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Inspirational story: be a faith winner

Inspirational story: be a faith winner

Mind: These stories tell us that human beings will give a certain meaning to the subject in life. Positive beliefs can make people regain their broken hearts and continue to move forward. Negative beliefs may not be the case. It also ruined a person's life.

He is a cold and ruthless person who is addicted to alcohol and has a deep addiction. He was convicted of murder in a bar for seeing a bartender who was not pleasing to the eye and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

He has two sons, only one year old, and one of them is equally addicted to drugs. He relies on theft and extortion for a living, and later he is imprisoned for killing. The other son did not drink or take drugs, not only had a happy marriage, but also raised three lovely children and served as the branch manager of a large company. In a private interview, asking the reasons for their status quo, the two people's answer is the same: "Is there such a way, I still have any way?"

There are two 70-year-old ladies. One thinks that this age is the end of life, so they start cooking. The other thinks that what one can do is not the age, but how idea. So she started learning to climb at the age of 70. For the next 25 years, I have been adventurously climbing the mountains, and several of them are still famous in the world. Just recently, she also climbed Mount Fuji in Japan at the age of 95, breaking the highest age of climbing this mountain. She is the famous old lady Huda Cruise.

For thousands of years, humans have always believed that it is impossible to run a mile in 4 minutes. But in 1954. Roger Bannast broke this belief barrier.

The reason why he can create this success is that he benefits from the hard work of physical strength and the second is due to the spiritual breakthrough. Prior to this, he had simulated a four-minute run of a mile in his mind, and formed a very strong belief over a long period of time. Therefore, he had the following absolute command on the nervous system and must complete this mission. He really did what everyone thought was impossible. No one expected that in the two years after Bennest broke the record, nearly 400 people entered the list.

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