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Inspirational story of deaf people

In her view, because of her husband's shelter from the wind, life is no longer difficult. In his view, because of the wife's interdependence, life is more exciting, and entrepreneurship is more energetic.

Because of hoarseness, they are unfortunate, but because they are in love, they are happy again. They opened a small barber shop on Jiefang West Road. For more than a decade, they have walked hand in hand.

Appearance, Ximen's mass barber shop is no different from other barbershops. The only difference is that every customer who enters the store must write down the items they need to service on a notebook prepared by the owner. It turned out that the owner of the barber shop was a pair of deaf and dumb couples, the man named Gao Shengbin and the woman named Dong Zhenzhen. Although the store is small, the business is very prosperous. For more than a decade, the couple have retained customers with skilled technology and dedicated service.

One afternoon in the recent afternoon, the reporter went into the barber shop, and told the famous gestures to interview them. Gao Shengbin, who was busy, held a hair dryer high in one hand and handed a book to the reporter in one hand. This is a work note. I only read the dense dialogue record: "What do you need to do?", "I want to cut a hair"; "You don't shave", "Forget it, this time it won't scrape" ...... "We usually come to the haircut, relying on this book to communicate with them." A customer who is getting a haircut told reporters.

This 42-year-old Gao Shengbin has more than 20 years of hairdressing experience. The customer commented on him: "The master's haircut has three characteristics. It is carefully cut, gently washed, and comfortable. And the service is thoughtful, the enthusiasm is warm, the charge is low, generally Only charge 5~8 yuan."

Gao Shengbin told reporters that the disability of both husband and wife is not born. When she was a child, Gao Shengbin was also a healthy and lively, articulate child. But when she was 3 years old, God made a cruel joke to him: because of illness, the overdose of injections caused a complete loss of hearing, and he would not have been 3 years old. If you say too much, and you can't hear the outside world, you can't even learn to speak. In this way, Gao Shengbin reluctantly entered a silent world. The reason why his wife, Zhen Zhenzhen, is hoarse is similar to him.

After graduating from Jiaxing Deaf School at the age of 16, Gao Shengbin began to study and work in the hairdressing industry. Through nearly two years of apprenticeship, he not only mastered the technology, but also had a certain savings. In this way, he started his entrepreneurial career and started a hairdresser of his own.

Gao Shengbin’s lover Dong Zhenzhen was a classmate when he was studying at the Deaf School. The two met from acquaintance and love each other. This pair of deaf and dumb couples have been together for more than ten years. Now their sons are 14 years old. A healthy and sunny teenager will say that they will sing. Also understand sign language. His role in the store is really not small, not only can help my mom and dad answer the phone, but also for the customers who come to the haircut to translate. He proudly told reporters: "I am the ear of my father and mother, the mouth of my father and mother. I will work hard with my parents to make our barber shop more and more popular and make our life better." Although the Gao Shengbin couple could not hear the sound, they understood what the son was saying. They looked at the son with affection and showed a happy smile.

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