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If you can't welcome dawn

My brother recently called me and got up. He is facing the problem of graduating to find a job.

Five years ago, because of an early love affair, he completely missed a line, starting with a score just after two lines and a heart of envy for parents.

Four years ago, he was 24 points higher than a line, but I actually underestimated the admission scores of that year, reported that I made a mistake, even an ordinary college did not get involved, and finally reported a higher one. The colleges that accepted the scores of the colleges and universities recovered everything they almost lost.

His college life began in Tianjin.

We rarely talk on the phone or even chat in life.

Because we don't have a few words, we will erase the sparks. If there are no politeness between the loved ones, we will think of each other's swords. So, we almost never ask what the other party is doing.

I told him that the college’s escort class was a top student. But I don't know if this will be a good foundation for his future development, and there may be no effect.

When he was not nearing graduation, I was used to his "excellence", scholarships, and national motivational scholarships. I know that he can be very resolute in his studies, and he has a lot of facts. Some of his naive decisions are totally unnecessary in my opinion, because I entered the university two years earlier and have more say in everything about the university.

But he doesn't seem to like listening to my advice.

I suggest that he understand his industry well, but he spends most of his time going to Pizza Hut to work part-time. In exchange for money, I feel worthless.

Maybe he will be proud and proud of his ability to be self-reliant, but he can't look farther after all. He is losing to learn and understand this society, or many opportunities in his industry.

I sighed.

When he called me and told me that the company was not treated very well, the company hesitated and didn't want to go. I seem to see the shadow of my own job search.

I can't tell him what to do with you. I am just asking him, what have you done in college?

I don't want to give him the warmth of his predicament, comfort him, come slowly, and have more opportunities. That is the line of my parents, the role they should play.

And I need to stimulate him when he feels helpless: What do you want to do? What do you want to do?

In fact, for him at the moment, I am the clearest in the face of the awkward psychology after graduation. However, the mechanical industry he learned cannot flourish like his dreams.

He is locked in the industry, but he is not sure what he can do in this industry after graduation.

In fact, I don't have a lot of say because I don't know his situation.

However, he does not need me to help, what I need is his burst, his hope after desperation, he completely awakened, not slow to think of it, the way to come, where to go.

I hope that one day, he will tell me this:

Brother, I found the job, the treatment is average, but I know how to fight, how to live

This is what I most want to hear.

I am also struggling in a second-tier city. The resume that I am preparing to quit is also sinking into the sea, but I have not given up. My path is very clear. I chose to stick because the dawn has not yet arrived.

I think he can fight like me before the moment of dawn until it falls.

The principle is simple: if you have not yet embraced the dawn, continue to fight.

What I gave him was not relief, it was Ling Xiao’s question, cruel reality, calm thinking.

That's it

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