in North America who owned private jets. He finally found someone who was willing to rent a private jet to him, and then he drove. The plane chased the next stop of the train that the boss took. When he panted and ran into the platform, the boss’s train just slowly entered the platform.

As the boss told him the number of the carriage, he went to the boss's carriage and saw that the boss was sitting quietly there. He carefully placed the blue vase on the table. Then he said to the boss: "President, this is the blue vase you want, bring it to your sister, and wish you a good trip." Then he turned and got off.

Starting the week, on the first day of work, the boss called the veteran to his office. Say to him: "Thank you for the gift I bought for me. My sister likes it very much. You have completed the task and I thank you.

In fact, the company has been selecting a manager for several years and wants to send him to the Far East as the president. This is the most important department of the company. However, in the process of selecting managers, we have not been able to do so.

Later, the consultant gave us a blue vase test to select the manager. In the process of selecting managers, most people did not complete the task, because the address we gave was fake, we let the store manager mention

Before closing the door, we asked him to only answer the phone twice. In the past test, only one person completed the task because he took the glass of the window and smashed it into the blue vase. We felt that it was inconsistent with our company's ethics. , not hired.

So in the later tests, we specially hired a heavily armed policeman to stay there. But all of this does not hinder your determination to complete the task. You have done a good job, and now I formally appoint you as the president of the Far East region of the company on behalf of the board..."

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