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The power of pumpkin

An interesting experiment was conducted at Amherst College in Massachusetts, USA. The experimenter used a lot of iron rings to hoop a small pumpkin to see how much pressure the nucleus exerted when the pumpkin grew up. Initially they estimated that the pumpkin could withstand a pressure of about five hundred pounds. In the first month of the experiment, the pumpkin was subjected to five hundred pounds of pressure; the experiment was subjected to a pressure of 1,500 pounds during the second month of the experiment, and when it was subjected to two thousand pounds of pressure, the study The personnel must reinforce the iron ring so that the pumpkin does not open the iron ring.

Finally, at the end of the study, the entire pumpkin suffered a pressure of more than 5,000 pounds before the rupture of the rind.

They opened the pumpkin and found that it could no longer be eaten because it was filled with tough, firm layers of fibers in an attempt to break through the iron ring that surrounded it. In order to absorb sufficient nutrients in order to break through the iron ring that limits it, its roots even extend more than 80,000 feet, all the roots stretch in all directions in all directions, and finally the pumpkin takes over the soil of the entire garden by itself. Resources.

We have no idea how strong we can become! If the pumpkin can withstand such a large external force, how much pressure can humans withstand in the same environment? Most people can withstand the pressure we think.

There is a father who is very good for his children. They are all sixteen years old and have no masculinity. One day, he went to visit a Zen master and asked the Zen master to help him train his children.

The Zen master said: "You leave the child on my side for three months. You can't see him in these three months. After three months, I can train your child into a real man."

Three months later, the child's father came to pick up the child.

The Zen master arranged a karate competition to show his father the results of the three-month training. It was a karate coach who was arranged to play against the child. When the coach saw the shot, the child fell to the ground. But the child just fell to the ground and immediately stood up to accept the challenge. Go down and stand up again... and go back and forth a total of sixteen times. The Zen master asked his father: "Do you think your child's performance is not enough masculinity?"

"I was so ashamed to die. I didn't think I would send him here for three months. The result I saw was that he was so beaten and beaten by a dozen." Father answered. The Zen master said: "I am sorry that you only see the surface of the victory. Have you seen your son's courage and perseverance that fell down and stood up again? That is the real masculinity."

Are you also facing a difficult problem that you have never encountered before? Does this difficulty seem quite arduous? Can you overcome it? Now the only thing you need is to be completely yourself! You have bigger than you imagined. Much more potential! Just like a small pumpkin, you will get rid of your steel ring. There is no difficulty to stop you! The important thing is to stand up more times than the number of times you fell to the ground!

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