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Who are you leaving the seat?

There is a donkey in the temple on the mountain. Every day, it is hard to grind in the mill. For a long time, I am tired of this dull life. It is thinking every day, and if you can go out and meet the world outside, you don't have to pull it, how good it is!

Soon, the opportunity finally came, and there was a monk who took the mountain down to pick up things, and it was very excited.

When I came to the foot of the mountain, the monk put things on the back of the donkey and then took it back to the monastery. Unexpectedly, when the pedestrians saw the hustle and bustle, they bowed devoutly on both sides and worshipped it. At first, I was puzzled. I don't know why people should bow down to themselves and rush to dodge. It can be like this all the way, and I can’t help but float up. People used to worship me so much.

When it sees someone passing by, it will stand in the middle of the road with arrogance, walk the road to the wind, and the waist will straighten up! Going back to the monastery, I think that I am noble, I am not willing to work hard, and I am willing to accept people’s worship.

The monk had no choice but to let it down the mountain.

When I just got down the mountain, I saw a group of people knocking on the drums and coming to the face. I thought that people must come to welcome me, so they stood in the middle of the road. It was a team of welcoming relatives, but it was stopped by a donkey. People were angry and they beat and beat it...

When Kamakura fled back to the temple and dying, it told the monks in aggression: "The original heart was sinister. When I first went down the mountain, people worshipped me, but today they actually slandered me."

The monk sighed: "It’s really stupid! On that day, people worshipped, it’s the Buddha statue on your back, not you!"

The biggest misfortune in life is not knowing yourself. Leave the seat and you are nothing.

Every day we look in the mirror, but when we are taking photos, we can ask ourselves a sentence: "Do you know yourself?"

If you have wealth, others are only your wealth, not you, but you will misunderstand others to worship you.

If you have power, others are only your power, not you, you misunderstand that others worship you.

If you have a beautiful appearance, others are only the beauty you have for a while, not you, you mistakenly think that others worship you.

When wealth, power, and beauty have passed the shelf life, you will be abandoned... others are only their needs, not you.

Seeing yourself is the most important!

Ability is important, there is one thing that is more important than ability, that is, character.

Character is the true highest education of people, the foundation of human ability, and the scary and precious quality label of today's society.

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