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Nothing makes me choose strong

In the face of life, in the face of setbacks, in the face of nothing, I understand the bitterness and helplessness of life. Walking in the moonlight, looking at the lights, there is always a bit of guilt in my heart, the time is not returning, the years are dying under the night sky, what we are waiting for, waiting for nothingness, waiting for the gift of death, but we are living in existence Seeking the so-called shackles and stealing.


When the storms rise, the rainstorms also, the onlookers have nothing to ask for, and the one who knows me is for survival. Just got it, just refining it. The most painful thing in life is not the desolateness of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, nor the joy of spending the day, but the choice but the choice. When we are gorgeously flashing, in addition to applause is the flower, who knows the scars behind the hero.

He is the son of a peasant in the mountains. Living under his difficult conditions, his growth is a miracle in itself, a secret that cannot be told. When he was a child, he was naughty to be called a fool. Under the care of his parents, he was self-improving. At the age of six, he was abandoned by his cousin and his childhood partner because he was not good at words. He said goodbye to his childhood. The happiness has entered a dark period of childhood. One person has suffered loneliness and pain. For twelve years, his grievances are unknown. The tears left in his heart are only known. The sneer of the national hour teacher, the classmate’s swearing, his life. Almost entered the collapse, entered the silence, entered a person to face the lonely. Silence did not mean that he gave up, but was silently paying. From then on, he made him like the words and liked the creation of a person. At the age of twelve, he entered the country to study. His composition role was transformed quickly. The combination of filial piety and gratitude was deeply loved by teachers. During high school, he was not as happy as other children, so naive, but more mature. A little more obsessive, he has his own space, that is the text, his liberal arts in addition to English, the basic ranking of the top three, not good at words, not good at communicating with others, on the difficult road of life alone The so-called difficulty. His good psychological temperament, and his three years of high school culture, the simple and lyrical feelings of the nine years of writing have created his communicative competence. At the age of thirteen, he participated in the county's language knowledge contest at 143.5. He was awarded the second place in the county's language knowledge competition. At the age of fourteen, he won the second prize of the county's Chinese essay competition with a "drug, cry of life". At the age of fourteen, he took a "youth, I am for you." Write," won the third prize of the Heilongjiang Province National Chinese Small Composition Competition. A conquest, a glorious honour opened the door to his literature. Since then, he has taken a firm step toward literature.

At the age of eighteen, he stepped into the Chinese Department of Teachers College. He loved writing, he was addicted to literature, he was a leader in theory in culture. He was a literary theory. He was the highest sensation of his emotions. At the age of eight, his mentality has matured. The oppression of life is that he understands that if he wants to live better in the future, he must work hard. 18 years old, the most colorful years of college, the most happy years, but he chose to pay, chose selfless, every night, I don’t know how to work hard, 18 years old, published poetry "Border guards", "Zhang Yang More than 30 articles such as "Youth" and "The Messenger of the Soul"; prose "You are on the road to youth, not alone", "Love, thank you" and so on. Become a famous poet in the school, he is good at doing ideological work, good at speech, and the university has come all the way, he has achieved fruitful results.

At the age of eighteen, he was introduced by the teacher and entered the work of the city association. On the road of work, he won many honors for himself and his unit with innocent words. In September, he specially joined the newspaper to participate in the work. He was at work. Dedicated to the position, he was deeply loved by the leaders and his colleagues. In 2019, he was appointed as the editorial team leader. In 2019, he gave up his favorite career for love, and left the newspaper. In 2019, because of love, he lost nothing and lost his career. love. In 2019, he used his own hands to make the final fight for his second venture. Life once again fell into a fall. Nothing left him to learn to give up and learn to be strong. He is not someone else, he is me, a man who will not give in.

The so-called pain makes me understand the so-called reality. This is me. The young heart will not bow because of the bumps. As long as I am alive, as long as I have a sigh of relief, I will go through the business with the end.

We can shed tears and leave tears without words. We can talk and tell us about the pain we don't know. We can bear all the people without words, but we can't choose to abandon them. We can't fall on the starting line. It doesn't matter if we use fragile faces. Life will not be calm and smooth for every one of us. The mindset determines our thinking, and the way of thinking determines the pace of our progress. Treating people and things is the key to success. Gratefulness is the foundation of career success, and mentality is the long-term guarantee of career.

The vicissitudes of life will not give us pity, ruthless will not give us sympathy, the sea will not give us a smooth sailing, the sky will not give us a good weather, the reality will not give us the so-called thoughts. All of this is to change oneself and choose strong in the experience. Yangliuyiyi, not the spring breeze awakened his soul, but he gloriously bloomed in the strong, and the flowers bloomed for him. The meaning of life is not that we take a good hand, but a good hand. We are not rich second generation, our father is not a millionaire, they are born in the mountains, growing up in the mountains, facing the loess back to the sky, creating a spark of life. Put away your fragility and live yourself strong.

The lights are dim, who is writing for you, the traffic is busy, who is waiting for you, my pen is not a wonderful pen, my pen is not spring blossoms. I am waiting quietly, waiting quietly for your shine when the flowers bloom. I will not forget this sentence three years ago. You have exchanged my life for my existence today. I will use your life to realize your wishes. In the coming year, the flowers will bloom and bloom for you. The dance is youth, the personality is the personality, the moment you quietly leave, I practice with tears for you. On the way to life, I grew up and understood the meaning of existence.

In the ocean of words, I found the true self, the love between the lines of my words, the geometry, I am crazy about the text, once geometric, drunken night and half bell, I knocked out my life . The confused life has ruined me. In the dark night, the sleeping face lifted a heart that never fell. I am used to sleepless nights, I am used to the companionship of the night, the wine is drunk, and the night is not a beautiful scenery.

On the young road, it was a bit more childish and less meditation. There was more pain on the way to love, and there was a little less happiness unknown. After a long night, I tried to ask myself how I should face it. I have learned to cherish the days when I have nothing, and I have experienced loneliness in the days when I have nothing. Nothing makes me know the hardships of my own existence. On the way of love, you choose to make troubles, but I chose to establish a career.

My eyes are in tears, but my heart is holding an umbrella for you. Your happiness is the greatest happiness in my life. I love you, not want to have you, but hope that you are more happy than me. Infatuated with love, love is infatuated. Leave me, your choice I respect. On the wind and rain, I will fly high and leave your world. I can't give you the life you want. I want to understand that you can't give it to me.

I don't need you to be beautiful, I need you to know the value of my existence, I don't need you to worry about me, I just need you to understand me. I don't need you to take the kitchen for me, I just need you to give me a little care, I know enough. Leave me, take your hopes, I will raise your whip for you. May you live better than me.

When the cause is smug, when the life is brilliant, the applause of flowers, but now I have nothing, you left me, alone and alone in the cause of the hardships of life, I understand the reality, indifferent eyes Relentlessly watching, violently attacking, I learned to face it. Once upon a time, the tears of disappointment drenched my eyes. Walking in the bustling streets, listening to the warmth of the world, a rural child, I can only bear it alone and bear the pain.

The hardships on the road to entrepreneurship, I do not know who to talk about, on the road, I have been bruised. During the season of blooming flowers, the swaying grass floated my inner scars.

On the road to entrepreneurship, I will not fall down, the fate of the intersection, I believe she will be with me for life. I am fearless in the wind, I am happy to challenge you with the rain. The glory of life is written with my own love, and the flowers are only for self-improvement.

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