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Do you think that the second generation will not work hard?

I am a natural person, there are many brothers and sisters friends. Every three or five times, there are children who come to me to talk about life. Yesterday at noon, there was another gherkin to invite my sister to eat dinner, and talk about the recent life.

The girl’s parents went to the sea in the 1990s, and the parents who thought well could raise the children of the honesty, but her parents did not believe in this evil, and forced the hoe to the prostitute. Her life of more than 20 years is a history of blood and tears with her parents.

The prequel does not go into details, talk about her current life.

The girl is a TV director major. She has served as the main director of the provincial large-scale party for two years. She is still very talented in this business. However, parents can't bear the fact that a girl's family is recording a house every day. I want to tell her why she is stuffing her into a provincial media network. The daily work is to copy the texts in the newspapers and upload them to the electronic version...

Two years ago, she wrote a syllabus for a program, and now the unit has a monthly bonus of more than 2,000. At first she was going crazy, but every time she saw the expression of her parents' satisfaction, she didn't have the courage to "escape". She thinks that parents may be right, regular units, work leisurely, simple interpersonal, and very good.

The two days were stimulated because the 19-year-old cousin got the bonus for the first time and filled her with 2,000 Q coins.

The cousin graduated from three books and went to Shenzhen in March to run a business in a company. She said that the child's personality is introverted, and the most common hobby is to play QQ games. He thinks that such a fun thing will be disliked by anyone, so the way he is good for one person is to give the TA a lot of Q coins...

Yesterday, she had a lot of Q coins and called in the past. It was really the younger brother. After several months of business, the business finally advanced, and the boss sent a bonus. He was happy and charged the sister with Q coins for the first time.

"Sister does not play QQ games."

"Hey," the younger brother was silent for a long time on the phone. "But I don't know what to give you."

In my mind, I asked Aze, who wouldn’t even tie the shoelace in 1988.

The cousin has always worshipped her, because her sister is a famous university graduate, she has been a director and will write articles. And he only graduated three times, his personality is not lively, and he does not know how to manage his father's assets in the future.

You are not mistaken, it is hundreds of millions...

The younger brother said that he is not a material for reading. The shouting, going abroad to study, can only be spent in Chinatown on a daily basis, which is a waste of time. He is sensitive to financial figures, and the family business mainly depends on the supply chain and channels. He wants to run the first line, study how to promote the flexibility of the supply chain, and also want to listen to the feedback from consumers, so he went to the Shenzhen branch to run the business...

After telling the story of her brother, she looked at me: "I want to pretend in front of him, to maintain my sister's dignity! In fact, I admire him in my heart, so I know my own length and length, I am willing to lower my body, student, why? Air conditioning in the unit every day?"

I rolled my eyes. "Because your dad doesn't have a few hundred million, so you can be a little bit awkward..."

I don't know why so many people hate the rich now and hate the rich second generation. The proportion of wealthy people and children who I know is very high.

I analyzed that they were close to the money and were used to smelling the money. They could see the gold ingots running in the street. Unlike me, they could only see stray dogs...

A lot of sweet honey knows that I have a rich second-generation sister who will make a special job. When I go to college, I start a variety of entrepreneurship. She didn't feel that she was so powerful, until she wanted to buy a small apartment that was newly opened, and she yelled, she decisively said "buy."

Then, take out your phone and turn on your computer.

What is the latest land auction price in this area; how many office buildings are around the building; the floor area ratio of the office; how many floating people need to rent a house in this area; according to the rent of the mature office building per square meter, the residential rent is introduced; then, if you buy this small set How long can the apartment recover the cost...

She turned her fingers and I was so aggressive that she was finally busy, and my eyes were sluggish. "Give me some crayfish, my sister will eat crayfish."

After a few months, she suddenly remembered and asked me, "Sister, did the house buy it?"

"No, developers don't give face, they hit 5,000 discounts, and they don't buy them." I smiled.

She looked at me and shook her head. "The problem that can be solved with money is really not a problem."

At the beginning of the year, when I saw newspaper news, the average residential housing price in the administrative district had exceeded 25,000/flat, and the small apartment was at the center of the administrative district. When I was about to buy it, the opening price was 7000.

I sent her a WeChat, she is in Hong Kong. I said, "What about the New Year's holiday?" "No, participate in the Hong Kong Toys Show." "What is 13 points, a mother-in-law group purchase and a Hong Kong purchase, the cost is too high." "I am exhausted, what to install." Yeah?! Only such a large-scale exhibition can get the primary source of supply, and the profit margin can be mastered by yourself. If you don’t understand it, why are you looking for me?!"

We sent a WeChat screenshot to the newspaper layout, she forgot to buy a house, "Oh, the big drum amusement park is going to open, great, there is a metamorphosis roller coaster, waiting for me to come back and sit!"


I am not letting you see the half-page advertisement. Is the property market news good? !

Money is indeed not a panacea, and the second generation has the troubles of the second generation.

Knowing so many rich second generations, the number one pain is: Inheriting the genes that aunts will make money, but my aunt is not letting them do business!

There is a friend who is a policeman. As a civil servant, he takes three or four thousand a month, but the prestige is that he has a police officer with millions of pocket money in his pocket. I often hear him say this hilarious story of the rich second generation.

There is a second generation of Tianfu knocking on the door, "Li team, can you take me off work? Go to your home to do something."

"What are you doing?"

“The agent said that there is a single-family villa in the urban forest. My dad asked me to go and see, I said that I bought a house, he didn’t care.”

Urban forest, the earliest villa area in the city center, a single-family villa, also grinning and not willing to buy it personally...

Seeking the psychological shadow area of ​​the small leader at the time, hahahaha.

The other time he was bullied by the public and came to the leadership to ask for a group fight.

On that day, he was working night shifts and handling drunk driving. The driver not only did not cooperate with the investigation, but he was a young policeman. He also scared him. When he said that he would release it, he would call a group of brothers from the construction site to remove his arm.

The rich second generation ran to the leadership office and said with anger: "Li team, he wants to unload my arm, I will call my dad now to see who can pull us from the construction site!!!"

I heard this paragraph, I just laughed and fried!

The father of the second generation of the rich first engaged in earthwork, and later opened the mixing station, and later repaired the road... In short, it was a big money. Children from the small tube, the results are not good, afraid of learning bad, first sent to the army for two years, after retiring, forced to apply for the police, anyway, let the country help him manage his son, "can not be with the bad child, to Be disciplined! Be justice! Be there to serve the people!"

Listening to his retelling of Dad’s quotations, I thought that the progress of social civilization depends on your wealthy people.

His dad is following him, just one, no! quasi! do! Health! meaning!

There are millions of pocket money in my pocket, I am exhausted with money, and I want to make money!

But I saw the power of genes from him.

The police are going to work night shifts.

He buys good food for his colleagues every day, and adjusts the night shift from Monday to Friday. On weekends, he goes to the field to sell fertilizer! Observe the seed growth! Learn about the promotion of centralized irrigation systems... He recently joined the modern agricultural industry in the heat. He told Dad that he was going to play outdoors on weekends, hiking, playing kayaking, fishing...

One day I teased him to play. "You are so rich, can't you make it?! What if someone doesn't spend money?"

It’s rare to see him seriously. "Sister, have you been to Japan to play, have you found that there is no street? I asked the tour guide, the tour guide said, first, Japan has a 'life protection' policy; and then, there is a strong honour in their culture. The heart, the person who gets it for nothing, is the most despised. So you can see the people who are scavenging under the bridge, but you will never see begging on the road."

He paused and continued: "I am the same, have hands and feet, and can see where the money is. I like the feeling of making money. My parents have their own ideas, don't want them to be sad, but they don't want to grieve. I want to live a little more valuable."

Oops, brother, there are many places in the world that can make you reflect your value. For example, you can ask me to eat Ma Xiao and Fang Jia every week. I can interpret your life with a special sense of value. For example, I will write you out today, should I ask for a meal?

On Friday, automatically adjust to the squeak mode, and tell you a little fun story.

The above story is purely true. If the three local tyrants do not ask me to eat the spa for the SPA, I am a work-related injury. I will eat the sea alone, and Li boss should reimburse it!

On Tuesday, I wrote a message with a tone of tone. There is a sweet message, the turn is too awkward, the baby is not happy, and the soul of the dragon is all copper smell!

Then, I sighed hard, didn't smell the money in the soul, or was so poor and sour, so I cried sadly.

In the era of WeChat, many excellent writers realized some financial freedom through rewards, soft texts, micro-classes, and answers. As a person who has written for more than ten years, I am happy for them.

At the same time, it is also very clear that just because they write well, it is possible to realize it. Who will pay for the worthless words? Money is really the smartest thing in the world. Therefore, I especially respect the money. I haven’t earned money by codeword until now, indicating that the writing is not good enough, we must continue to work hard!

In addition, to write today's story, I want to tell you that good and bad people, people who live seriously and people who make a living... are really not distinguished by wealth. As a poor person, I never feel inferior. The three children who are rich people are not proud. Everyone has their own troubles and happiness. A good life requires serious and earnest efforts.

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