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Harvard Business School's popular inspirational story

Inspirational sentiment: In fact, everyone has the innate qualities and potential. And sometimes, not being reconciled is often the best motivation. Don't be pessimistic and disappointed at any time, maybe change the other way, it will pass. It is better to believe in yourself than to wait for others to give. Because you know where you are going to make a strong fist, it is the most powerful.
In New Jersey, there is a dull little boy who can't learn to count from 1 to 10 no matter how hard the teacher teaches him. In desperation, after discussing with the colleagues, the teacher decided to ask his father to come to the school to communicate with the children's education. When the father learned that his child was so bad at school, the teacher’s most worrying thing happened.
The angry father immediately called out his child and shouted in front of the teacher: "You have done this, even if you learn from 1 to 10, what can you do in the future?" The child with a 10-digit number of eyes turned quickly and smiled and said: "I can do a referee who only needs to count to 9 in the championship." The boy's name is Bruce Franklin. In today's American world sports world, everyone knows that Bruce Franklin is the greatest referee in the history of professional boxing in the United States.

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