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Father love is not broken

When she was a child, she never figured out why her mother was married to a man with polio. This man later became her father. When she was a child, her father had been spiraling his legs and walking, and it was funny. To this end, she often secretly sad, for her mother's choice, but also for her poor self-esteem.

The father is cheerful and a little happy will make him laugh. Because the father could not work in the ground, the mother changed a small house in Linhu to a small shop selling wine. In this way, every day, my father is happily sitting in a small shop, looking at the crowds coming and going.

I don't know if the poor father is a disabled person, or because the father loves to laugh, the business of the small shop has been very good. Whenever she came home from school, her father always opened the unskilled arm and wanted to hug her. She deliberately circumvented his arms. After all, my father opened his arms and looked at the door of the store too "unsightly". However, the father did not blame her at all, but also spoke with people, my prostitute is more and more individual, too much like myself. When the father said this, he did not care that she was "scratching her teeth" at this time.

Of course, the father and her never really embraced it, not to mention that she took the initiative to rush into her father's arms and sprinkle like a flying girl.

She never introduced her father to classmates and teachers. Once, the teacher came home to do a home visit. The teacher's forefoot just crossed the door, and when the back foot was still in the alley, she pre-empted, teacher, this is the wine seller invited by my family. The father smiled and praised her sensibly, took the initiative to give the teacher tea, and told the teacher that her parents had gone out to work.

Every time she went to the summer vacation, she refused to let other students come to play at home. But she loves to play with love, and she can't sleep for a moment. Therefore, she often went to the nearby mountain forest to play hide-and-seek games with her classmates.

When she was 8 years old, her father’s right leg was seriously ill and had to go to the hospital for a corrective operation. The operation was successful, but for a long time, the father needed a cane to walk. At this time, he walked more ugly.

That is, during the summer vacation this year, when she and her classmates were hiding from the cats, they accidentally slipped their feet and the whole body slid onto a steep slope. She clung to a shrub and could not advance or retreat. The father heard the news and looked at her on the cliff. She climbed to the top of the cliff and squatted down and reached for her arm. Yes, no matter how hard the father works, the hand can't reach her arm.

She is almost desperate, she hates her father, and if she is a normal person, she will definitely get enough. Time passed by, and she felt that the god of death was close to herself.

"Fast, grab the crutches." He tied the crutches and his arms together and reached out to her.

She grabbed the crutches, and he tried hard, and she passed the death and climbed safely to the top of the cliff.

She thought her father would blame her. But the father did not, but the face was full of sweat. It turned out that because the time of sputum was too long, and the force was too strong, the right leg of the father who had just undergone corrective surgery was deformed again.

Later, the mother and neighbors carried the father to the hospital. The doctor said that the wound he had just healed in his right leg had cracked and would walk on crutches for life. Mother glared at her: "You - you." Father's face still piled up with a smile, just a sigh of anger: "Do not blame her, she is still a child, not sensible."

Listening to the voice of her father, she was stunned. Grabbing his father's hand, he shouted and shouted "Dad" and threw himself on his father.

Later, she also allowed her father to come to school to see her. But my father never went to school to find her. Just out of school every day, at the door of the Hutong store, she no longer refused the arms of her father.

After graduating from high school, she failed to get a satisfactory university. She locked herself in the hut. It was a sleepless night, and my father looked in his eyes and was in a hurry. The father squatted and walked back and forth in the house. The sound of the crutches on the floor of "笃, 笃, 笃" was particularly clear and harsh at night. The voice kept ringing until the early morning, going out and going further along the hutong.

"Or, sign up to join the army." The next day, the father pushed her door open and held a registration form in her hand.

She is at a loss.

"It is one thing to know that you have taken the test, but the more important thing is to accept your own test. When I was young, I knew that I was different from others. At that moment, you know, how bad is my mood? Later, when I grew up, I knew that fate would leave me with an eternal scar, and I can't cry every day to the scars. The only thing I can do is smile, because only smiling people can see the sun. Only they are facing life. Smile, life will smile at yourself; you smile at fate, fate will smile at you.” Father gave her an encouraging gesture: “Want to go to a normal university or go to the army, I will tell you.”

Finally, she decided to join the army and passed the medical examination. On the day she went to the military camp, she insisted that her father not be sent. She was afraid that her father could not keep up with the team.

Just as she set foot on the military train, she turned and she found her father. The father stood at the platform, spiraling his legs, squatting and smiling. That ridiculous look, this is the most beautiful scenery she has ever seen. The reclining crutches seemed to laugh too, hitting her heart and glaring at her sight.

She knew that she had taken over the life of her father's smile, and the fragile places in her heart grew stronger. She knows that with her father's smile in her military career every day, she no longer feels bitter and no longer fears.

At that moment, she deeply understood that all fathers are full of fatherly love. Even if some fathers are disabled, fatherly love will not be dimmed by the incompleteness.

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