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Motivation is not equal to money

Mr. Liu is a private enterprise business backbone who worked here when the company was founded. Among the salesmen, he is the oldest and is respected by everyone. When the business executive is absent, he is temporarily responsible for all salesmen. Throughout the company, he also received respect from everyone because he made a great contribution to the company today. But recently, he has proposed to resign.

After a private understanding, I learned that Mr. Liu left the company because of a new salesman. In order to develop the business, the company needs to introduce a technology that understands and understands, so a newly graduated double bachelor came to the company. In order to retain this young one, he gave him the highest salary in the salesman's team, which is 300 yuan higher than Mr. Liu's salary. Mr. Liu felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart and felt that he was replaced in the company's position. This is the most unacceptable to him.

From this little story, we see that although money is the most common means of employees, when it is not all. On the surface, Mr. Liu left because the salary of the new salesman was 300 yuan higher than him, but in fact the 300 yuan itself is not important. What is important is the status of the employees represented by the 300 yuan. Mr. Liu feels that his years of hard work is not comparable to a new employee, and he feels that his position has been replaced. This shows that the employees should be multi-angled.

To provide employees with a full range of products, companies should start from the following aspects.

Create a satisfactory job

Doing your own work and embodying the individual in your work is the way everyone pursues work. In real life, many people cannot achieve this due to various reasons. They are not satisfied with their work, perhaps because they are too restrictive in their work and cannot fully develop their abilities, perhaps because the work content is monotonous and not challenging. Therefore, scientific job design is the first step to motivate employees to work.

Jobs are a combination of power and power. Describe the powers that need to be undertaken and the powers that are available, and define the job position. Therefore, the core content of the post design is to determine the position and power of the post.

The essentials of job design are to ensure the integrity of the work. In the course of industrialization, people have divided the work into more and more detailed work links in order to pursue the high efficiency brought about by specialization. The employees in each position are only responsible for one of the links. This method of division of labor can improve efficiency on the production line, but for knowledge workers, excessive subdivision work can only make employees feel boring and bored. Because they are only responsible for a small part of the overall work, they will realize their own work, which will eventually lead to Work enthusiasm and inefficiency. Therefore, when designing the position, we must ensure the integrity of the work as much as possible under the premise of ensuring efficiency and control, and let the employees feel their own work. Many excellent multinational banks now implement a customer system, and each customer can provide full service to customers. In this way, while improving customer satisfaction, the realization of the customer's self is increased.

The essentials of post power design are proper authorization. Knowledge workers have strong work autonomy, and they hope to have more power to make decisions on their own without working under the control of others. Therefore, proper authorization can enable employees to experience high autonomy and motivate employees. Moreover, front-line staff are often closer to practical problems than they are, and they are more proficient in terms of professional skills. Therefore, from the perspective of work efficiency, employees should also be given appropriate authorization.

Employees want to be recognized and respected by everyone, hoping to demonstrate their abilities in their work. Therefore, when designing a position, it is necessary to pay attention to making the position challenging. Employees will appreciate the joy of meeting challenges and the sense of accomplishment that overcomes challenges.

Work in a pleasant way

The acceleration of the pace of life and the increase in work have caused modern people to bear too much. First, the voice of "HAPPYLIFE" is constantly rising, and the gold is followed by "HAPPYWORK". At this time, employees' demands for work are no longer as simple as earning money to support their families. They want to be able to have fun at work and be able to work in a pleasant way. Of course, a decent and comfortable working environment is part of the job, but the knowledge-based employees who are at the core of the enterprise need more flexible work methods.

The creative components of knowledge workers are relatively high in their work, and their autonomy requirements for work are relatively high. They do not work under the control of others, and do not work in a rigid manner. Therefore, knowledge workers are more inclined to work in a more flexible way, such as flexible work and casual workplaces. In addition to the necessary fixed work, employees also have flexible work that they can freely deploy. Employees can work according to the status and progress of the work. In this way, employees can better coordinate work and life issues and can work in the best working conditions.

The development of information technology provides employees with a more flexible way of working. Through telephone, fax, email, etc., employees can carry files and materials with colleagues and anywhere.

Drawing a picture of tomorrow

A realistic and tomorrow will always be the best for employees. Numerous market surveys show that the most interesting thing for job seekers to choose from is the future of development. Therefore, companies should develop clear developments for their employees and make them aware of their development in the enterprise. It is practical to start from the reality when formulating employee development, so that employees will treat it as their own.

Among the employees, some hope to deepen their development in this professional field, and some hope to be able to work. Therefore, enterprises should build a dual channel to meet the development needs of different employees. Microsoft is an example of a dual channel. A strong technical staff can choose to continue to develop in the technical grade, or choose to enter the field. Microsoft has established a formal promotion path in the technical grade and provides status and treatment comparable to the grade. In this way, different ways of choosing development can be chosen according to their own preferences, and they can receive sufficient attention and considerable treatment regardless of the type of position.

Create a culture of belonging

Employees who have a sense of belonging to the company will be proud of the honor of the company and will be fully engaged in the work for the company. Creating a warm corporate environment is very beneficial to fostering a sense of belonging to employees.

First of all, companies must create an atmosphere. Employees can exchange ideas and exchange information through a variety of formal and informal channels. The company timely feedbacks the performance appraisal results of the employees to them and helps them to develop performance improvement. Appropriate guidance in daily work will help to improve the enthusiasm of employees. Knowledge workers are very concerned about emotional communication and harmonious colleagues, so a relaxed communication environment is conducive to employees to express their views and relieve work. And it can fully realize the sharing of information and knowledge, and improve the efficiency of work.

Some small details in corporate culture and practices can also motivate employees to feel a sense of belonging. The annual group holiday, the flowers given to the employees' families, the free clothing cleaning service and other employee benefits allow the employees to realize the concern of the company's life and let the employees' family members enhance their support for their work. In such a company, employees can feel similar warmth and it is easy to produce such a company. Employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company, they are more loyal to this company, and are more willing to pay for the development of the company.

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