Inspirational story

5 inspirational stories to motivate sales people

1. Survival of the fittest:

The fox in the desert raised a small fox, and when the little fox grew up to be able to prey on his own, the mother fox drove them all out. Little fox loves the family, don't go. The female fox bites and chases again, without mercy. There was a blind eye in the little fox, but the mother did not give it special care, so I drove it far away. Because my mother knows that no one can raise it for a lifetime, the little foxes have grown up from this day, and the blind little fox has finally learned to feed by smell. When companies are building business backbones

It should also be released in time after proper training. Taking responsibility independently is the only way for talents to grow, because the business community is the same as the natural world: the choice of things, the survival of the fittest.

2. Zhi pig game:

Allusions tell us that in small business operations, learning how to “free ride” is the most basic quality of a savvy professional manager. At some point, it is a wise choice if you can wait and wait for other big companies to develop the market first. At this time, something can be done, because "parasitic" is also a way of life. Gaoming managers are good at using various favorable conditions to serve themselves. “Hitchhiking” is actually another option for professional managers to face every cost. The attention and research on it can save the company a lot of unnecessary expenses, thus making the management and development of the company a new one. Stairs. This phenomenon is very common in economic life, but it is rarely familiar to managers of small businesses.

3. Tortoiseshell Replay:

After the rabbit and the turtle race lost, summed up the lessons and proposed to replay with the turtle once. After the start of the race, the tortoise crawled forward in accordance with the prescribed line, thinking: I lost this time. But after it reached the end, it didn't see the rabbit. When I was wondering, I saw the rabbit rushing over and panting. The rabbit was eager to win. When I got on the road, I rushed to the end. It was estimated that I was coming to the end. It looked up and found that I was running in the wrong direction and had to return to run again. So it still falls behind the turtle. This shows that the strategy and the correctness of the route in management are crucial. In a certain sense, the competition between modern enterprises is the strategic positioning of enterprises.

4. The hedgehog rule:

Two sleepy hedgehogs, together because of the cold. But because they had thorns on their bodies, they left a distance, but they couldn't stand it cold, so they got together. After several tossing, the two hedgehogs finally found a suitable distance: they can get each other's warmth and not be tied.

The hedgehog rule is the "psychological distance effect" in interpersonal communication. Leaders must do a good job and maintain a reasonable distance from their subordinates to avoid losing their principles in their work.

5. The "hot furnace" rule:

The law vividly expounds the principle of punishment: the hot furnace is hot, and it is known that the stove is hot without touching it, and it will burn people - the warning principle. Leaders should always educate their subordinates on rules and regulations to warn or admonish not to violate the rules and regulations, or they will be punished. Whenever you hit a hot stove, you will definitely get burned. In other words, as long as you violate the rules and regulations of the unit, you will be punished. When you hit a hot stove, you are immediately burned - the principle of immediacy. Punishment must be carried out immediately after the wrong behavior occurs, and there must be no time difference in order to achieve the purpose of correcting the wrong behavior in time. No matter who hits the hot stove, it will be burned - the principle of fairness.

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