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Fox hunter

Jin Jinyuan was originally known as Jin Zhiwen. Shangyu, Zhejiang. There is a fairy tale collection "Red Ghost Face Shell", a fairy tale poem "Winter Rose", a collection of prose novels "Their Childhood", a collection of reviews "Fairy Tale Creation and Others".

Some children read the title of this fairy tale, must ask: "How can a fox hit a hunter? You say 1

I said that the fox in this fairy tale can really be a hunter. However, how did the fox's shotgun come from, then listen to life?

In the winter, there was a screaming northwest wind, and then it was snowing. Snowflakes floated down from the sky like broken cotton, floated down, covered the valley, the top of the mountain, and there was white snow everywhere. This is a good time to hunt. This hunter wants to go up the mountain and dare not go up the mountain. He thought, what if he really encountered such a terrible wolf? Think again, the top Tianshan is so big, so high, there are many roads up the mountain, not necessarily touch it. He took the dry food and took the shotgun and went out to hunt. He picked the biggest mountain road. He thought that the wolf always hid on the small road. If it really happened, it would be more convenient to escape on the road.

He stepped up the mountain step by step, not halfway up the mountainside, and heard a cry from afar: a scream like a fox, and suddenly like a wolf. His whole body was suddenly erected, his legs were a little trembling, and his footsteps were slow. He guessed that this is the fox that the fox turned, or else, how could it be a fox call at once, is it a wolf? But there is no shadow on all sides. He remembered that the wolf had three eyes. Did he really see him? Listen again, there is no sound. He was brave enough to go up the mountain and suddenly heard the call. He squatted around and there was no wolf at all. He remembered that the wolf had four ears. Did he really hear his footsteps? He wants to go back home, and there are white snow shining around with silver. There is no wolf at all, and he grows up and goes up the mountain.

The mountain road is getting steeper and steeper and narrower. He walked hot and wanted to find a place to rest. Look up and look forward, ah! A wolf! He knew that he really touched the most terrible wolf. He didn't even dare to look at it. He turned and tried to escape. However, his two legs only shivered and could not be pulled up, just like nails were firmly nailed to the ground. He quickly fell and fled on the mountain road, but his hand shook very badly, not listening to his call. This mountain road was steep and slippery. His hand climbed empty and he rolled down the mountain and rolled all the way to the mountainside, hooking the branches of a pine tree. He rolled over and looked up. He had already rolled a long way, but the most terrible wolf was still standing on the mountain road. It was terrible, two big teeth and three eyes. With four ears and five legs, he believes that he can see it clearly. He wanted to carry the shotgun back and escape faster, but when he touched his back and the shotgun was lost, it must have been thrown away when he rolled down the mountain. The shotgun is the life of a hunter. How can a hunter have no shotguns? But what he wants now is not a shotgun, how can he escape quickly. He was trembling and couldn't run. He had to fall down on the ground and climb forward. He climbed and climbed. It was easy to climb to his door and fell to the bed. He was too scared to move.

The fox and the old wolf saw the hunter's escape, and they couldn't close their mouths. They also picked up a shotgun. This shotgun, in the past they were scared at first sight, now is not afraid. They touched the muzzle and touched the gun, not knowing how the shotgun was opened. While he was touching and touching, the old wolf did not know how to touch it. He only heard the sound of "pong" and a bullet flew out of the barrel. The bullet went through the woods and made a crisp, loud echo in the valley, and it disappeared without a trace. The old wolf thought that there were bullets in the gun, and then he slammed it, and there was nothing in the gun. The fox and the old wolf are very upset. If you keep this bullet and play the yellow pheasant, it is good to play a tit. They held this empty shotgun and stayed straight. The fox's tricks are always the most, he said to the old wolf: "With this empty shotgun is also very good, we can scare the scorpion hare, it is the tiger leopard, but also afraid, it is they afraid of us." Just take advantage of this empty shotgun, running around in the mountains to show the prestige.

After the young hunter returned home, he didn't want to eat, didn't want to sleep, and couldn't sit still all day. He was uneasy, and a tree leaf fell on the ground outside the window. He heard it and was scared. He suspected that he had already died, because the wolf was terrible, and he would let him go. Maybe he had eaten the wolf early, and now it may be a soul. Some people say that when a person dies, the soul can still talk and walk. He also knows that this is superstition, but he always can't understand. He did not trust, went to an old hunter in the village.

The old hunter is the most experienced hunter in the mountain. He saw the young hunter running in a panic, pale face, eyes without a spirit, and asked: "What's the matter with you? Look at what you are scared like."

The young hunter whispered: "Old uncle, have you seen the most terrible wolf?"

The old hunter touched the back of his head and didn't understand it. He asked: "What is the 'worst wolf'?"

"That is the most terrible wolf that everyone said."

The old hunter smiled and said, "That is that everyone has passed two passes and compiled such a strange thing. Don't believe them."

The hunter was anxious. He rushed and said, "Oh, it’s not fake. There is such a terrible wolf. I saw it with my own eyes. He really has two big teeth, three eyes, four ears. Five Legs, I can see clearly, there is nothing wrong with it."

The old hunter clenched his fist and made a gesture of saying: "Then you shot and killed him."

"I didn't shoot."


"My shotgun is lost. You have to know that the wolf is scared to scare people, scared my legs are not open, I have to fall to the ground to climb. Later I don't know how, my shotgun will be lost. I I don’t want anything, I don’t want to eat rice, I don’t want to sleep, I’m afraid of being a nightmare. Now I want to ask you, please tell me, some people say that when someone is dead, there is a soul, and then they will move. Am I still alive? Maybe I am already dead. Is it my soul to talk to you? You see, am I alive, or is it dead?"

The old hunter was listening very seriously. After listening to the young hunter, he laughed. Then he said very seriously: "A hunter lost his gun, scared like you, living or dead, anyway! I am looking, you should stop thinking about that." The most terrible wolf', it was compiled by others, and no one has ever seen it."

"But I have seen it long ago."

"No, you must be wrong. What are you afraid of? Go and get your shotgun back."

The hunter still wants to say something, but his lips move, not saying. He frowned and frowned, and he slowly walked home step by step.

The fox heard that the hunter was so scared that he was more courageous. He and the old wolf squatted on an empty shotgun and ran in the mountain. The oriole hare ran fast, and it was not easy to catch it. If there were bullets in the gun, pong, no matter how fast the scorpion hare ran. Far, naturally will be sent to their mouths. However, the empty shotguns are not the last thing. If they really touched the tiger leopards, they would have been very scared in their hearts. If the tiger leopard swooped over, it would die. The more they think about it, the more they feel that it is not a solution. They decide to go to the young hunter to get bullets.

This time, the fox dressed as the most terrible wolf, carrying an empty shotgun, swayed to the young hunter's home.

Hey! The fox knocked three times.

The young hunter asked: "Who?"

The fox smiled and said: "I am the most powerful wolf on the mountain, you forgot?"

The young hunter shook his body as soon as he heard that the most terrible wolf came to the door. He slammed down on the bed, grabbed the quilt and covered his head, and didn't even dare to make a sound.

The fox ran to the window and looked inside. He laughed and said, "What are you afraid of? If you give me bullets, I will not eat you."

The hunter drilled in the quilt and it was amazing. If you are next to you, you can hear his teeth, the bones of his body, and they all tremble. It’s very difficult for him to talk. It’s been a long time to say it: “You—you must not, don’t eat me. You want, what you want, I will give it to you.”

The fox stood outside the window and said, "Then you will give me the bullets."

The hunter still didn't dare to show his head. He just suffocated in the quilt and said, "You take it yourself, put the bullets in the bag."

"What about the bag?"

"The bag is in the box and the box."

"What about the box?"

"The box is placed on the bed, behind the bed."

"But I can't get in."

"You just have to put the door and the door up, you can hit it and open it."

The fox really went into the house. He got a heavy bag of bullets from the box of the young hunter, and he was very happy. This time there were bullets and bullets, that is, I saw the tiger’s father, and I also escaped. He picked up the bullet bag and licked the young hunter, hehe! The hunter is still trembling. He was secretly funny, and he pouted and hurried out.

Going outside the door, the fox saw a chicken coop next to the house, where a hen was lying there to lay eggs. The fox grabbed it and took it away. The hen struggled, and the young hunters heard it. The hunter loves his hen very much, but it is the most terrible wolf! He thought, is it a hen to give up his life in vain? As long as his own life can be saved, he will take away one hundred hens, and he will be willing.

The fox was carrying a bag full of bombs and carrying a hen, and went up the mountain with pride.

The fox and the old wolf got the bullets from the hunters. It was so happy that they went crazy. They jumped and screamed, and they were going to celebrate the meeting. But I was happy for a while, and I was not happy at the moment. They didn't know how to put the bullet into the gun. Plug it into the muzzle, no, plug it into the belly of the gun, don't do it, plug it into the gun, it won't work. They want to come and think, can't think of a way. The old wolf couldn't help himself. He said to the fox: "I am so hungry that I can't wait. Just, I will go with you and eat the hunter."

The fox thought that if he ate a young hunter, it would be no good for him. He summed it up and said, "Like this, this time you take the gun down the mountain and grab the hunter, and say, 'Our king wants you to do something.' You just need to pick it up, he will talk to you. I am waiting on the way. When he sees my dress, he will be scared to climb on the ground. What do I want him to do, what he will do. If he refuses to help us with bullets, you will eat it again. He also has time to come to Egypt."

The old wolf thinks that this is also true. He picks up the gun and really catches the young hunter.

The old wolf knocked three times first: Hey!

The young hunter trembled and asked in the room: "Who?"

The old wolf said with a rough voice: "Come out! We have two big teeth, three eyes, four ears, and five legs of the king want you to go."

When the young hunter heard that the most terrible wolf wanted him to go, he fell down on the bed and went straight. He quickly grabbed the quilt and covered his head. This time he couldn’t tell the truth, he would only swear. The old wolf raised the door and went into the house. He grabbed the hunter on the bed wickedly and asked the hunter to follow him up the mountain. The hunter blinked, ah! This wolf is so terrible, dare to see the king? He squatted on the ground and asked the old wolf to spare his life. The old wolf simply ignored it, grabbed the hunter's shoulder and dragged it away.

The young hunter was so scared that his face was covered with peas and sweat on his forehead and nose. He couldn't stand even standing, only to hear his upper and lower teeth shaking loudly. But what he said was useless, and he had to be taken up by the old wolf. Going halfway, he looked up, ah! Nothing! The king is standing in front again. When he had a soft leg, he fell down. At this time, I suddenly heard the sound of "pong", and the old wolf fell to the ground. The young hunter still knew clearly, he thought: "This must be the gun opened by the king, killing me." Then it was the sound of "pong", and the king fell to the ground. But the young hunter has long passed out, he knows nothing.

Drill an old hunter from behind a big tree. He held a shotgun that was still smoking and ran to the "worst wolf" who claimed to be "the king." He mentioned a "wolf" leg to shake it, and saw that the old wolf skin, the thin bamboo tube, the eucalyptus leaves, all fell off. He smiled at his face. But the young hunter still lay on the ground without moving. Is he still alive? Is it scared to death? Then don't know. In fact, the old hunter has long said that a hunter has lost his shotgun and will only tremble in front of the beast, even if he is alive and dead.

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