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Don't fall on your own advantage

Don't fall on your own advantage

Three travelers also lived in a travel agency. When I went out in the morning, one traveler brought an umbrella, another traveler brought a crutches, and the third traveler took nothing.

In the evening, when I came back, the traveler with the umbrella was covered in water, the traveler with the cane fell and was hurt, and the third traveler was safe.

The traveler with the umbrella said: "When the heavy rain came, I walked boldly in the rain because of the umbrella, but I didn't know how to get wet. When I walked on the muddy road, I walked because there was no crutches. I have to be very careful, go to a flat place, so there is no fall."

Take the crutches and say: "When the heavy rain came, I went to the place where I didn't have an umbrella, so I didn't get wet. When I walked on the muddy road, I walked with a cane, but I don't know. What often falls."

After listening to the third traveler, he laughed: "When the rain comes, I am hiding. When the road is not good, I am careful, so I am not wet or fall. Your mistake is because you have the advantage." If you think there is an advantage, you will have less worry."

The above story reveals a type of phenomenon in our lives: Many times, we are not falling on our own defects, but falling on our own advantages.

why? Because people are individuals with "consciousness" behavior, human thinking is a systematic process with subjective initiative, which can promote and supplement each other. Although objectively, human ability does not become larger and smaller with "consciousness", "consciousness" can create the best physiological conditions for human ability to exert, and can promote the best ability from the conditions of self, so "consciousness" "It also determines your ability. When your consciousness pays attention to it, your ability to solve problems will be stronger. When you are consciously despised, your ability to deal with problems may overlook certain conditions and play poorly. Therefore, there are also three travelers above, in the rainy days, different outcomes.

The importance of consciousness is to pay attention to all aspects of the matter, every aspect, every detail; don't underestimate it because it affects small, don't despise it because it is simple, don't underestimate it because it never has problems. It can't be a little omission in consciousness; there are omissions there, and there may be a "virus" intrusion there. Therefore, we all need to take every matter seriously in life and work, and we pay attention to every detail. Can't do it, but can't be unaware.

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