Inspirational story

A story tells you why you grew so slowly!

There is a fish tank at the entrance of the office, and there are more than a dozen fish in the tank. The fish is about three inches long, with a big red back and a particularly beautiful look.

In a blink of an eye, two years have passed, and the fish seem to have changed nothing, still three inches long. One day, the fish tank was smashed by a small hole. When people found out, there was little water left in the tank. People hurriedly salvaged the fish. What to do? People looked around and found that only the fountain pool in the yard could be their place. So, people put the dozens of fish in it.

Two months later, a new fish tank was lifted back. People all went to the fountain pool to fish. One person was shocked when they got one; and one was taken out, and people were shocked. When more than a dozen fish were fished out, people were a little helpless: two months, just two months, the fish actually grew from three inches to a foot long.

People are talking about each other. Some said that it may be because the water in the fountain pool is living water, the fish grows so long; some say that the water in the fountain may contain some minerals... but in any case, everyone thinks there is another important reason, then The fountain pool is much larger than the fish tank.

The same is true for young people. If you want to make yourself grow faster, don't stick to a small fish tank.

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